40Warsaw, Poland
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My self-summary
I am a dreamer. I love dreaming hyperreal dreams, that is, dreams that are more real than reality realized - dreams you cannot simply forget or ignore, you must act on them.

I am a freedom fighter. I would fight for every minority on this planet and I often do - I don't need money to motivate me, I have it inborn into me.

I am into polyamory. I am into polysexuality (pansexuality). I take drugs from time to time (things like research chemicals and ancient Wicca herbs) - I take them seriously (but I don't drink alcohol nor smoke tobacco, go figure...), drugs and thinking about my experiences as a psychonaut form a large *part* of my life, if you have a problem with that or are a long time member of law enforcement and care about your job too much, that's fine - I don't hate cops - we can discuss it, I love discussing things, message me, I will surely respond!

I am a rational anarchist. I am punk. I am emo. I am hardcore. I am for anarchy, but I am also rational so I am not for mayhem (in other words I don't believe in revolution - e.g. inevitable manslaughter). I believe human life is sacred. I am a member of Electronic Frontier Foundation (http://www.eff.org) - EFF fights for our rights in cyberspace for free (pro bono) and I support this cause, of course.

I strongly believe responsibility cannot be shared by a body of people (is not divisible nor transferable) or delegated on a whim (or according to some "written law", which is supposedly better for some reason, our society tells us...). This is why I abhor capital "punishment", no matter how humane - people are murdered in cold blood and nobody is taking responsibility for the killing itself. It makes me sick to think that there are still places which allow this abomination to happen in the light of day. Such government violence is repulsive and unnatural, in my not so humble opinion.

Other large part of my life is music. I listen to music all the time on my iPod "Astarte", named after the phoenitian goddess of mortal love and spiritual warfare. If it's not music, I listen to audiobooks (on my iPod, books bought on audible.com, mostly - the best place in the Internet to buy audiobooks, IMO).

My vision is not as good as I would like to (I have to wear glasses to work on the computer) and although I simply love to read I cannot read as much as I'd want to and have to compromise. I am a man of compromise. I believe anything can be talked out, if you only try and don't kill your enemy too soon. One more reason for me to use my Mac (brilliant design by Apple in California) - I can enlarge fonts however much I like, can't do it with a book printed on dead trees. Go recycled electrons (courtesy of EFF)!

As I said before, I am a dreamer, like Martin King. I love to think about the dream world and try to remember all of my dreams. I often share my dreams with internet community. I also have a Dream - to free all the psychoactive substances and put them under civilian control, in the hands of people who know what they really are - pharmacies, psychiatry doctors, urban and non urban shamans. I daydream often. Message me, please! I will respond to every message I get within 48 hours since it's arrival. In more than one sentence, I promise! :-)

From My Facebook Profile:
I was an empty shell, witch was my body, I let the body electric to share this body with me when we dance for Astarte the Dance of Dances dancing with Dancers of the ever-ending circle of life. I guess I am part Wiccan, but I'm also computer scientist - go figure.
I like computer science, astarte, music, podcasting, php, mysql, perl, dragons, science-fiction, tcl, javascript, linguistics, abstract computer languages, red-heads.

I am mellifluous, carnivorous, and logical
What I’m doing with my life
Translating from|into Polish, English, Russian for hyperreal.info - site for freedom. Can't really do it other way around (translating :-)), that's why I did not provide a Polish and Russian version of this information. I also code part time for various non-profit organizations, like EuroPride2010 (http://europride2010.eu).

Support Bloggers' Rights!

Every day I wake up to fight to bring end to the vile, pure evil which is War On Drugs or rather War on Drug Users; that is, if you are not one of those people who still believe in official press releases and congresional agitprop. War on Drugs leads us only to Orwells' 1984. How any sane person can condone to allowing imprisonment for reason stated as growing a harmless and extremely valuable plant - hemp or possessing an extremely small amount of some other drug for personal use?! There are real casaulties among the civilian population in that war - not the mafia types and police types, CIVILIANS. Mothers and children. No person can feel safe from modern day inquisition. I and my brothers and sisters of hyperreal.info are absorbed in the fight for the Cause - we believe that all drugs should be legal and regulated like all other medicine -- it's not as crazy as it seems, think aboot that for a while - do you know about the Americal Prohibition and what it did to the country? The Revolution is a only Solution. All drugs, like information, shall be free. And sex is not the Enemy. I also like programming (and code a little part-time), mostly in PHP and associated assorted languages and code like HTML, Javascript (ECMAScript), CSS, various XML, XLS and other similar entities. I like to read standard documents of w3c. Maybe I am crazy to like to learn so much, but it's just me and I won't change. I am Moderating various forums (Usenet and WWW).
I'm trying to learn something new every day. I'm trying to help other people in need whenever I encounter them. I give my spare change to beggars. I never count it. I plan to learn Portugeese, German and Nordic. All I need is time and love. Time enough for love. Love is my religion.
I’m really good at

