33Toronto, Canada
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My self-summary
I traveled the western world a bit and lived in various places. But I'm eager for more.
I'm a researcher/journalist and a full-time reader. Yeah. You got it. I read.
I Just want to make that clear, in case you're interested in the cro-magnon banana peeler types.

I'm involved in a number of projects. The latest is a PhD in communication. So I'm busy with work, I like it that way, but I always find the time for fun. Fun is important, when you earn it.
I like to visit museums and watch live theatre. Simple walks in a park or downtown are pleasant too. I enjoy lots of things, with friends and alone even. When I'm alone, I don't need to look at my smartphone. And I feel bad for people who've lost the confidence to just sit around without having to pretend they're busy. I think it's important to state this in a self-summary.
So I'm straight as any straight guy can be, but I'm not your sportsbar-beer-burper type. Capisc?
The most important part of this self-summary is who I'm looking for, because we should be clear about that off the bat.
If you've managed to read thus far and get the gist of me, merci, you're literate enough. You may proceed to the next part below.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm an economic researcher / journalist. So 10to6 and sometimes 6to12, but it depends. And that's why I love my job. Every day is different.
I meet new people all the time. Some interesting, others not so much. But my days are never dull.
I somewhat like Toronto's nightlife, mostly because I hang with the right crowd.
I enjoy interesting conversations and debates; listening to them and participating in them.
I love funny and witty people. They're the best to hang out with.
And I do many other things with my life, things that I'll share with people who care.
I also play the piano.
I’m really good at
1. partying
2. critical and investigative thinking.
3. thinking I'm good at the above, in reverse order.
4. listening, paying attention, remembering details
5. being good company (I've been told that several times)
The first things people usually notice about me
my knit ties.
Yeah. Silk's for old people.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I can't list my favorite books, the list would be too long. Also, do we really need to drop names?
Same with movies. Too many.
Music: Instrumentals, Remixes, Rock, Rap, Electronic, Complextro.
Food: fruit, veggies, meats. Miss vickies salt&vinegar chips (this is not an ad) and gummie bears. I like frozen gummie bears. If you freeze them, they taste better and last longer. :)
Six things I could never do without
Why six?
Stand-up comedy, non-fiction books, investigative reports, AS Roma, Vodka Soda, tomatoes. Yeah, tomatoes are cool.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
1. What really happened.

2. how educational stand-up comedy is.
It is. If you pay attention, it really really is.

3. How long it's gonna take before this OkCupid thing becomes worthwhile.... If you know what I mean.
On a typical Friday night I am
having a
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
it wasn't me.
You should message me if
you are ok with a 15 minute chat and coffee with a stranger.
'cause that's probably how the first time will go down. I'm sensitive.
The two of us