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My self-summary
*** Friend me on https://www.facebook.com/aaronsuncamacho so We can Invite each other to Events with Ease!!!***

My personal message to All : Listen closely and feel deeply:


I Am just another You...
I have had Experiences and Learned from Them...
I have Shared Love and Been Changed by It...
I have Cried and I have Smiled About It...
I have been Outspoken and Shot Down...
I have been Humbled and Then Exalted...
I have been Still and Still In Motion...
I have been Alone and Become AllOne...
I have been on a Journey and It Continues...

After 1 year in FL, I have returned to CA, and found that Magic still Abounds and the People still Shine!!!

I Radically Participated in Burning Man for the First Time in 2012 (and every year since) and feel I have seen the Future there...

This year I am staying Local and focusing on building Community right where I am.

I have Big Adventures Planned and Big Dreams to Manifest...
I have Infinite Love and It Is Meant to Be Shared...
I am AllWays Living, Loving, Learning, Changing, and Growing...
I am Intriguing, Transforming, and Liberating...

and I wrote this Book: http://word.ascwhy.com

*I Identify as "Single" because I am at All Times a "Singular Free Agent", I will not Enter into Agreements I am Unwilling to Actually Keep, Thus, I remain Unencumbered by Unrealistic Obligations - yet, Remain Fully Committed to Radical Honesty and Unconditional Love... I am Open to Being involved in the Joyous Sharing of Time and Love with More than One Person and am Inclined to Continue in this Direction... I Am Polyamorous BUT this INCLUDES THE POSSIBILITY OF BEING MONOGAMOUS if that is the Natural Unforced Unfolding of Our Honest Loving Relationship <3 AllWays <3
+++ Very Long But Enlightening +++

"It never hurts to clarify to insure we are on the same page. I rather err on the side of having said the unnecessary than to find out that I have left the necessary unsaid."

"I tend to have people say, "I have never told anyone this before.""

"Coming to SF in 97 transformed me from an Angry PunkRock/Hippy/GangsterRap FL kid to an AllEmbracing/LoveIsTheRevolution/Raver kid...
Until then, I didn't know you could dance without bouncing off of someone."

"I often tell people - "Do not wear a Mask to the Masquerade - You will meet someone else wearing a mask and fall in love with eachother's masks, then when you feel secure enough You will take off Your masks and both wonder where the person You fell in love with went???... The fact is those people never existed in the first place!
It is better to be one of the few people at the masquerade without a mask. Those without masks are easier to spot, making it easier to find others without masks, and connect as You Are. "

"I am sex-positive, often speak in metaphor, write rhymes, quote lyrics in sentences appropriately."

"I do not think of relationships as primary, secondary, etc... Love is not hierarchical to me, it is not measured in more or less. Love is not the limiting factor, time is. In this light, I do not have a partner I am primarily spending my time with - but I equally Love many people. I do not have "ex-girlfriends", but this doesn't mean I am having sex with them either. I am polyamorous in a truly egalitarian way founded on fidelity. "

"One of my sayings is, "don't be nice - be honest" and "I'd rather have a tear and the truth than a lie and a smile""

"I am looking for Friends because they make the best partners.... "

"In regard to pregnancy:
If I was the Woman I would not get one because, although I have successfully avoided causing a pregnancy so far, if I found myself pregnant I am sure I would be open to following through with the experience due to my desire for novel and profound experiences - but I consider it fully the Woman's decision and will support that fully. Plus, I see the Mother's choice as always right in regard to Her own body and life."

"I do not plan to produce my own children. I enjoy borrowing them from my friends and believe in adopting and caring for the ones already here. I helped a girlfriend raise 3 for 2 years 6 years ago. I really feel my mission in this life involves embracing the whole of humanity as my child and raising, teaching, and protecting that child. I have a lot to accomplish that I would not accomplish if I had children because if I did, I would devote my all to them. I would participate in changing their lives, but aim to positively effect as many people as possible as quick as possible."