Languages of any kind - natural and syntetic. I also am good at textual method acting, but terrible at lying, I tend to tell the bare truth to people I hardly know, if you know what I have in mind - it sometimes scares them to no end. Google loves me and I love Google. Oh, BTW, Google, like Internet is a woman, a she. It's not something one can grasp and measure or predict or weave a pattern of behaviour of. Internet has no boundaries, like the Night surrounding our planet (I love astronomy too :-)).

It is all encompassing Nuit - space coupled with itself passing-within; not something a person can point at or be pointed at by - opposite of Hadit, point of influence, point of presence. NO, THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY RELIGION! I am also a weirding follower of Astarte, the goddess of Mortal Love and Spiritual War, but I don't believe she exists, unless I'm high on some research chemical. I don't believe in a single word I wrote here, too! Why? (BE CAUSE)' never believe what I read, I don't even believe I really exist. What is real, anyway? Simple? Simple...Now watch this!

The first things people usually notice about me

Depends. On the phone people almost always think it's a young, fragile woman speaking. I'm not pretending to be a woman, it happens by itself. I kind of like this fact - my Inner Self is relaxing, whilst some unknown
part of the brain I own suffers gladly, oh the sweet pain. So, Prima - my voice, incredible, enchanting voice of a faerie. Just a joke. Call me with Skype if you want to listen to my jabbering.

Everybody in Poland smokes like a dragon and drinks
strong spirits like a pirate. Sometimes it leads to unpleasant situations - a lot of populace tend to think I missinform them, because my clothing stinks cigarettes
after a party - how can it NOT stink when (like on any
party I ever saw here) people smoke as much as through it was the end of time. Shivers... I don't smoke tobacco nor drink alkohol. I am strange Pole.

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Lewis Carroll - Alice in Wonderland.
Robert A. Henlein Moon is a Harsh Mistress
Robert A. Henlein Stranger in a Strange Land
Frank Herbert Dune
Celia Rees - Pirates!
Orson Scott Card Ender?s Game and
Ursula K. LeGuin - A Wizard of the EarthSea
Stephen King - Carrie
Neal Stephenson - The Diamond Age and many, many more.

Matrix, Boogie Nights, Virgin Suicides,
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Boys, Heathers,
Edward Scissorhands, Great Balls of Fire, Eyes Wide Shut,
Chasing Amy, A Hard Day?s Night and many, many more.

Closterkeller, Maggie Reilly, The Bangles, The Beatles,
Loreena McKennitt, Black Sabbath, Dimmu Borgir, Sacriversum,
Suzanne Vega, Madredeus, Tangerine Dream, Inkubus Succubus,
Blackmore?s Night, The Prodigy, 808 State, The Corrs and many
, many, many more. Oh, why not - Loreena McKennitt Suzanne Vega The Corrs The Cardigans Leonard Cohen Hole Artrosis Madonna Therion Within Temptation The Beatles Kirsen Dunst Winona Ryder Garbage Angelfish Mark Twain Catherine Asaro Nirvana Pink Floyd Sheryl Crow Natalee Portman Abba XII Stoleti Closterkeller The Virgin Suicides American Beauty Crazy/Beautiful Girl, Interrupted Clannad Enya Black Sabbath Lycia BOA Bj�rk Blackmore's Night Catatonia Incubus Sukkubus Bruce Sterling Celia Rees Chandeen Hey Dark Sanctuary Tangerine Dream Klaus Schulze The Prodigy Dead Kennedys Dimmu Borgir Eva Cassidy Eve Ensler The Future Sound Of London Gene Wolfe Orson Scott Card Green Day Guano Apes No Doubt Haggard Isan Janis Joplin Jerome K. Jerome Kraftwerk Rammstein Ladytron Leave's Eyes Theatre Of Tragedy Lisa Gerrard Dead Can Dance Jocelyn Pook Liv Kristine Nightwish Edenbridge Darkwell Lux Occulta Margaret Atwood Meredith Brooks Mira Miranda Sex Garden Lacuna Coil Covenant Moonspell Natalie Imbruglia Neal Stephenson Philip K. Dick Stanisław LEM Portishead Porcupine Tree Deep Forest Red Delicious Richard Wagner Madredeus Sacriversum Roxette The Sins Of Thy Beloved Sirenia Skunk Anansie Slayer Stephen King Terry Pratchett Urszula Vangelis Ulver Wojciech Kilar Air After Forever Alanis Morisette The Allman Brothers Band Anathema My Dying Bride Anne Rice Antonina Krzysztoń Autum Tears Antimatter Blood For Blood Fight Club Stigmata Eyes Wide Shut Clockwork Orange The Cranberries The Matrix Skipped Parts Charlie's Angels S1m0ne - tired, will continue...

