64 Mountain Grove, United States
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My self-summary
I think a lot of people, here on OKC, rely solely on the "Match" numbers. I think the potential "Enemy" number is just as important. I would prefer to date someone where the chances are slim that she murder me in my sleep!!!

I am not looking for that typical woman. I AM looking for that needle in a haystack; a woman who is aware, awake, and alive. A woman with a great sense of humor, who is literate and enjoys real conversations. She understands the difference between education and intelligence.

She probably doesn't mesh well with the main stream sheeple who think she's "weird" and she sometimes gets frustrated by the pervasive consciousness that surrounds her.

If she possesses a keen curiosity about life, has opinions and is not afraid to express them (aka: an actual personality), then I would love to meet her. Maybe we could have an awesome conversation that, with luck, could turn into an awesome connection

Know that I am a Hippie Homesteader with integrity, intelligence, creativity, and a healthy work ethic. I have specific goals and am actively pursuing them. This means that I don't think like most of the people I meet, I don't talk like most of the people I meet, and I don't act like most of the people I meet. I do my own thinking and come to my own conclusions.

I am following a lifestyle that will not be attractive to or seem relevant to most people, yet. I am living a dream that was hatched the first time I picked up a Mother Earth News. I live in a cabin I've built with my own hands at the edge of the woods in the Missouri Ozark Mountains. I call my land the "Gentle Karma Farm" and the goal is self-sufficiency. I heat with wood. My heating cost is about $3 - $4 per month which reflects the cost of gas for the chainsaw. I capture and purify rain water to drink. My shower is solar-heated. Soon, I plan to be off-grid. Unlike most of the Ozarks, my land actually came with dirt. Seventeen of my 65 acres are full of incredibly rich bottom soil in which to grow more nutritious and less costly food than I could ever buy.

I consider myself to be very lucky in ways that really count. I'm chronically healthy, spiritual, patient, and kind though I am sort of a klutz. My glass is never half-empty but sometimes it's just too big. Sometimes, I can be a perfectionalist. Occasionally, I feel awkward in groups and sometimes open my mouth just to change feet. My inner-child needs adult supervision. I'm convinced God has a sense of humor everytime I look in a mirror. In spite of the aforementioned handicaps, I possess the uncanny, almost cameleon-like, ability to adapt and mesh in with many diverse groups of people. It's scary, no really, and shocks even me. I can get along with almost anyone and people seem to genuinely like me, which I find to be an amazing thing given my general ambivalence toward most and the fact I find small talk to be lethal. ;) BTW, I fully understand the power of words and am careful with using them. Name calling, even in jest, has its consequences. I try to be sensitive to what I say and how it may effect other people's feelings which is a real stretch for a Sagittarian.

I used to have a very strict criteria in searching for a partner and at some point realized that was fairly presumptuous of me. I have grown to the point that I now focus on only three things: #1. Intelligence. I must be able to share meaningful conversations. #2. She has to love herself first. This includes eating healthy and being fit. #3. And this is the most important, she must have a kind heart. A kind heart opens all kinds of potentials of love, trust, and intimacy. That is why I put at the end of my profile, "You will never be the butt of my jokes and I will always be your biggest fan." That is my way of helping to create an environment where love can grow.

Religious affiliation? Oh, god, who knows at this point? It seems all of our current religious mythology has resulted from that afternoon in the Garden of Eden when the Sumerians were kickin' it next to the Euphrates and saw the first Annunaki ship descending through the crystal clear Mesopotamian sky. The Annunaki (The sons of God) gazed upon some Sumerian hotties (the daughters of man) on the beach and "saw that they were fair". The rest is distorted history. As I see it, all organized religions buy from the same wholesaler. They just retail it differently. I was raised to always do right by people. I've come to realize that includes me as well.

I like: the word "eclectic", smelling the air in the deep woods after a rain, great views, writing, photography, creating art, road trips, screen printing, vegetable gardens, full moons, bonfires, alternative energy, candlelight, wood heat and great hugs. Travel is my drug of choice and no matter where I am, I often pause to view the sunset. To me a river is a miracle and a perfect sky is cause for celebration.

Oh yes, before things go too far, it is only fair to list my deal breakers: cigarette smoking, Bible thumping, closed mindedness, bullies, anyone who likes Limbaugh (meglomaniac blowhard), O'Reilly (what a tool), Hannity (fool), Savage (idiot), Coulter (evil), etc., or is a fan (zombie) of Fox News (propaganda tool of the New World Order). On the other hand, Liberals, Hippies, Artists/Photographers/Writers/Poets, relaxed free thinkers, who like gardening, get extra bonus points and if you have a tractor with a front loader and a brush-hog, I will marry you on the spot!!! Well . . . I'll need to see the tractor first.

So, other than being an artsy fartsy tree hugger with a mystical bent and a misplaced superiority complex who's into sarcasm and satire, I'm a pretty mainstream schlep!
What I’m doing with my life
I am consciously cutting much of the "excess" out of my life. I think Deepak Chopra said it best, "As a society, we've been conditioned to spend money, we haven't earned, to buy things we don't need, in order to impress people we don't even like."