"I have read The Communities Directory (in print and very heavy) thoroughly several times since 2000 ( http://www.ic.org/ ). So, I am inclined to live in an Intentional Community (or start one?) - I would like to do a tour of them!"

"I like to have my Mind Blown and to Blow Minds (and I Love the spoken word by Jello Biafra called, "I Blow Minds for a Living!")..."

"Life is Like a Roller Coaster, there are lots of Ups and Downs, but You wouldn't Ride it if it was Flat!"

"I have fallen out of the physical aspects of yoga but maintain the fruits of the Union uncovered through jnana and the all-embracing Love born of bhakti... I find it most naturally manifest in my relationships (I am a Goddess Worshiper) and it directs my Ethics, Psychology, and Politics/Economics."

"I like to Eat, Drink, Be Merry... Walk, Talk, Laugh... Dance, Adventure, Philosophize... Chill, Reflect, Connect... etc... etc... etc..."

"I will not let $ get in the way of fun times shared... if You can not have fun broke, then You do not know what Fun is actually made of.
Fun is an Attitude and a Willingness and a Friendliness... and it is Free! It only costs to go inside certain places to share that fun..."

"I agree with Standing up "For" Ideas - but refrain from getting caught up in "Fighting Against" People...
Alternate views must be presented to the masses - I like to do that.
I just try not to choose sides and make enemies - I see it all as differences in experiences and knowledge -
Lets even the playing field by presenting the other viewpoint in the most effective way possible... can We express a point in a way that does not alienate and generate knee jerk reactions that are counterproductive???
I have participated in Animal Rights type demonstrations and found that the techniques used tended to polarize and alienate instead of engage and transform."

"Locations and events call out to me -yet, spending time with the People I Love is paramount... in a certain sense, all places are Holy and all Times are Sacred and all People are the Beloved."

"I am Happy for Your Happiness, and have Compassion for Your Sadness! I am Glad our paths have crossed, our lives have overlapped, and our Love is Shared! If our relationship is a Gift, I am Glad You have accepted it, opened it, and are not returning it for a refund! May our paths cross more often!"

"I've been Polyamorist since 1997 (Ironically, the same year as The Ethical Slut was published, yet I have never read a book on the subject yet?) ... I Live and Love without Compromise to the best of my ability... I do not possess and am not possessed... Love is not a Leash - it is not a flashlight shining in one direction but the Sun shining in All Directions... I am not Looking for Love - I am Love and Share that with the People who Want to Share it With Me... This usually means the BeutiFull Goddesses that I meet on the Dance Floor when We are Drawn together in Ecstatic Trance...
I am a Goddess Worshiper - I admire the Goddess in All Her Forms... I have no "Ex-lovers" - just Lovers whose paths have changed changing the structure of our relationship but the Love Never Ends and the Friendship Never Fades...
I am not interested in "Casual Random Sex" (although spontaneous sensuality should be enjoyed when it happens) - I am a Lover who Makes Love - FIRST through the Intimacy of Total Honesty and Deep Empathy and Silent Long Hugs... I want to Know and Be Known... Hold and Be Held... Be Free and Set Free... Ideally I am inclined toward Poly-fidelity = I want all of My Relationships to be with a Person not just a Body and based on a Commitment -> The only one that matters: Complete Honesty (with one's self and everyone else, starting with the "closest" people expanding out) everything else takes care of it self...
I have Open Arms and an Open Heart willing to be as Affectionate as You Desire... I am really Only ever with One person - because Whoever I am with IS the Only Person that Exists in That Shared Time... I can be Fully Present... (unless of course I am with more than one person at the same place and time)..."