Food? I never eat nor drink. Caffeinated beverages and oriental stuff.

From My Facebook Profile:

Books: Everything by Terry Pratchett. Everything my Stanislav LEM. I prefer hard sf to fantasy, but some writers were able to step through boundary like Roger Zelazny (I love his Amber series)..

Movies: American Beauty, Boys, Terminator II, Interview with Vampire, Francis Coppoli's Dracula, Swinney Todd, Beetlejuice, Night on Earth (and all Winona Ryder movies, I have a collection of them), Clerks, Chasing Amy (hit!).

TV Shows: Don't Watch TV. Well I do watch FashionTV when heavily stoned. I must be stoned, otherwise I fall asleep after 5 minutes of programming. Oh, and I hate commercialsm, so I don't listen to radio too. I'd rather listen to Podcasts, like Dawn and Drew Show or Polyamory Weekly.

Music: Within Temptation, Loreena McKennitt, Therion, Suzanne Vega, Lux Occulta, Lycia, Chandeen, Garbage, Nightwish, Qntal, Emilliana Torrini, Hey, Closterkeller, Richard Wagner, Bach, Visions of Atlantis,
The Beales, The Rolling Stones, Łzy.
Six things I could never do without

My Apple iBook, Apple Mini (G4), Apple iPod Classic

Random fact - in Polish, most popular translation of a word "drug" is "narkotyk" which means something like English "a drug of abuse". Alcohol nor nicotine are not considered drugs in Poland. It's a religious state after all...No, it's not a jest or overstatement. It's a hard, scientific fact.

Polish people are not really governed by democratically elected parties, but under the word of a Church of Madness (catholic church). Fortunately, as a certified pope of Eris of the Golden Apple, we don't have to mind the mind not, so we won't, indeed. This kind of mutilating memetic disease can be discarded by memetic filters of the Mouse Army right at the beginning of evaluation of evaluated linerar memetic complex entity. Excuse my double-speak.

I spend a lot of time thinking about

The universe (Universe is like a woman or if you prefer, Her is a nature of a woman and She has five aspects - need I enumerate them? Yoda mode off. No, I will leave it as an exercise for a reader. Or write me a message, I will gladly explain! I respond to any message!

From the earliest years of being in this World I am fascinated by lowest levels of observable reality realized - for example, in science of Biology I love Cell Biology. In Chemistry - Organic Chemistry and Physics (parts regarding study of gravity, elemental particles (string theory) and other waves and spooky additional dimensions of space).

I'm not into orbitals and strings nor branes and eleven-dimensional manifolds on the calculus level - I prefer to eat a cactus - Polish education system in it's glorious methodical program of destruction of young minds managed permanently instill in the deepest parts of me brain an extremely potent phobia against equations (not a joke, it's like a sickness I can't fight against) - if a problem is to be solved geometrically or using words (not single letters of alien alphabets, like in Perl programming language), no problem - ah, but show me an equation and I'm a vegetable.

Brain dead. Striken. Unable to formulate any verbal response. If you have any ideas how do I cure myself from this, message me please!

In my opinion our world is build of relations in-betwen entities - the in-between without out-side - symbols connected with relations|related with probabilistic connections (what I have in mind is that there are only those relatons, a "symbol cloud", compare quantum physics and definition of particle on Wikipedia), where it's relations between "sentient" symbols do all the work to immanently create the complexity we experience as Universe (of course they do, we *are* alive and symbol processing entities).

Words are truly empty, yet I know there's life-within them. Only a cloud of symbols in minds of members of all people (human and non-human, corporate and not or even imaginary, like imaginary numbers) has affinity to grant meaning by growing complexity of relational mesh. What is unnamed (unrelated to anything including itself) does not exist. What is abandoned - loses relations with other - will soon cease to exist. It's not a question - is there life in the Universe other than ours, but can there exist universe which is dead at all - I say no, intuition and reason tell me so, feel free to discuss - I will respond to every message! A very young child has no concept of "me" and "not me" or "universe" (I'm not talking about words here, obviosly).

