46Atlanta, United States
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My self-summary
[Seems like this site is becoming a total waste of time given the ratio of messages I write and the very miniscule number of actual replies.]

Native-born Georgian, went to UGA, got my Bachelors and am a stolid Ga Dawgs fan while at the same time not being that much of a football fan. Air Force military veteran; joined up right out of high school. Managed to get stationed in Europe and did 2 Eurail backpack trips visiting a plethora of cities and countries- wonderful experiences that made joining the military one of my favorite memorhe's. Life is still all about the journey and who you're doing that journey with and not so much the destination, so I'm always open to learning something new with someone new.
Am desiring to find an intrepid adventuress who might be up for learning how to kayak, to investigating Steampunk, or simply movie-going companionship, theatre sampling, check out some hole-in-the-wall to invigorate our taste-buds, and or pass a low-key evening.

Adept at retaining old-fashioned sensibilities whilst being in-step with modernity and the mercurial 21st century.
What I’m doing with my life
Mercenary writer for hire. I am involved in my local church volunteering, I've led a small community group of guys, been on mission trips to Romania and Haiti, and just doing what I can to give blessings back.

I've written for creative reasons on the side, such as a screenplay, and am working on an alternate-history, fiction piece.
Along with Steampunk, I'm also an avid and passionate World War II reenactor, in great part to honor my grandfather, whom all in our family miss very much since he passed.
These hobbies have led me to taking up leatherworking as yet another hobby to put together outfits.
On weekends, I like to light out for the woods for camping and doing kayaking up in NC, TN and parts of GA.
I take graduate level classes or seminars part-time to keep my brain from going to mush when I can afford them.
I operate under the mantra of never-ending, constant self-improvement. I work out regularly at the gym, staying in shape is important to me. But I try to self-improve in several different areas of my life.
I’m really good at
swing dancing, kayaking through death-defying rivers (well sort of) camping and building a fire. Working on cars, some mechanical stuff.
Picking great places to go and check out.
Writing extemporaneous or other forms of creative expression.
I can speak very well in front of people, even though I may not have all of the facts, which naturally reveal themselves if I am not fully prepared.
I like to run- but little over a year ago had a ski accident in March, tore an ACL in my right knee, had surgery and have been healing back up, slowly but steadily improving.
The first things people usually notice about me
My interesting face, or so I have been told. I don't have tattoos, but I do have a couple of minor scars, which are more interesting to talk about, and which for men are also supposed to be sexy- or so I'm told!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A lot of science fiction types, but I have been reading more non-fiction political books and spiritual Christian books. The biography: "Bare Faced Messiah" by Russell Miller about L. Ron Hubbard is engrossingly fascinating!
Thanks to Men's Health magazine I'm prepped to lead a lady in a workout routine at the gym.
I love reading historical books ranging from Vietnam to WWII all the way back to the Middle Ages and further back. I wouldn't mind teaching history, if a living could be managed from it, perhaps in a private school context.
Movies/shows: Broad spectrum of the types that don't suck from sci-fi fantasy, action, to romantic comedy types- Count of Monte Cristo, 300, National Lampoons, Will Ferrell, Owen Wilson type comedies, Tron:Legacy, Man vs. Food, Before Sunrise.

A buddy back in college turned me on to Australian rock band The Church, which is just fabulous art-rock. I like most rock, country, old 40s swing and jazz types of sound. Not really into rap, but I do like some modern pop tunes which put me in a good mood like Katie Perry etc.
Six things I could never do without
Good friends who actually care about me, my family, my relationship with God, a good personal vision for life, and self-awareness of everything that I am doing so that I can self-improve, on top of feedback from others. Lastly there's my frickin' irritating, mouthy cat (love dogs too).
I spend a lot of time thinking about
It's 2016 now and why don't we have space travel, flying aircars and jetpacks. Why the human race has yet to develop a more efficient engine than the internal-combustible one that's in all of our cars, and why we can't get a sustainable fusion reaction going. Basically why all the stuff we envisioned in sci-fi growing up hasn't become more reality. LoL At least Space X has developed the first reusable rocket now that NASA has been mostly killed off.
I actually do spend a lot of time thinking about current events, the state of this country where it's heading, the world and what I can do to prevent its further degradation.

"There ought to be a man in every woman and a woman in every man. And how horrid ones who haven't got it are; I can't bear a man's man and a woman's woman." C.S. Lewis
On a typical Friday night I am
At a lecture if I can find one that interests me.
Hanging out with my buddies, movies, etc.
Dancing, or at a nice upscale place.
Loading up the car for a weekend trip of kayaking, camping or similar adventure...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Whenever I see studs or any other bits of metal or rings sticking out of someone's face, I get this sudden urge to reach for a pair of pliers...
You should message me if
If you are white/Caucasian, Hispanic or possibly middle eastern. Sorry, these are my preferences with whom I could see myself building an intimate relationship and possibly a family

If you're up for taking a risk/investment to trust a guy. Or if you'd like to expand your circle of friends over a coffee and movie. I am still remaining hopeful for a good Christian woman, but you don't have to be a Christian to hang out with me. Whether you will accept me where I am at and work with me is more evidence of what belief system you adhere to than a written description claim.

BTW- If I think you're worth my time, energy and especially $$ to invest in a date and I write you a typo-free, well-thought message (as opposed to just saying hi) and you don't take the courtesy or time to send a reply - that be just lame, 2nd class. I don't care how many messages you may have to wade through in your inbox.
The two of us