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My self-summary
I wear adult diapers for real medical reasons 24/7. I have been in and out of diapers since I was 5. I was put back into diapers full time by the time I was ten and by thirteen, my family could no longer take care of me. They put me into my first hospital which made me stay in diapers full time and made me wear my diapers and just a hospital t-shirt around the unit. See more of my story at:

I am a Sagittarius, Smart, and Intelligent.
What I’m doing with my life
I am going around Colorado, So far, taking pictures, blogging about where I've been and what my personal experiences were while I was there. I am also on a journey of sorts.....I am trying to reinvent myself and tie up some loose ends in my life. I am trying to let go of any part of me that is holding me back from being successful, and a better person. I am on a roll here. I have enlisted the help of many, who seemingly are not people that you would typically ask for assistance from. I am also looking for that special some one who can also be a great "Mommy" to me as an adult baby.
I’m really good at
Fixing Computers, both Software and Hardware, Editing and shooting videos,making video presentations and small independent Movies, writing, Playing guitar and writing songs, Hiking, Camping/ minimalist survival,I am great at finding and using resourses.
The first things people usually notice about me
My "bedroom" eyes, That I kind of look like Keanu Reeves, I am handsome, nice looking, and cool to talk with.
Six things I could never do without
1.Adult diapers-They keep me dry and the rest of the world sanitary, 2.Food, We all know why 3.Shelter, because we need to stay healthy, and warm 4.Clothing-Just because we don't want to just "bare it all" Leave some to the imagination. 5. Meds, because I HAVE to take them 6. Transportation-We all have to get places somehow...
I spend a lot of time thinking about
A lot of things. I am always thinking about something....always.
On a typical Friday night I am
At home, watching Ghost Wisperer, Moonlight and Numbers on CBS.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
tle at the front, but would certainly do its job as a diaper doubler. My tech would then unfasten each tape on my Hospital Grade Pampers diapers, and pull my diaper down. She would then open the wipes and wipe me down thoroughly, being extra careful around my genitals, to get them extra clean. Then she would pull my diaper out from under me and lay it open, next to me. Then she would unfold and open the wings of my clean diaper, and then slip it under my bottom. She would then take the thick, hospital grade feminine pad, and insert it into my diaper to use as an extra absorbency pad. Then she would shake a little powder into my diaper and onto me before she pulled my diaper up and fastened the tapes. She would then refasten the snaps in my onesie with the hospital’s name and the unit’s name and my patient number stamped or printed on the back of it, then she would pull my pants back up and fasten the snap and pull the zipper back up. There were a few times that my tech would need to put lotion on me at a diaper change. Now that, I am not really able to recall, just how it felt. With all of those medications flowing through my veins, all at once, I did little more than lie there, and roll around a little. I could barely keep my eyes open and if I could even walk, I could barely keep my balance. I pretty much was bedridden most of the time I was in these hospitals, especially the one in Oregon. With all of the sponsored medications or the corporate pharmaceutical investors that the hospital had at the time, I felt a little more like a human lab rat, with all of the undercover trials, and experimental techniques, and experimental chemicals that were being force fed, to me, and the fact that I could do little to resist or rebel without so much as either a needle prick putting my lights out, or the fact that I was so medicated that I couldn’t fight back at all. My Doctor also recommended four blood draws and several semen collections per week due to all of the collective medications I was taking at one time. The doctor that over saw my care and his entire medical staff, omitted information on my medical records that would give light to all of their questionable dealings with the pharmaceutical companies and all of the actual events that occurred within the walls of this hospital from hell. My Medical files from that time and place have tons of gaps in information, as though certain information was censored to protect themselves and their investors at that time. My medical records reflect one thing, and my experiences reflect another. There was a lot of experimental techniques being tried out, and there were at least 5 pharmaceutical companies Sponsoring the units there at that hospital, that were using us to test their newest meds on. My Doctor was going to send me to the Oregon State Hospital (OSH-Where “one flew the coockoo’s nest” was filmed/Took Place) because I wasn’t responding to their treatments, according to him and his staff members. and I was going to need “ongoing” care. My Mother agreed with the doctor at that time and told him to go ahead with his plans. The doctor was forcing his recommendations on me, and moving forward at a feverish pace, trying to make sure that I was admitted there at the OSH. My father thought against these wishes and decided to intercept me and bring me down to Tucson instead. I spent two years of my life at Cedar Hills Hospital before I was taken to yet another one in Tucson called Desert Hills Hospital or as it is called today, after they moved some number of years ago….Desert hills for youth and Family. There I was slowly taken out of diapers and educated year round. I was forced to take strong medications and made to do a set number of chores every day. back in 1990, after I got out of Desert Hills Hospital, I was given back up for full adoption by my adoptive father who told me that he couldn't have me living with him or my family any more and he couldn't deal with me any more. So he put me back into the Arizona Foster care system which placed me with this family which had this big, burly guy named John Abernathy, and his two foster kids. This guy virtually made me his cleaning slave. He made me and my roomy pick up tiny little pebbles in the back yard on our hands and knees and put them into a bucket. I finally told my case worker this, and she spoke to him about it. After she left, he got sooo mad, that he grabbed me and body slammed me to the floor then landed on top of me. I weighed a mere 110 or so and he weighed about 300lbs. He Jumped on top of me with his elbow out ready to jab me in the gut. I rolled out of the way and then grabbed the nearest thing I could find, a six foot all brass lamp stand then swung it down on him. I hit him squarely on the forehead then I swung again after he tried to get back up and hit him across the back of the neck with the base of the lamp. I then dropped the lamp stand then ran out of the house with him in tow. I ran so fast but it still wasn't fast enough. I whipped around the corner and headed for a very public area, the corner of Drexel rd and Campbell Ave in Tucson (see Google earth for more details) He stopped his pursuit knowing that some one would see him brutalizing me. I ran straight to the nearest pay phone where I called my case worker and told her what had happed after she left. She told me that I HAD to go back because he had my Custody. She would change that first thing in the morning. She also told me that if it got too bad I had the RIGHT to call the police. I then told her that John had body slammed me to the cement and that I didn't feel safe going back there. She then asked me to go to a meeting place at Campbell and Glenn (**see Google earth for more details on locations) by morning so that she could pick me up on her way to her office. I made it there and then waited there until she arrived. I went back to her office and we talked about what had happened and got to the facts at hand. She then called my father who at first told her that he had no further interest in me and that I was now HER responsibility now. She then rebutted what had happened and he told her to call him at a later time. She then had no other option but to try and take me back to John's house where the incident occurred. As she and I pulled up to the house, John, Marcus and Louis were just pulling out of the drive way. She stopped him to ask where he was headed. He told her that the three of them were going out to dinner and then on a

