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My self-summary
I am a mentally and physically fit guy with a wide range of interests and curiosity. I have a youthful demeanor and approach to life, and look forward to many new opportunities and challenges having gone through a varied career at the bleeding edge of technology. I am interested in developing an enduring, vibrant, complex, and enjoyable relationship on all levels with a woman who feels, like I do, that a partnership produces positive prognosis superior to two individually interacting individuals. If you feel likewise, I would like to hear from you.

You will be some combination of my best friend/partner/lover. Be a stimulating conversationalist, witty and incisive. Like the give and take of sharp diverse discourse. Do not be put off by a gearhead and second-generation geek who nevertheless has a solid grounding in the arts and a wide range of non-technical interests. If you like matching wine with food, listening to classical music while talking over the days' events at the dinner table, that is a good start for a compatible life style. Remember, we have grown up through different life paths, so the probability of perfect partnership is pretty pathetic!

I am looking for a smart, accomplished, self-confident woman who has analyzed her emotional requirements and desires a full range relationship from a casual connection to incendiary intimacy.

I am a monogamous man, and look for a strong, securely attached relationship with a like-minded woman. Strong, securely attached means we are confident in each others interactions in life, without having to define boundaries. We are sensitive to the emotional effects our actions have on the other, apologize, and correct our behavior if it creates distress. Our strong relationship allows each to develop in ways that we could not imagine before meeting.

I am interested in what makes you the unique you. What are your feelings and interests in religion, politics, art, travel, books, life, love, sex, architecture, food, etc?

We will have our existing activities and friends and will retain, merge, add to, or modify these as we develop our relationship together. While we have our existing lives, we will co-regulate to determine how to develop a new merged life.

We will be happy reading together while snuggled up or walking arm in arm while radiating a happy coupled energy. We will enjoy a lazy morning stealing loving looks while reading the paper or getting out for a vigorous (or not so vigorous) ride, hike, or row.

Random rhetorical rambling re relationships. Excessive evaluation eventually reveals reasonable relationship rejection reasons. I am convinced that a goodly number of you perusing this patently, painfully purple prose would make a supremely satisfactory partner for life. We just(!) have to take our courage in our hands, plunge ahead and make the best of the shared existence.

I am a Metal Dragon/Scorpio for those who care about these things.

I am physically fit. I run (have done my marathon), bike (have done my century), mountain climb (did Iron and Mt. Baldy in one day), golf, ski, river raft, lift weights, and have a Concept2 rowing machine (not all simultaneously). I still easily fit in 31" jeans, just like 50 years ago, and have maintained the same weight, also.

Life's straight road recently sent me around a curve. What was originally thought to be an infected tonsil turned out to be inoperable stage 4 squamous cell carcinoma - a statistical death sentence. Chemotherapy and radiation wiped it out. My ENT doctor calls my recovery "miraculous" (not seeing anything like it in his career). My oncologist says I have 30 years ahead of me. They can find no evidence that I ever had this cancer. It is a good question as to why this happened since I am never ill, have no prescriptions, and take no pills. I am back to running, weight lifting, working, and have started rowing at Lake Casitas and have rowed (and medaled) in several regattas. It seems it is hard to kill me off!

My coach at Lake Casitas has followed my recovery from when I first came up and could hardly walk on the floating dock till now as he enters me in as many as five races a day and feels my recovery rivals anyone about whom he has read. I do not know about that, it was challenging, and one that still challenges me.

I have had my 3-month, 6-month, one year, and two year checkups. Absolutely clean. The doctors consider me "cured" although medical convention calls for regular checkups until I get to the magical 5-year point. I had originally hesitated posting until I got further along this process, since I feel it unfair to burden a new person with possible uncertainty.

Alcohol consumption for me is having wine with my dinner. 35 years ago I designed and built a wine cellar from which I select a wine for the meal. I am largely a carnivore, so most of the wine is red. Food and wine form a complex combination in a complete and complex life style.
What I’m doing with my life
Reading, listening to music, cooking. Although nominally retired, I am CTO and part owner of a S-Corp startup that requires part time effort. I belong to Lake Casitas Rowing Association and row various types of shells at practice and at regattas during the year. I am a classical music and opera enthusiast and have season tickets for two to LA opera.
I’m really good at
Probing your mind.
The first things people usually notice about me
Vibrant good health and demeanor, even after chemotherapy.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books - Google the titles to see about them
Sled Driver-BrianShul.
My life in France-Julia Child.
Flying on Four Wheels-FrankCostin.
Elisabeth Schwarzkopf-AlanJefferson.
Worcester Porcelain-HenrySandon.
Vanwall 2.5 Litre F1-Ian Bamsey.
Marquetry-Pierre Raymond.
Flying Cloud-DavidShaw

Oh, many others. The geek in me has many books in the queue.

Books and magazines
Race Engine Technology,
Bon Appetite,
In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts ,
My Life with Julia,
Mastering the Art of French Cooking,
Hold me Tight,
Scientific American,
computer industry magazines.

Movies - I an not a real movie freak, but these are some I remember
Julie and Julia. Amour. The Artist. Quartet. Devil wears Prada.

Classical music and Opera.

I have an extensive collection of recipes from which I cook for myself or up to 12 people. If you cook, I can assist.
The six things I could never do without
Books, music, good food, good wine, stimulating conversation, and love in all its manifestations.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Designing optimum transmission ratios. I developed the theory and wrote a program to do so. Told you I was a geek and a gearhead!
On a typical Friday night I am
If I am by myself, fix dinner, work on the computer, listen to an opera in the background, catch up on reading. Very exciting!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am left handed and right eared.

If you have answered a lot of questions (like over 1,000) staffrobot will sometimes give an inflated Match %, which appears to be a roughly monotonically increasing function of the number of questions in common. It might be best to click on "The Two of Us", then "Unacceptable answers" and evaluate the differences for deal breakers. Read my answers with a certain degree of caution as I am rather iconoclastic and the answers may represent extreme positions, rather than with what we could live.
You should message me if
Any of this is of interest