44Simi Valley, United States
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My self-summary
Life is OK as it is, but I know I'd be happier in love. To be honest, I have the type of personality that some days are hard to get through alone. I've been through many of those days, so I know I can do it, but putting an end to that is an important goal of mine.

The most important trait I'm looking for in a woman is for her to be loving. In the long term, I find it very hard to feel a connection to people who are cold. Meanness, of course, is even worse. Even shyness has been a problem in some relationships I've had. (I have to admit, I'm shy in some situations, but I'm pretty good at overcoming it.) Another important trait is open-mindedness. Really, I think most people are open-minded when they try. But, I can be pretty quirky, and I think people without a moderately open-mind have trouble seeing past that. Luckily, I think most of the closed minded people in the world are men. If you look carefully at my profile, I'm sure you'll find a detail or two that would create problems for a closed minded person.

At the risk of being closed minded myself, I have to say that one problem several women I've dated have had is, how else can I say this, craziness. Whether it was the one who told me on our second date that she'd made the mistake of sleeping with her ex-boyfriend after our first date (Should have kept that to herself, although I was kind of getting the feeling that she wasn't quite for me anyways.) or the one who flipped out when I said "that feels good" as she rubbed my back, craziness is hard to deal with. Last, but not least, is responsibility. As my "Details" section points out, I'm unemployed right now, and some might say, that excludes me from the "responsible" category, but I've accomplished some important things in my life already, and I'm taking care of my son, paying my taxes, and working hard to find another good job. I expect the same basics from a woman.

I'm afraid what I've written might not sound very romantic, but I'm trying to give you the information you need. Love is a many splendored thing. Is that better? I suppose you're wondering what I have to offer in exchange. I've already tried to make the case that I'm responsible. You'd probably have to know me for a while to be convinced I'm not crazy, but I've never been in a mental hospital or jail. I hope that helps. The same probably goes for my open-mindedness. But, I'm a Christian who votes democrat. That takes a little open-mindedness, doesn't it? I love my son with all my heart, and could do the same for you.

Of course, you probably have your own criteria. Let me think. Maybe you want fun, rich and handsome? I put up my picture, so you can judge for yourself about handsome. I'm working hard on rich. I enjoy hiking, reading, and spending time with friends, both new and old. Does that help with fun? I'm trying to remember that joke that proves fun beyond question and will post it as soon as I do.
What I’m doing with my life
The most important thing I do is fathering. The other big thing is working as an electrical engineer. Unfortunately, my last job was a temporary job, so I'm spending time job searching instead of obeying a boss. Sometimes, I think I should get out of engineering. It can be too removed from other people. But, for now I'm sticking with engineering. In addition to job searching, I'm taking classes to keep my skills up and my mind sharp.
I’m really good at
I'm pretty good at the usual engineer things - math, science, telling annoying jokes. What I'm most proud of is my compassion. I really care deeply about people and enjoy volunteering. Right now, I volunteer at a local free dinner for the homeless called Stillwaters Cafe. I'm also very proud of my broad range of skills. I think I'm a good writer for an engineer and think I'm pretty good at understanding people on the inside.
The first things people usually notice about me
People seem to almost always get a first impression that I'm quiet. Many say I have a distinctive voice. Some say it's monotonous, others that it's sexy.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favorite books include Popular Music of Vitula, Best American Short Stories 2001, and Boone. My favorite movies include Chariots of Fire, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and The Holiday. My favorite music includes Great Northern, Ernest Tomlinson, and lots of Mozart. My favorite type of food is French. I love French rack of lamb.
Six things I could never do without
My son, an encouraging word, faith, something new to learn, hope for the future and ice cream.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Too many things. Hopefully, I focus most on making my life and my son's life the best they can be.
On a typical Friday night I am
Sometimes, I'll be reading a book, hanging out with my son, with a friend at a bar or restaurant, out on my own making new friends, or spending too much time on the internet.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
How about one of my shoulders is hairier than the other. LOL. I've got lots of other private things I'm not willing to admit on the internet.
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