31San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary
I get why names don't show up on here, but I didn't join a dating site just to slather myself in mystery. In chocolate? Awesome. Massage oil? Here’s hoping. But in the end, you'll have to see through this carefully crafted electronic mystique.

So hey, I'm Nick. I love solving problems and trying to make things that speak to you. California adopted me in 2008; home is whenever I’m with my mom and brother, and SF is pretty much what I've got for a "where I’m from."

If you’re into double dates, take a gander at BroKCupid. Gander like the wind.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm mostly just trying to kick ass at work, eat right, and get some exercise and/or sleep.

I feel like I ended up here via some sort of laundry machine that wrung me around and spat me out under the Golden State sun, soaking wet, a little rootless, and ready to begin.

I studied computer science and art, worked as a technical shill for an animation studio, performed around the Bay as an unemployed musician, and finally taught myself to engineer iPhone apps before realizing oh yes *this* please this all the time. I’ve worked on a tip calculator, travel guides, how-to guides, and photography tools.
I’m really good at
There's a lot in common between what we're really good at and what we really love.

I really love my job. I'm unreasonably lucky to have been born at the time I was, with the opportunities I had, that allowed me to end up here. I get to spend some time dreaming up the future, and a lot more time realizing it.

I really love to make music. I still pick up the guitar when I have a chance, but I used to rock out with my cock out OF SIGHT, both as a gentleman and as one of rock’s foremost cock-safety proponents.
The first things people usually notice about me
Just listen to these real-life* testimonials I didn’t just make up!†

- Nick could do gay porn!
- Does Nick not do gay porn?
- I just assumed Nick does gay porn.
- There is no reason to look that good unless you do gay porn or you’re George Clooney, and that role is taken.
- As Nick’s lawyer,§ I am obligated to assert that I have no knowledge of my client now or ever performing in homosexual erotica, nice to look at though he may be.

* I mean, what is “reality,” really?
† "Inspired by a true story," as many fictional movies would have it.
§ Fine, I don’t really have a lawyer. SUE ME. Wait, stop.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The last book I was crazy about was Infinite Jest. Gatsby is up there, all time. Currently reading and enjoying Becoming Steve Jobs.

Movies are a hell of a list. All-time, I'll say The Big Lebowski for comedy, Requiem for a Dream for tragedy, Lady and the Tramp for animation, The Shining for horror, Casablanca for classics.

Always Sunny, Archer, Arrested, Community, Parks & Rec

Arctic Monkeys, Cake, Decemberists, Frank Ocean, Kanye, Kendrick, Local Natives, Miles Davis, Radiohead, Spoon, The Wombats

Coffee, coke zero, wine, whiskey, beef, chocolate.
Six things I could never do without
See food, above.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Software architecture. Hot, right? Here, let me wipe away that drool.

How people work. Their inputs and outputs. What they really need.

My next workout. How many pull-ups I could do if I weren't weighed down with these stupid legs.

Chords, melodies, words. The beautifully complex things that happen when you set an intricate rhyme structure against a syncopated rhythm. Mmmm, yes.
On a typical Friday night I am
Sometimes, you just feel like a classy box of wine.

I’ll no longer advertise for a company that STILL refuses to pay me for my shoutouts on OkCupid, but I’m pretty into this streaming video deal with red-and-white branding that starts with an N and ends with an etflix and also they live in the Internet.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
[casually jumps out the window]
You should message me if
Obviously, in a perfect world, you'd be a 4'5" Kenyan albino who's earned advanced degrees in quantum physics and beekeeping, preferably with a fetish for lederhosen.

But hey, nobody's perfect.

If you've got a way with words and a lousy poker face, we should talk.
The two of us