36Netanya, Israel
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My self-summary
I guess I'm a guy who can enjoy a quiet evening at home, but prefers sitting over a cold pint at the local pub. My friends tend to think of me (and rightly so I suppose) as someone they can trust and depend on, and talk to in time of need. I feel like anything I write here will come off as lame and too self-indulgent, but I'm not like that at all! Quite the contrary, once we get to know each other you'll find me to be really empathic and unselfish...

תרגום, אבל לא בדיוק... נדמה לי שאני אדם חביב ומשעשע, שנהינה מערב רגוע בבית, אבל אוהב יותר לשבת על כוס בירה צוננת בפאב השכונתי. חברים נוטים לחשוב (כנראה בצדק) שאני אדם מאוד אמין, שאפשר לסמוך עליו, ולדבר איתו בעת צרה. כנראה כל מה שאכתוב כאן ישמע צולע וקצת מתנשא, אבל אני בכלל לא מתנשא, ובטח שלא צולע!

I am a student, a super hero, and a fridge cleaner
What I’m doing with my life
This is what I wrote about 3 years ago:
I'm was going through the motions, finishing my M.Sc. in Physical Chemistry, but I decided it wasn't going to make me happy enough.
I now manage a computer shop in Jerusalem, a branch of a much larger chain, having fun thinking about what to do next...

Well, fast forward to these days - I've started working for a lovely high tech consulting firm in Netanya. I stay there during the week, and go back to family and friends in Jerusalem during the weekend.

I still hope to find a nice guide to show me around my new surroundings :)
I’m really good at
Helping people out. I really love doing it, although sometimes I find it hard to stop people from taking advantage of my benevolent efforts.
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile? I think? I have a great pair of eye glasses and I get a lot of comments about them :)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Favorite Movies:
I tend not to indulge in classics (Casablanca and such). Other then that anything goes: from "The Godfather" to "Pulp fiction", "Cinema Paradiso" or "Dude, where's my car". It's all very mood-dependent.

Favorite Books:
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values. This was an easy one, this book beats them all by a mile! The runner-up: every book by Nick Hornby.

Favorite Music:
Mostly Brit-pop, Alt-rock and Jazz, with a bit of everything else every once in a while. And Israeli music - Rona Keinan is my new best friend.
You should message me if
בוא נהיה כנים: אף אחד לא אוהב להיות בודד. חברים וידידות זה משהו אחד, אבל להתכרבל עם מישהי שאוהבים זה לגמרי חוויה אחרת. אז את זה אני רוצה - מישהי לבלות איתה זמן איכות, מישהי שאפשר לדבר איתה שעות על כל דבר, אבל שללכת איתה יד ביד בלי לדבר זה יותר כיף.
The two of us