69Vashon, United States
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My self-summary
You should get to know quite a few good people, and I'm one of them.

5'4", bald, gray ponytail and bushy goatee -- I'm not the first notion of a leading man for most people, so I've been forced to compensate by being kind, funny, and smart.

It seems to have worked. I'm frequently stopped on the street for conversation in my little urban village by friends and many acquaintances I'd met in the last decade. I'm often flattered but no longer surprised when new acquaintances reveal to me "I've never told anyone else this before, but . . . "

As I age, I'm getting less cerebral and more personable. I still hold on to opinions and can back them up, but I laugh much more frequently and more heartily.

My ex-dog loved me; for six years she routinely ran away from home and made the fifteen block trek to wait silently outside my door until I happened to find her there. My son, still barely out of his teens, admits to being fond of me. And I'm a decent cook (good for my spouse and her kids, whenever I'm home on the island and not in Seattle hustling for work).

If you're still reading this, Lucy, my ex-dog, died peacefully January 14, 2004, at the age of thirteen, continuing her unauthorized visits almost to her last day. R. I. P.

I am wittily funny, kind, and bright
What I’m doing with my life
Under-employed for too long, I keep looking for something that approaches being as satisfying as when I ran my own business for seven years. Tough call, because I wore so many hats, met so many challenges, and encountered people on a daily basis who would gleefully pass their individual knowledge on to me. Any suggestions?

For more than two years my new family and I joined with nine other households to construct our homes from the ground up, simultaneously building a community (along with nearly as many other homes that were already complete). Exhausting and fulfilling, the building process took away time from almost every other pursuit, but is finally done and so far is proving itself worthwhile.

Gluttons for punishment, almost as soon as we finished building our home and the nine others', we leased a nearby farm plot and are raising produce for ourselves and natural fiber products to sell.

The first things people usually notice about me
As I grow progressively balder, the reflected light from the top of my head creates a halo.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Finished Duncan's THE BROTHERS K; Steinbeck's GRAPES OF WRATH and EAST OF EDEN enthralled me when I got to them last spring; Annie Proulx' Wyoming collection; science fiction by local Genius Octavia Butler, or by Ursula Leguin, and old paperbacks by the late Hal Clement; some non-fiction on Islam, capitalism. Ivan Doig's (and Swan's) WINTER BROTHERS on the seat of my pick-up for traffic lights and ferry rides.

Movies: Very old foreign flicks, like WOMAN IN THE DUNES; Not quite so old foreign flick, KITCHEN STORIES; Schmaltzy THE GOODBYE GIRL, SAME TIME NEXT YEAR, LADY AND THE TRAMP; Science Fiction ALIEN, BLADE RUNNER, CHILDREN OF MEN; Schmaltzy Foreign Science Fiction (horror) SHAUN OF THE DEAD

Music: Jazz, Bluegrass, Progressive Rock.

Food: Chinese, Japanese, East Mediterranean, Ethiopean, Basque, Vietnamese, Thai. Spaghetti joints. Diner food. At home, vegetarian meals are dandy; lots of Italian-American foods. Omnivorous, but health-conscious.

The most private thing I’m willing to admit
There are those to whom my language might appear stodgy. Nay, certainly they are mistaken.
You should message me if
Partners with whom I've been most happy share some characteristics; they are caring about people, have tremendous integrity, are resolved but not rigid, are intelligent, are not particularly materialistic, value endurance more than trends. There is no single physical type that I demand, though the hero in me would like to be able to carry my sweetheart out of a burning building if ever the need arise.

I like books, bikes, and casual hikes, and hope that you do as well. I welcome an activist who is interested in achieving her goals. I'd be very intrigued by a woman with a blue-collar past or present, but have enjoyed the loving company of academics and professionals.

A long term partner should be ready to tolerate the fact that I'll drift langorously for stretches, and then plunge wholeheartedly into a worthwhile project, though in the short-term, a new partner may find that she is my wholehearted project. And it would be great if you could play Scrabble as foreplay, or join in on a crossword puzzle if there are no level surfaces available.

Sometime after joining OKCupid I met a woman on another site. On July 7, 2007, we married. Although we are polyamorous and could be open to a close and lasting bond with a couple or with a person interested in such a relationship, my expectation is only to enjoy any friendships that might arise from leaving a profile posted here.
The two of us