26 Berlin, Germany
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My self-summary
I don't take myself to seriously, I never get offended, I don't like people that are looking for reasons to get offended.
People complain so much about receiving one liners here, or hello's, and most of the time they are not even upset that it's a Hey, or whatever, they're upset it's not the Hot guy they had their eye on.
Grow up, just say: Hey, not interested. you can even copy paste it.
I guess this is why I dislike the online version of dating, I try to ask people to dates, see how they really look, see how they carry themselves, see how they laugh, see what their face says when they're telling a story or listening to one, see if there is any chemistry.
I’m really good at
Currently i'm good at my job, Web Developer, not a bad swimmer.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The broken Empire,
The wheel of time,
Age of kings.. etc, goes on and on about mostly fantasy books

King of the hill
It's always sunny in Philadelphia
On a typical Friday night I am
Netflix or maybe a beer at a local pub or maybe a board game night
or a weekend trip somewhere
You should message me if
Want to eventually metup, for drink, or a walk, or a standup comedy show or whatver
If you know about the Charlie Hebdo attack, and feel even 0.001 % sympathy for the attackers, you can just click on Hide or ignore, there is now way we would understand each other.