27 Milan, Italy
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My self-summary
well now.
i never could (and probably never will) come up with a self-description that wouldn't make me think "meh/lame/prolix/wtf/whatever" to some extent after re-reading it, so i'll just put some more-or-less-random informations in this box and "leave the rest" to the other sections, the questions, and (most importantly) your curiosity.

i'm a laid back & easy going french wannabe philosopher, born in germany and grown up in italy.

i'm a sex-positive feminist. i'm for gender deconstruction and equality in every aspect of life, so if you are currently searching for some sort of prince charming you can stop reading here.
i identify as queer.

also, i don't do monogamous relationships anymore. i support polyamory and any other kind of non-monogamous relationship in which trust, honesty and respect for the other person's choices play a fundamental role, so please understand and consider this if we should come in contact.
What I’m doing with my life
probably unconsciously trying to become the new dude, but without the focus on bowling and white russian.

aka: i'm trying to deal with the fact that i personally don't conceive any form of work ethic while i also don't possess any professional ambition of some sort.
I’m really good at
missing deadlines.
being awkward.
rampant use of subordinate clauses.
not giving a fuck.
rational thinking and judgement.
failing at being tactful.
speaking nonsense.
discussing about ethics.
giving a fuck.
defying stereotypes.
reading bus numbers from great distance.
The first things people usually notice about me
from november to april, the short pants and/or short-sleeved t-shirt i'm wearing.

that i'm not a hardcore stoner, despite the fact that i apparently look like one.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
listing all my favourite artists would probably result in flooding the entire section, so i'll just go by favourite genres: synthpop, futurepop, old-school and modern ebm, industrial, darkwave, 80s and modern new wave, synth rock, electroclash, bitpop (no, i didn't miss an "r"), post-punk and gothic rock, as well as most of the crossovers between the aforesaid.

favourite movies:
everything (sadly only 3 movies) by claudio caligari
laurence anyways (xavier dolan being another favourite in general), tre uomini e una gamba, ovosodo, die fetten jahre sind vorbei, goodbye lenin, das leben der anderen, the big lebowski, this must be the place, american beauty, the boat that rocked, top secret!, blazing saddles, memento, the departed, drive, outrage, il demonio, the intruder, diaz.

favourite writers:
stefano benni, umberto eco, daniel pennac, nick hornby.

favourite shows:
blob + fuori orario
fargo, hannibal, stranger things, VGHS, haben wir noch pepps?, boris, bojack horseman, various anime.

favourite food:
italian, japanese (EXCEPT sushi/sashimi), indian.
The six things I could never do without
-music & concerts
-stormy days (at least once in a while)
-black clothes (especially band t-shirts)
-public transport
I spend a lot of time thinking about
monogamy and how people manage their relationships.
languages: their characteristics, similarities and differences.
ethics in everyday life.
how awesome it would be if life had fitting background music when needed.
why i didn't go to sleep earlier.
religion's interference in italian politics.
corsica's linguistic, political and cultural situation.
On a typical Friday night I am
either alone or with friends (/a friend). i feel comfortable in both situations so they occur more or less with the same frequency. when i'm with someone i'll be most probably having a walk in the streets of rome; playing table football, munchkin, bang!, dungeons & dragons, videogames or other nerdy stuff at someone's place; watching a movie at the cinema.

if alone, i'll either be jumping and singing at a concert (usually in first row), or at home where the three-headed techno-japan-audio-geekhydra in me usually rules and makes
1) online gaming
2) discovering new music on spotify or enjoying my current collection
3) beginning a new anime / manga marathon
the most probable choices for spending the evening.
You should message me if
you are a feminist, or more generically one who's against and doesn't conform to gender roles/habits.

you agree that dave gahan should have remained only a singer.

you're light-hearted and/or like to joke a lot, but nonetheless you think carefully before saying or doing something.
and if you can actually be serious while joking.

something along the lines of exploring an old coastal fortified tower and the surrounding cliffs at night with a group of friends to watch the sunrise on the sea from there, then on the way back at 5 a.m. stopping to quickly steal milk and a carton of croissants just left by the supplier at the entrance of a café and eating them togheter for breakfast on a lake dock (*breathe-in*) might ever sound like an appealing/funny experience to you.

you think litfiba effectively ceased existing after 1989.

you have opinions about things, are not afraid to share them, and nonetheless you can respect and accept other people's ideas/ways of living/interests without judging them negatively just because they don't conform to your value system. some exceptions may apply (e.g. fascists, sexists, racists and the like can be mocked at will)

you feel like.