The Future: I want to produce and market my own private label, value added organic products such as salsa, honey, sweet sorghum molasses, and various jams and jellies produced right here on the farm. Sweet sorghum will also double as an energy crop. High grade ethanol can be produced from it to power cars, trucks, and tractors, as well as cook breakfast! My seed crop for next year is in the ground right now. (Update: I harvested the sorghum seeds last October and had a bumper crop!)
Since I love graphic design, I plan to put together a small manual screen printing shop. I will market my original designs on the Internet as well as do printing for local businesses and schools. I used to own a successful screenprinting company, called Blue Hand in Columbia, Mo., that was really fun to operate.

I enjoy writing articles about living sustainably, yet comfortably (hot water is a keeper!). See my blogs at http://gentlekarma.blogspot.com/ If you read them, you will notice a recurring theme which is my love of this land. Besides, self-sufficiency is groovy!
I’m really good at
sensing changes in my partner's vibration, seeing the best in people, graphic design, screen printing, house renovations, making things work. I am funny, smart, and a great kisser.
The first things people usually notice about me
I was horribly disfigured at birth. No, actually my sense of humor and missing articles of clothing. Now, where's that damned shoe! Also, I have an excellent vocabulatory.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books:The book I pick up more than any other is the Dictionary so I guess that is my favorite until I get better at this whole "English" thing. "The Four Agreements" and "The Mastery of Love" by Don Miguel Ruiz, "The Mists of Avalon" is probably my favorite book by Marion Zimmer Bradley. It casts women in a very empowering light and should be a must read for all young women striving for self-identity. "The Law of Attraction" and Ken Kern's, "The Owner-Built Homestead" are also high on my list.

TV: I'm an old "Firefly" fan and I like most everything Josh Wheaton does (I even own a school bus I call, "Serenity"). I like catching the Discovery Channel when I can and most things on the History Channel. These are pleasures I enjoy when visiting friends who have cable TV. I don't personally own a funcitoning television and do not plan on getting one. I am quite happy with Netflix.

Movies: No slasher flicks, please. I don't like horror flicks as life can sometimes be horrifying enough. I like intelligent comedies, documentaries, some chick flicks, adventure flicks, and movies where things blow up.

Music: Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, Led Zep, CSN&Y, Blind Faith/Cream, Janis, Jimi, and Jim, you get it. Some Ry Cooder, all Delta Blues. Norah Jones, Loreena McKennitt, Lenny Kravits. Classical, light jazz, SOME country, all the really great stuff out there I haven't heard yet.

Food: Thai, authentic Mexican, Tex-Mex, Chinese, or a great grilled chicken caesar salad! Oh, and pepperoni pizza with cheap champagne! Can't beat that.
The six things I could never do without
Freedom, Silence, Inspiration, Hope, Laughter, and Hugs in a randomly occurring order. I've been looking over my list and wondering where my chainsaw would fit in as it REALLY needs to be in there somewhere, especially in winter. Respond to my profile and I might put you on this list as well (not that you're a thing, Love. Just sayin').
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how to provide myself plenty of the six things I could never do without. ;-)
Lately I've been thinking, a lot, about what it means to have a happy life. I mean, ego-based desires aside, what IS the definition of a fulfilling life; how has that definition changed over time, and how much of what we think we want has been programed into us through the subtle messages in advertising; and is that what has induced us to squander huge percentages of the world's resources to provide ourselves with McMansions, full of worthless crap, to live in at the expense of other people on this planet who are dying from a lack of food and clean water? We are told that America is the richest country in the world, yet Venezuela has better health care for the average citizen. I have seen this personally.
I want to learn more about herbal remedies which tend to have fewer or no negative side-effects. I know there are medicinal plants on my land right now, but I don't know what they are so I guess I'll be studying botany. I suppose I'm following Joni Mitchell's advice and I've gotten myself, "back to the Garden."
So, personally I've decided that living a self-sufficient, sustainable lifestyle in harmony with one's surroundings is enough to qualify as a worthwhile life. I do not need to impress ANYONE with conspicuously mindless consumption just to prove my spending power. How pointless.

"I am looking for an slim, intelligent, wit-filled woman, who likes to laugh, to whom I will give my time, my mind and my creativity. If she helps me garden, cook, and can vegetables, she will have my heart as well." :)
On a typical Friday night I am
Playing SCRABBLE with my cats. Getting them to stop pawing at the little wooden alphabet pieces was a real challenge. Sometimes I lose and they are really bad winners.
Now, one of them constantly demands full-body massages. I have recently had to confront the reality that I am a middle-aged man, living alone with cats. That sounds so bad that it even creeps ME out! I feed them well in the hope their hides will one day make really nice slippers.
I've been thinking about creating a photo album of all the dead things they drag back to the cabin. Actually, it would be too gruesome. I could never post anything that grisly on OKCupid. Damn, I've been out here too long with these friggin' cats.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My underwear are tie-dyed.
You should message me if
. . . if reading this profile makes your inner child smile or if you can help me learn Spanish. Please entertain the slight possibility that I just might be one of the good ones. I have no hidden agendas. You will never be the butt of my jokes and I will always be your biggest fan. I seek a kindred spirit and partner who sees each day as an opportunity and desires to hold consciousness in a vibration of kindness and love. Yes, I dare to be THAT damn happy.