The first step in creation of a Cosmos is conjuring a self-referenced symbol of "1 who is that what is" - "me". By automagical reflection of mirror neurons, automagically another symbol emerges, a curious entity that *has* no entity it points at (or it points at no entity, be my guest). Think "two mirror looking at them all" (singular form intentional), where one of reflective substrata is imaginary in a sense (magick and imagination are curiously connected to notion of "I"). The Universe (let's call her Łucja, Lucy or Lux, WHY NOT? Being more personal with things we cannot grasp with our mind helps...) is alive and that is why you and I exist for there cannot be a Universe that is NOT. Which is obvious if you think about it for a while. Universe is be cause life be caused Her. Sorry for strange usage of English.

There is only one mirror in our mind, remember? The other one is imaginary. It's actually VERY SIMPLE. I think aboot that subject since evernow, actually since I took a dose of 300 mushrooms one time, mixed with ephedra extract in intention to have a vision of reality hidden before my eyes - so I could continue (message me!), but I am merciful, like Allah. mailto:agquarx@gmail.com - I promise to respond kindly to any inquiry. For more information. Jabber agquarx@histeria.pl AIM agquarx@mac.com ICQ 14295164 GG - don't have one.

It's so much fun disturbing the priesthood...when you stop the fear of the dark...

On a typical Friday night I am

At home, but not at home. My mind expands due to my being wired to Internet. When I'm not in there I'm watching a movie in a theater or listening to life music (love life shows! - check out my account, id agquarx, on http://Last.fm Internet radio). There is no typical Friday night defined in context of Me. Sorry for using hacker speak ;-). I hate to plan my leisure time. I really do. I hate surprises too, but it's because they're independent of my will - random acts beget by my chaotic moods simply don't fit in any type. Oh, remember random is not chaos.

The most private thing I’m willing to admit

I name every piece of equipment I own and maybe have a little crush toward
machines - you cannot help not to love at least a bit (pun intended) those beautiful gadgets designed with
so masterful attention to detail - the Apple Way, Think Different. Yes, I am a Mac affectionado. I spent way too much money on these things according to my peers - my answer is that what would a man do with money if not spend it? It's contrary to nature of money to be locked up and stabilized. It's like energy. It doesn't really exist, but it flows so fast nobody notices. Nobody notices. So I am a certified pope (you mean idiot? ;-)). Deal with it! Message me!

You should message me if
You have any reason to do so or even no reason at all. I will respond even if you call me names, kindly and with logic as my sword ;-). I love getting messages and promise I will respond to every single one of them, no matter what you write about.
A bit of random poetry (mine), I wrote it when I was first time trying the research chemical 2C-T-7:
  • Every morning I used to force silent to wake up and to see
  • What avenues thoroughfare vanished and those belong to QWLM
  • Everything's changing, I stay the same, hence this exegesis
  • Care not for stature, defy prominence, I dig on joy, I dig up dirt

  • Maybe I'll dig myself into a hole, but I dig in my heels adamant

  • Sometimes I push it past the mark and dig some gremlin in the ribs
  • See who I am, examine my consigment, enumerate deeds
  • It isn't much, that's what I need something to make my love for real
  • There lie around but lie behind lie in state lie of love and lie in law

  • But I do care the loss and curse of reverence, forbids my head to bow

  • And every day I clue in to things went bad in spite my lies ahead
  • Please in the wake of inquisition wake up and smell the coffee
  • According on my own accord and in accord oft extended with fiendish intuition
  • Refuse to dismiss this plea for help before you read it or read the definitions

  • Freedom cannot be BEER bought nor sold, it's just another word, like there

  • Excite, agitate, drive, move, rouse, rise, fire, het, gay, ni ox, whip it
  • Manipulate to succeed, contrive to pull the strings, always deny any fault
  • I hear some distant humdrum set out to put hull rhyme afire
  • It's coming from within, I know my heart - kind doctor showed me it

  • Besides the lack of motion lady in red managed to escape Dillinger cries

  • My troubled silent force knows no peace and deal with it I stand my ground
  • It's devilish task to be the life of party such as solitude standing
  • Uncommonly, decidedly, precise, kind, amiss, humane, very much so what, besides
  • Dreaming in a life is the best known way to fight between their truth and lies

  • There lie around but lie behind lie in state lie of love and lie in law

  • Please take my hand, let's change reality, by magick - web of hands. Looove, looove, looove, kamasutra!
The two of us