60Table View, South Africa
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My self-summary
I love people and nature and am active dancing, hiking, scuba diving, running and cycling. I also enjoy kite surfing and sports rock climbing with my 22 year old son. I'm a happy, playful and adventurous person.

I love music, singing and playing the guitar (folk).

I'm technically skilled, particularly in electronics, computers and mechanics.

I'm a caring person with an understanding of myself and human nature. I'm spiritually conscious, with respect for our beautiful planet and the needs of all its creatures.

I love and respect children and enjoy caring for them, spending fun time with them, and helping them become strong, happy, caring adults.

I'd like to know that you can be a friend before becoming more. I'm a one woman man, loving, caring and affectionate, needing a likewise woman. In getting to know you I would like you to become a friend, but preferably, a friend, soul mate and life partner!

Well, that's all the serious stuff! I prefer to be light hearted! I love conversation, both simple and deeply spiritual, philosophical or intellectual, but always keeping a happy balance!

I love photographing nature and people. I lead hikes for the Meridian hiking club and always take plenty of photos to capture the experience, and for my fellow hikers to enjoy.

The mountain and the ocean are amazingly beautiful, a photographer's paradise! The variety and beauty of the fynbos astound me! The beauty underwater in the ocean, with its colour and variety is even more amazing!

My Ideal Match

I'd like someone who will go up Lion's Head with me even if it is covered with cloud and experience a beautiful clear-sky sunset casting rainbow shadows on a sea of white below!

Someone who will hike the tough Otter Trail with me and experience that moment of oneness in a cool clear lily-pond filled by a beautiful waterfall with the warm sun streaming through the forest branches above, the air filled with the sounds and fragrance of nature!

Someone unafraid to take that window of opportunity, when others have turned back, to summit Sneeuberg above the mist into calm warm sunshine and experience the feeling of sailing on the bow of the Titanic through a sea of cloud!

Someone who will swim 500 metres out to Geldkis Blinder and drop 20 metres below the ocean to experience the most amazingly beautiful corals, anemones, nudibranches and basket stars amid long swim-through tunnels and passages extending from the ocean floor to the surface high above!

Someone who will dance the Rumba with me, to become one with the music and each other, slipping into a trance of pleasure!

Someone who will travel with me to all parts of the world to experience new cultures and places and photograph life below and above the ocean!

To enjoy all these things she would need to care for herself and be trim, fit and healthy, just as I am.

I'd like her to be spiritually conscious (soul connected), at peace with herself, and be caring and respecting towards herself and others.

I'd like her to be an equal partner and friend and to enjoy working together to enhance our lives.

I'd like someone I could trust to bare my soul to and who could trust me in turn, always knowing that she is safe with me.

She needn't be all the above, but if the most important things are right on both sides we're sure to fall in love!

Looking forward to meeting you and for us to enjoy a fantastic fulfilled life together!
The two of us