35 Green Bay, United States
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My self-summary
QUICKMATCH NOTICE: My profile name is 'abitofwit'. I appreciate messages more than mere likes.

Can you summarize a sunrise,
or quantify a dream?
Explaining what lies behind these eyes
is a snapshot of a flowing stream.

I try to be frugal, generous, playful, and sincere. I appreciate the temporary nature of existence, the infinite expanse of the mind, and the irony of culture being the process by which those truths are rebuked. I'm a geek in that I'm into the science, geometry, and philosophy of experiences - but my interests run the gamut from technology and gaming to the outdoors and building/repairing things. I'll arm wrestle someone and during the match explain to them the principles of leverage I'm using to exhaust their ATP stores.

The best compliment I've ever gotten is "You're a dick sometimes, but it's because you're unabashedly honest - and there's absolutely nothing wrong with being honest."
What I’m doing with my life
I'm just kind of flowing through it and seeking someone with whom to achieve balance. I tend to have an ebb and flow of intensity and inspiration which makes it difficult to maintain interest in long-term pursuits, but in my experience this can be a very powerful and productive force when harnessed correctly by someone who encourages a degree of structure. A dam for my river, so to speak - but not a party pooper.

I'm a winter person. I live to skiboard and am truly happy when falling down mountains while standing.

My mind is where I primarily exist... and have for thousands of years. Those of you who write will understand. I've been at peace with the notion of my own mortality since I first knew things died and am trying to find joy in the time between non-existence. I feel that the lives we build are akin to a joke we inadvertently tell ourselves, and we don't "get it" until the punchline of death. Not that life isn't serious business, I just think it's worth approaching with a sense of humor.
I’m really good at
That which I set my mind to.
The first things people usually notice about me
My presence.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Yes, I have strong affinities for some specific pieces of those things. Instead, here's a bit of insight perhaps more interesting than a mere list:

I cook a LOT so my favorite foods are alternatively something I make or something I didn't have to make. I'm more into active & interactive entertainment than passive, though I have a profound appreciation for not being bored regardless of how. Dense crowds of people put me into danger awareness mode so hanging out up front of large live shows is generally out, although I know a fair amount of musicians and love listening to friends jam. Less-crowded venues are great - I enjoy a very wide range of music from classical to electronica to punk to Hmong traditional. I am ridiculously fond of writing and corresponding... there's something magical about the clarity inherent in minds communicating irrespective of time. Like, borderline sexual.
The six things I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How eloquently stated. It's a shame okcupid forgot a period at the end.
On a typical Friday night I am
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I like sharing "private" information (only about myself, not others) and as time goes on this section tends to expand until I clean-sweep my profile.

I am not at all concerned with being alone but I absolutely despise the feeling of loneliness. Sadly, casual socialization with strangers doesn't address this. As much as I consider my lifestyle to be one of a loner, I really do want someone emotionally close who "gets" me to help chase away the lonely.

I've rewritten this profile about a dozen times during the last 4+ years, and keep many of the old versions as text files on my devices. Not sure why... perhaps it's because some of them were on the order of ten thousand or more words long and I couldn't stand to see that amount of effort just disappear.

I married myself. Don't know the date because that's not what's important, and only occasionally wear the ring because neither me or my spouse are very materialistic. But there IS a ring and it's pretty damn spiffy. When I'm feeling like it's me against the world there's only one person I can count on to ALWAYS be there no matter what... there's only one person who will ALWAYS understand even when I can't find the words to explain something... only one person who will NEVER get mad regardless of how much I flirt with others, or even if I sleep with his sister - luckily he doesn't have a sister ;D There's only one person who loves me as much as I'll ever need him to despite my interest in reversed-role/female-leadership relationships meaning I'll always be hoping to find someone else.

I don't pursue people I'm interested in unless I'm absolutely certain their interest is reciprocal. I don't fear rejection, I am simply averse to being a bothersome creep and know that my enthusiasm regarding forming connections with people can lead to coming on too strong.

I admire Hemingway as a writer for his gift of brevity. I wish I didn't feel such obligation to detail and disambiguate so many of my thoughts, but I try to do it in a way which is at least entertaining and honest. I'm not nearly as long-spoken as I am long-written.
You should message me if
You're not riddled with self-resentment. I find a strong self-awareness to be an attractive trait, but if you're going to constantly evaluate yourself I really prefer a person who draws mostly positive conclusions.

You're all about the "suck it up, buttercup" attitude. I don't sympathize with people who are in the dumps and reinforce their weakness - I remind them that they're strong and awesome and that being a sadsack is a waste of time. And I need the same thing from the people I associate with when I get into my occasional funk. Not a shoulder to cry on... a helping hand to get up and running again.

You're an adventurous adventuress seeking an adventuresome adventurer. I'm not looking to be a tour guide, and I'm not looking for you to be a tour guide - we BOTH need to recommend activities, and do things as individuals and as a couple.