"A common human thinking error that is found being applied to everything from personal decisions to world history. That error is assuming that one can make a judgement in the present about a past event (decision) and its outcome as being negative (or positive) in reference to a theorized possible alternative event (decision) and outcome that one may prefer. This is always a completely subjective and arbitrary exercise in futility that can not bring one to the truth of the matter. There are too many variables at play to predict in what way specifically something in the past "could" have been different. Plus, to determine if it would have been "better or worse" the person making the judgement is always doing so with personal bias having chosen a frame-of-reference, a point in time, and having made a value judgement based on limited knowledge that does not include knowledge of the future.
You can see this in your personal history as well as our collective history by noticing how you can be glad an event happened, then wish it never happened, then realize it really did work out perfectly in the end. Our desire for certainty and the need to feel right send us alternating between feeling happy and sad, gratitude and regret - about the same exact event or decision over time as our current state changes in relation to the event. There are no alternate pasts, and if there are alternate pasts for each one you can think of to support your feeling that something could have been better or worse there are an infinite amount of equally possible alternate pasts to the contrary!
The past is to learn from and those lessons are to be applied in the present to shape the future... and that is all. No regret. No wishing I would of, or if only they did, and if only I didn't. Simply, I am, I will, I will not. All of history brought us to the Present which is the only place we can be - you judge it as Perfect or Imperfect or refrain from Judgement as you choose - and you will live with the experiences that choice generates. I choose to embrace the Perfection of the Moment accepting the Past as the Necessary Pre-requisite of it - and move Forward applying what I've Learned without the Baggage of Guilt or Pride or Hate or Regret...
So, this is why I say "Thank you for Being You!""

"Some People Do Not "Love Being Together" - They are Just "Afraid to Be Alone" ... Yet, Being Alone (AllOne) is Exactly the Medicine They Need! Its like You have a Flashlight in Your Hand and a Diamond in Your Heart - You can Shine it Outward on One Small Spot and be Surrounded by Darkness - Or You can Shine it Inward Hitting that Diamond in Your Own Heart causing it to Shine In All Directions At Once - Eliminating the Darkness and Despair with the Joy of Unconditional Love for All - Including Your Self !!!"

"In response to news of a "Breakup":
"Congratulations! You have both just been freed from being in a relationship that was no longer mutually beneficial. You just spent your precious time together to learn exactly what you needed to learn from that relationship in exactly the right amount of time! No hard Feelings - No regrets... Knowing that You are each right in your own way for your own self - no one better or higher - equally where you need to be on the path of Loving, Learning, Changing, and Growing!!! Remeber, Love is not Binary - it is an Infinite Spectrum of Possibilities ...
Now, you both have the opportunity to apply what you have learned about yourselves in that wonderful relationship that awaits you...
May the Friendship Prevail!
Love Honor Respect"
What I’m doing with my life
I am taking the preliminary steps needed to open a west coast styled Elixer Bar, Art Space, Music Venue, Community Center for people who love clean air and dirty beats...

Living, Loving, Learning, and Laughing ...

Trying to Change the World for The Better for Everyone ...
I’m really good at
The first things people usually notice about me
That they can Trust Me...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Six things I could never do without
Existence, Love, Life, Sense, and Sun...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The Structure of the Economy and Building a Utopian Society...
On a typical Friday night I am
Working on an Internet Entrepreneurial Project, Enjoying the Intimate Company of Someone Beautiful, or Going Out Dancing or Socializing with Awesome Friends...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I used to eat meat and steal from 7-11...
You should message me if
You Love Unconditionally, Smile Unintentionally, Are Full of Empathy and have gotten Over Jealousy !!!

Also, if You have Learned to Choose LIFE over Habit, Tradition, Culture, and Convenience... in other words: if you are at least interested in Becoming Vegetarian or Vegan.

And, if You LOVE TO DANCE, LOVE TO TALK, and Value: LOVE, TRUTH, TRUST, and RESPECT Above All Else...

Plus, if You find these Important and Interesting: Philosophy, Psychology, Spirituality, Psychedelics, Politics, Economics, Intentional Communities, Polyamory, Polyamorous, Poly, Polyfidelity...
The two of us