58Washington, United States
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My self-summary
Playful, educated, warm, empathetic, creative, gregarious, left leaning soul seeking similarly minded, active woman for love and partnership.

A writer, in some modes, a thinker and analyst in others. An engineer and lawyer by education, with current work that includes a derivative of both -- after Katrina, work is where my laptop sits.

Willing to look beyond the horizon for my dreams.

I love to hike, contra and zydeco dancing, and watch butterflies encountered on a walk or bees in a garden.

Since Katrina, I lived and worked for extended periods around the country, from the Berkshires, to Maryland, Texas, CA, DC, NY and WV. Grew up on LI, brother in NYC, sister in Portland ME, close cousins in Boca Raton and Atlanta.

A likely partner would welcome: NPR news on the radio; reading the New York Times online; open, engaging communication; TED talks, and; learning always. While my ideal daydream is our family, with yours too if you already have kids, I won't discount the possibility that I might meet someone, somewhere, and we won't be having kids.
What I’m doing with my life
At the moment -- work that includes engineering and law. I have already figured out various whats over the years, and want to find the who-with. I write, and look for a muse to inspire me.

I am fully mobile -- I can fairly and easily commit to being where you are, if I am lucky and find you.

What I would do with my life if every bit of Karma was aligned
Write, share raising a family, build fine furniture, win the lottery, all in the presence of mountains and seasons. But while daydreams are perfect, life isn't. I'll take a fair percentage....

And what I would suggest if every bit of Karma is aligned
Suggest to my perfect match that we cut short the effort, and together run through the 36 questions (See the NYTimes.Com)
I’m really good at
Cooking -- everything, from breads to meals to desserts.

Understanding people and how things work; or why they broke. Forensic analysis, motive, philosophy, gadgets.

Using tools. Color mix, paint.

Zydeco dancing; playing the fiddle to Zydeco music. I've even played at the Rock N Bowl in New Orleans on Thursdays with the bands that come through. A bonus: I can zydeco dance with someone and play the violin at the same time.
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes and empathetic nature. I listen, and ask questions.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music: WWOZ and WWNO -- A full range of music from around the world, jazz, south Louisiana, piled into public radio on the lower end of the FM dial. What music becomes when filled with rhythm, harmony and emotion. Rhythmic dance music; Nessun Dorma reprise by the 3 tenors, or; what happens with the Flecktones: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ie5QnUAkv1M [the url doesn't link anymore.... try Bella Fleck and the Flecktones, on google or youtube...]

Movies: A tough call: Cinema Paradiso, The Red Violin, Everything is Illuminated, Life of Pi. Shakespeare in Love. Oh Brother Where Art Thou (it has the music, too). The recent, modern Sherlock Holmes, as "Sherlock" on PBS. It could happen to you, to reinforce good-people-win theology.

Food: Anything prepared well. New Orleans spoiled me.

Books: Godel Escher Bach: ranks high with others, but if you know that book, then you're a rare soul. Gabriella, Cinnamon and Clove -- I remember that everything seemed to work out, in the end. Short stories by Nathan Englander, Issac Singer or Mark Twain.

Then, too: NYT, NPR or PRI. RadioLab
Six things I could never do without
Best to share what left with me when I left town 2 days before Katrina arrived:

Me and my: car, laptop, digital camera, cellphone and, 3 days of clothes. Apparently, I can do without the raincoat, since I've since misplaced it.

The inferences available? I need to think and communicate with my self and others, and stay dry and warm.

Then, there is music/harmony, dance, friends, really good food, sunlight and warm air. Snow would be a nice addition, and seasons. Mountains.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Rhythm and Harmony. Connections. Cause and effect. The future.

Sometimes, I dream about living in the mountains, recalling the times I've spent between N Ga and the tip of NH.

I look out from my south-facing house, and watch the sun go from full left, to full right. A place to plant a garden. A place to see the snow, and feel the heat of summer. A place to get lost in the hike during any of the seasons, with enough access to find completely new avenues, and retread old ones. A place to share all that -- all of it -- with someone that will revel with me in waking together, day after day.

Or traveling across the country with a DSLR and some lavaliers, recording interviews with folks off the beaten path.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Ok. It's -not- private, but this thought resonated, and this box was empty:

Two radically different people, a man and a woman, form a wonderful, lasting partnership, precisely because of what makes a partnership -- a true partnership -- elementally successful: that each partner may excel in some skills over the other, and thus the two, together, accumulate skills and effort that one individual can not match.

When two people discover that they have such an overlap, they "fit", and they sustain their relationship when they recognize this, and, as well, accept and accommodate those moments when they both have skills in a single area of current interest...
You should message me if
After reading everything above, and then this below, you are (or know) someone who would be a good match:

Mountains, dancing, urban.
Appreciation for community
Gregarious soul
Physically active, healthy
Flavors, crafted in our kitchen, or tasty bits around town
Midnight trips to the edge of nowhere for midnight meteors
Ice cream
Waking to sunlight, streaming in the windows, daydreams met, day by day, day after day for the long term.
Quiet moments near each other
Exuberant moments, even closer
Education, curiosity, creativity, playfulness
Dog whisperer

We're creative, playful, smart, active -- I want an equal in spirit and in life.

You read all this, and figure we could be friends.

You want karma in your life, and know a woman who wants (the likes of) me . . .
The two of us