67Danbury, United States
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My self-summary
Before my days on this planet are over, I want someone to think of me when he hears this song:

Divorced since 2011, work full-time as a writer/editor and do some freelancing as well.

If I filled out an order form for a new companion, the first item would be "Communication" -- you always want what you never had, so this is of the utmost importance to me. If you want to be with me, you must be OK with sharing your thoughts and emotions. What I mean is: talk to me, please; just talk to me.

Second on the menu would be "Make me laugh, and laugh with me." I love a good joke, and I love funny guys. And don't judge me for what I say or how I say it, when we're alone. When we're not alone, I promise never to embarrass you.

Let me put this out front right now: I admire President Obama, a lot. Is he perfect? Nope. And I now believe he needed more political experience than he had, prior to election. But after this country suffered through 8 years of the stupidest president imaginable, we at last have a leader who is brilliant, studious, and a true man of the world. I understand that he is not perfect, but I admire him nevertheless. You don't have to agree with all of his positions but you must admit that he is thoughtful and intelligent.

Spare time: I love the Yankees, UConn basketball, and March Madness. If you admire the Red Sox, I can deal with that (grr). Post-Boston Marathon horror, I have softened my stance on a few things (e.g., Red Sox fans). On the other hand, I have hardened my stance on a few others (e.g., jihadists who murder and maim the innocent after years of enjoying their freedom here).

I have no religious beliefs except Do Unto Others, and if at all possible, Be Kind.

I am witty, loyal, and both bold and shy. I'm lonely but not desperate. I want someone to talk to, someone to walk toward while we smile at each other.
What I’m doing with my life
I work in corporate communications but don't love the corporate world; I'm becoming increasingly intolerant of the fakery. I'm the mother of grown daughters, and I have no other close family. I love to read and watch movies and sports. I play Scrabble on the computer, a lot; it helps me focus. I am a ferocious tweeter on Twitter and cannot start or end my day without reading what my "community" has written. I am such a proponent of it because it can be informative, hilarious, and thought-provoking, and I believe that kids (or adults!) who are taught to express themselves in 140 characters will develop into truly talented writers. Back in journalism class, rule number one was "Write tight." That's what Twitter is all about.
I’m really good at
I'm a very good writer, an excellent editor, a super-good speller, a good and sympathetic listener and friend, and a good cook.
The first things people usually notice about me
My laugh, I think -- it can be pretty raucous. My manners, maybe? I was raised to be a gracious hostess, whether at home or at work... I dislike confrontation and try to be conciliatory if I sense a storm brewing. Maybe that's part of the "graciousness" thing... on the flip side, I do have a potty mouth and that is a BAD thing in my profession and working at a conservative company... gotta watch those f-bombs...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Game of Thrones is my new madness; GRR Martin is not a great writer but man, can he create characters! Oldies: To Kill a Mockingbird, Ragtime, anything by Ian McEwan, Anne Tyler, Annie Proulx, Dick Francis, Larry McMurtry, Michael Connelly, the Stieg Larssen trilogy; probably hundreds more.

Movies: Basically anything with a smart screenplay. Zero Dark Thirty, The Bourne series, The Contender, Pulp Fiction, Michael Clayton, The Natural, The Sting, The Firm, The Pelican Brief, too many to list; TV: GoT, Mad Men, Friday Night Lights, Law & Order reruns, which I could watch 24/7.

Music: 70's rock, the Who, U2, R.E.M, Pearl Jam, Beatles

Food: Meat and potatoes, bleu cheese dressing, pancakes, chicken pot pie. These are not my staples; these are my dream foods. I pretty much live on Lean Cuisines, salads, yogurt and nuts. About once a month I treat myself to my own blueberry pancakes on a Sunday morning... yum.
Six things I could never do without
-The love and respect of my darling daughters
-My self respect
-The first spring day when the trees are greening up and the air is as soft as a mother's kiss
-Working out
-The idea that somehow, somewhere, someone will love me again
I spend a lot of time thinking about
That somehow, somewhere, someone will love me again. He'll look into my eyes and say my name while he touches me. He will speak my name often.
On a typical Friday night I am
Enjoying my surroundings, unwinding from a stressful workweek, and just relaxing. I lived alone in a big house, with a big yard, for 3 years, and there was never enough time to get everything done. Now I'm in my own place that is just right for me, and I love it.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
It is better to be lonely because you're alone than to be lonely in a relationship. I've lived it, and I know.
You should message me if
... If anything I have written here resonates with you!
The two of us