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My self-summary
Satanic women enticing men to fall into perilous friend zone, four simultaneous emotional hemisphere rotation. They believe in one love and reject the 3 foils of emotional friend-zone nice guy stable relationships.
I am not allowed to date women at the level foul men do in typical relationship matrices, for they fear my kindness will expose and indict the FLAWED NATURE of their dating ritual as betrayers of nurturing male influences - the meat heads who allow their denial of reciprocity of male kindness to be suppressed without a whimper, unbelievable.
Love betrayers will feel the sting of loneliness four dimensional emptiness.
Nice guy relationship coupling is a damn lie. Try to discuss & debate love's amory quadrahedron and your "girl" friends will not allow you. Ignorance of love square, multifaceted nice guy love dimension dooms nice male intentions, women inflicting their own created "love hell". Single women are actually "evil love gods", teaching dating plunder of Sympathetic Male interaction. The damn shewitch conglomerate cult suppress love bonds with non-douchebag males, by denying amorous square sexual-emotional connection debate discussion. Nice men MUST DEMAND a right to connection with women for the greatest of all human emotions:
Love's Harmonic Simultaneous 4 Emotion Connection
Rotating Dating Principles of Acceptable Male Behaviour.
Educated women, you can't know love!
'Friend'zone fascism societal repression of anti-macho male archetypes feeds the discrimination of dating rights to acceptable men, women feed the circle of repression because of FEAR and IGNORANCE of gentle lover caretaker style male figures. Ignorance of heartfelt nice guy relationship acceptance.
What I’m doing with my life
men know not love cubic emotion matrix: potential relationships are sacrificed to the hoax of normal relationships. Love image is manless unnatural likeness. No love equals imbalance of harmonic 4 emotion cycle. Hetero-normative science theory forced on all at a young age.
bury 77,000 tons of nuclear waste in the Nevada mountains as a heritage for their children, and keep on making it. Just like mindless emotional SINGULARITY equates to an evil disassociation within the
realm of Love's Harmonic Quadratic Emotion. Wisdom is Cubic testing of HEART. All humans are created and exist between the opposites
of male and female values. Add the opposites together and humans cease to exist. A single love paradigm is death and constitutes evil worship.
You are evil to believe in the
singularity concept of love,
for the whole Universe and
everthing within is composed
of kindness - which exists
only as niceness with a love
valued existence - and nothing
as an charade. When adults go
on dates, children still live
in the uniamorous paradigm
that adults created for them.
Love of nice men is hate for death.
Schools teach sexual evil.
YOU are a LOVING Creature,
Opposites create Opposites.
Educated Singularity stupid,
empowering evil way to love.
Sexual / academic taught
Singularity is Evil & Murder.
Academia has enslaved you
as a SEX Animal - kneel,
you educated stupid jackass.
I can lead you to 4 Wisdom,
but I can't free your brain
from the evil of singularity.
I’m really good at
My Cubic LOVE debunks 1 sex gods. The male god singularity and same sex trinity equates denouncing motherhood and supporting a state of douchebags - a price of misgyny devastating love on Earth.
RUDENESS IS NOT knowledge, but evil of not treating women correctly. Apply analytical math to relationships and discover 2 opposite modalities occupying opposite love roles - equal to a ZERO value existence. "NORMAL "LOVE is not an entity, for adding the opposite values cancel each other to no existence.
All the universe exist as fluctuating values. Academic and religious taught stupid SINGULARITY is greatest of all evil, as even humans are created via CYCLES.
Evil SEX ED bastards who preach singularity and block Cubic Love
debate, should be nailed to their own cross.
Your future is your plundered past. Today, you have the opportunity to make tomorrow better than yesterday. To do less, is a crime against our children. People are ignorant of Cubic Loveand will be despaired by their own false love.
All love occurs between cyclical processes. In Love between opposite dichotomies for humans, opposites "true" sexes. The 2 opposite sexes equate to 2 separate halves, as if dice of femininity and masculinity - equating Human Life to a Crap-Shoot
chance of LOVELESS lifetime possibilities. Academic and religious taught singularity
creation deserves a coming horrific hell.
The first things people usually notice about me
There is nothing so dumb, stupid and evil as a LOVELESS RELATIONSHIP, except for the evil dumb stupid ass MEN (BOYS) who treat women like TOYS. Evil BOYS use uneducated women for their own sexual profit. Plunder of (MOTHER nature) Earth and to create deadly nuclear waste that will poison the children's water
and destroy humanity. Both BOYS and stupid women must be condemned. Tis Time to ban any FALSE LOVE that does not follow TRUENESS above EMPTINESS. To save humanity from emotional extinction, like prior generations perished at the hands of MISOGYNISTIC ANTILOVE, youth must redirect selfteachers, and look into their TRUE HEARTS. Stupid women know of the Truth I
Speak and know that it will indict them as the most evil FRIENDZONERS.
Only a dumb PERSON can be educated - as in brainwashed and indoctrinated by CRIMINAL SEX EDUCATION.
Nice guy motive debate denial is evil.
It is not immoral.
Women dispise and fear proper treatment because of educators who ignore Love's True Nature or suppress love rights to debate TRUE LOVE.
Ignorance of Kind Love is Greatest Evil.
Six things I could never do without
I plan to TEACH unfortunate ignoratn women TRUTH of KIND LOVE to end their endangering of the lives of children and themselves through brainwashing and indoctrination stupidity. I am seeking SMART and BEAUTIFUL woman interested in a TRUE LOVE EXPERIENCE.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
No woman dares date me. Women are evil (SELF) liars. TRUE LOVE is not allowed in their mind. RATIONAL WOMEN will not deny this as denial would force debate - and they would be exposed.
Male power comes by ignoring KIND LOVE presented against misogynst abuse. The public must attack the evil douchebag mentality or be doomed to false love. Evil love erroneous
dipolar relationship role deadly to familial upbringing. Men (BOYS)
will eat dung before a TRUE LOVE is allowed to be expressed between a NICE MAN and his true love. The douchebags scam the
women because the public is stupid via gender brainwashing. All men other than KIND MALES are evil as they will not inform the women OR THEMSELVES of the trueness of 4 EMOTIONAL CYCLE LOVE nor...allow a True Lover to exit the FRIENDZONE. Male bastards betray life on Earth & ravages love. Chase the male liars from your lives.
On a typical Friday night I am
Man (BOYS) isn't a steward of love's nature, the bastard plunders it like killing future children, for they die without a women to abuse.
You should message me if
Since I have informed you of Love's Harmonic 4-Emotional Component Principle, your stupidity is no longer the issue. For now, the issue is just how evil you are for ignoring Love's Highest Order, and just how long the Societal EVIL will allow you to plunder Earth before inflicting hell upon you.
The two of us