road trip to phoenix. What we didn't know was that they had packed up everything that they needed and put it into the back of the panel van and were leaving to escape the Law. She went and opened his house and we found out that they had taken almost everything but the couch, the beds, and the dinning room table and the lamp that I had used to hit him with. The rest of the house was bare. There was no way that we were going to be able to find him ever again. This is when I was sent to phoenix to another program in Phoenix that is now out of business called LDI. (Life development Institute) there, they tried to give me my GED and made me go to school. They also taught me life skills, like how to keep an apartment, budget money for food, rent, bills and the like. I also wore diapers there too and was made fun of most of the time. All of the people that were enrolled in the program had disabilities of some kind too. So, everyone was told of my problem and they were told NOT to make fun of me due to the fact that anyone found doing so would be expelled and sent to a group home. Then the program started to run low on funds and they started to find places for everyone to go to. I was sent to a boarding home called A-1 Guest lodge were I spent 8 months before being sent to yet another boarding home. There, I got my own room that had another hospital bed that resembled an adult sized crib. They also required me to wear adult diapers to protect the health of the other residents as per state law. They also required that a nurse change my diapers in a nursing station that had a special bed that was used to change everyone. This was also where I had to get my medications. Then, after a while I got my first S.S.I check which was over $8,000 dollars. I owed a few bills so I paid them. Then I bought an old 1978 Ford LTD two-door hard top with a 351 Cleveland motor in it. It was an old man's car and he was going to die soon, so his son and daughter decided to sell it. So I found their add in the want adds and called them. They brought the car to me so that I could test drive it and look it over. It was meticulously taken care of and had all of the records and the original owner's manual in the glove compartment. They only wanted $450 for the car, so I paid them and they signed the pink slip (title) over to me. Then I went and changed it over to my name. I then proceeded to get my driver's license and the insurance and tags. I then drove the car back to the boarding home, packed my stuff then left for Tucson, AZ, 120 miles away. Once I got there, I contacted my father. He was a little surprised to see me and wondering how I got there. I told him that I drove my car. He then went outside and looked at the car I had purchased. My brother soon joined him then once he saw my car, called it a "hoopty" It really wasn't a bad car at all. It ran like a brand new car, and the interior wasn't all dried up and cracked at all. It was all original and even had three hundred dollars worth of work done to it to replace the alternator, all of the belts, the oil changed and brand new tires all the way around, including a new spare in the trunk. The car only needed a new stereo. I eventually bought one of the latest ones to put in it. It was a cool car to drive until the gas started to go up in price. Then I decided to sell it so that I could get another car that was more fuel efficient. I got $1000 dollars for that car, and then went out and some one offered me a $20.00 1972 Pinto with a sunroof from the factory. I decided to buy it since it was so cheap. the car was not in that bad of a shape any ways, so I just began to fix up the missing parts that it needed like the grill needed to be replaced, the front bumper needed to be replaced and a few interior parts needed to be replaced. The seats were replaced with newer model seats, the engine needed a tune up, new belts, and some timing before it would pass emissions. I worked on it for a week until I got it completed. This car even had new shocks and struts when I was done. The only good thing I like about it was that it would only take 20 dollars to fill up every two weeks, ten one week and then ten the next. I went everywhere in it. Then I saw another one that was way newer and in showroom condition. It turned out that the owners wanted to sell it for their son who was now in the military. I bought it for $500 dollars then drove it home. I now had two Pintos and I only needed one. So I sold the first one for $ 600 dollars to a racecar driver who turned it into a factory stock race car. I then had the race car driver sell me a hopped up 2300 cc engine that had Chevy truck pistons in it and was built for the race track as one of the many back up motors. I put that motor into my car and even switched out the rear axel for one that had come out of his race car. By now, my car began to really go fast. I was keeping up with normal V8 motors and giving them a run for their money. Then one day, I told the race car driver how I ranked in one of the races I had been in and he decided to come and try his luck using his track car. He surprised a lot of people when he blew an 11 second run using only a few mods. Later on that same month, he showed up in a factory stock Mustang 2 using the same engine configuration he used on the circle track. He challenged a Chevy Vega with a V8 in it and won by a bumper at 9:53 times. He used these races to test out his new engines and as a result, began to win the races on the circle tracks. He thanked me by giving me unlimited parts for my street pinto and his old racing engines. He would even help me put them into my car. Any way, From there, you can read the rest. Thanks for reading my early teens horror stories about my life. They were all true and I live them through. If you have any questions about this blog entry, please feel free to leave me a message. I can also be found on MSN messenger as My web site is at:

"It's time for a Diaper Change"

You should message me if
You want to be my "Mommy", get into a new relationship that might last a while, if you like how I look, want to get to know me better, just feel like talking to some one, want to become friends.
The two of us