33Turin, Italy
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My self-summary
Big overhaul here... I recently got a PhD in Neurosciences and moved back in my hometown (and this probably was a bad choice). Some of the things I wrote before still apply: in a previous life I really was the Patriarch of Aquileia, for instance. And I still like cooking and reading. And jogging. And lots of other stuff, yeah.
I also am a noob maker: I am great at taking stuff apart and not so good at put it back together. But, hey, it's funny! I *HATE* doing translations. I also hate my kitten (I should call her a cat by now) when she wakes me at 6 to have breakfast (yes, this means every bloody morning).

Sono un altro di quelli che non amano le brevi descrizioni. Comunque: finito da poco un dottorato, son tornato a Torino e non sono sicuro sia stata una buona idea. Giocavo a bridge, mi piace cucinare (e sono bravino :P), quando c'è il sole vado a correre. Mi piace anche mettere le cose nelle parentesi, e nel profilo ci sono altre cosette da self-summary.

Sono un maker niubbio, e mi diverto a smontare (con grande successo) e rimontare (con molto meno successo) le cose. E' un passatempo divertente, dopotutto :P. Spesso mi chiedono di far traduzioni, e lo ODIO (sì, in maiuscolo anche qui!). Odio anche la mia gattina (non più tanto ina) quando mi sveglia alle sei per mangiare, cioè ogni mattina (e così faccio anche la rima!).

I am sarcastic, unsettled, and flamboyant
What I’m doing with my life
Working, getting a second degree. Taking every wrong direction on my lonely way back home?
I’m really good at
Cooking, napping, small talk (I swear! I could go on chatting for days, with breaks only for cooking (eating) and napping :P). Looking out of the window, especially during hailstorms and storms in general (the cat has been a good teacher. Yes, I have a cat and I'm writing it everywhere. CAT CAT CAT. It's also there --> Did you know that if you type quickly C-A-T-C-A-T-C-A-T on skype a black cat icon appears? Meow.)
The first things people usually notice about me
Don't know anymore. Clothes? Hairs? The way I walk? My face? But I rarely go unnoticed, so there must be something... :P
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Difficult questions :D I change my tastes from time to time. But right now:
when I'm reading literature (not essays), I read british/american writers of 20th (and 21th!) centuries and, more generally speaking, the authors you would study in some modern literature course. I sometimes like sci-fi, and Isaac Asimov rates high between my fav authors since.. well, since the beginning of times.
I am not really a big movie-lover, but I like quick, witty ones. I like the early works of Woody Allen, but recently i am discovering Aki Kaurismaki. But the two movies I like the most are probably Requiem for a Dream and The Barbarian Invasions.
As for music, I am now mostly listening to classical music. It's a broad definition, but it would take too much space to describe what periods of classical music I do like most. I also listen to some electronica, some kinds of jazz, alt rock and 20th century avangardes, when i feel like.
And as for food, well. I can't deny my tastes are somewhat "mediterranean", but it's more a way of cooking/looking at food than following Italian recipes. And I don't like pasta so much :P
Six things I could never do without
Books (or something to read), a broadband Internet connection, someone to chat with, some months of sunny and dry weather each and every year, a decently-equipped kitchen and a plane ticket for some place I still have to see.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What should I do with my life
On a typical Friday night I am
the real alternative to a night out
You should message me if
I will like you :P
The two of us