50Asheville, United States
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My self-summary
Born to wolves & raised by Monty Python.

A very funny friend challenged me to describe myself in bullet points (presented here sans bullets):
I am;
Having said that,
I am;
but gentle, thoughtful & kind.
Intelligent and opinionated, but not arrogant.
confident & bold, but not controlling, pushy, or threatening (unless confronting ignorance, arrogance, injustice, or bullyism (i. e., republicans)
Quiet, watchful & pensive.
Communicative; expressive of my thoughts, feelings, dreams & desires
Usually laughing/smiling
A good listener, thoughtful & compassionate
dynamic - I've been called a force of nature.
I'm regularly told I have a gift with people; I make friends everywhere I go.
Happy, easygoing & funloving most of the time
Intense, when passionate or riled (I'm very serious about the things I'm passionate about, but I don't take myself too seriously).
seriously funny ;)
(I can't remember a joke to save my life - I just have REALLY big funnybones)
I am NOT a bad boy (um, but still a little dangerous...).
I am a nice guy who knows when to stop being nice.
patient, kind, helpful - compassion, cooperation, Love is my religion, however, one would be well advised to not mistake my kindness (a choice), for weakness.
A lifelong student:
I follow the dictates of my heart, my curiosity
with a childlike sense of wonder & playfulness, enthusiasm & sincerity, am perplexed, frustrated that all scientists are not such.
Classically trained since childhood in science, fine art, music, photography, writing & treasure hunting.
I find beauty in the strangest (wonderful) places.
I laugh often, deeply, much & well, with an easy, contagious smile.
Optimistic, compassionate & encouraging to others.
Passionate; I think & feel & often speak intensely.
A card carrying people watcher (natural born Anthropologist),
I try to treat everyone with a basic level of kindness, dignity & respect, till they prove they deserve otherwise.
Someone who enjoys solitude, silence
the solace of the forest
creating, thinking, meditating, gardening, researching or EXPLORING! - unless you can keep up.
prefer to spend my time with my Lover, my children, my family or a few close friends.
(I adore my family, they are my favorite people on the planet (warm, creative, talented, brilliant, playful, loving, hilarious & cool)
The kind of man who walks fast & Loves slow
Someone who slows down when walking in the rain
Green fingered & thumbed
Someone who Loves to explore in nature, in exotic, historic & interesting places
but Loves to be at home more (and to make home wonderful)
Forgiving of the little things
Big on old school ideas like integrity, honor, loyalty & justice,
progressive in politics and social issues
The kind of man that capitalizes Love
very supportive of the women in my life; their comfort, needs, dreams and desires
someone who gives great gifts for no reason.
a patient, Loving Father
a one woman man (Where are you?)
My idea of hanging out with the boys is cycling, camping or fishing with my Brothers.)
an excellent cook, who does dishes
drinks red wine (or Guiness)
& sings in the kitchen
a man who does his own laundry and will do others laundry as well, but prefer to fold them together for conversation & laughs
The kind of guy that makes my Sisters say "Where are the men like my Brother?"
Available for a limited time only.

What I'm looking for in my ideal woman;
AKA: Things I value in a human being;
An imaginative, original, capable mind, tempered by an exceptionally kind heart, creative in art (&/or), in life & thought, gentle strength, humor, compassion. She will be adventurous; warm, affectionate, playful & fun. Beautiful inside & out - unwilling to let ANYONE do their thinking for them, including me. Someone who wants to live simply, passionately, brilliantly - creates elegantly, thinks & feels deeply, Loves generously, smiles and laughs a lot.
What I’m doing with my life
Mixing various cereals for a late night snack. :)

I am keenly aware of what I want and do not want in my life. I choose to fill my life with amazing, creative, happy, Loving, brilliant (sparkling) friends. One day I will find my Love the best amongst them, the rest is gravy (sweet, sweet gravy, mmmmmm).

I'm working on what comes next, forging the future of our civilization & how to get there from here. I'm interested in systems based thinking, biomimicry, true sustainability, activism to restore sanity, humanity to Anthropogenic (human) systems. Working on designing the homes/communities/systems/technology of the future, that empower people towards self sufficiency & finding a better way. Trying to help, teach & learn wherever I see an opportunity.

I have lived and traveled all over. I am a lifelong autodidact (self directed student; natural born scientist), artist, writer, photographer, and automotive vocalist, I have a design degree and am an award winning video producer/director, was working on a book/documentary on years of Anthropological/paleoclimatalogical research, that I gave up for my ex.

My 2nd (newer) career is in Sustainability/Sustainable Development. I've worked in Green Building/Sustainable Development in the Asheville area, for about 7 years. I am a licensed real estate broker & last year obtained Permaculture design certification, am looking to complete biomimicry/ biophillic design certification, my Sustainable development degree.

I have artistic, scientific, entrepreneurial & social architectural tendencies/projects/endeavors. So... yeah.

I've studied art, science, the nature of humanity/the universe, my whole life.

I am designing my own post & beam, passive solar home/permaculture homestead on the 5.5 acres I'm about to put under contract.

I am a lifelong student, I tend to like complex subject matter with informative trading cards (chewy, but no bubble gum - collect & share with your friends!), too many ologies to list, though I'll mention Cultural Anthropology; Psychology, Sociology, Environmental science, Paleoclimatology, Geology, optics & the nature of light, Biomimicry/biomimetics/Biophillic design/pattern language (architecture, new Technologies & alternative systems based on patterns in nature), Permaculture, Sustainability, homesteading, alternative energy/fuels, particle physics, metaphysics (as hidden science)...
OK, basically anything sparkly...

Trying to be of service to others wherever i see an opportunity.

Creek walking: exploring alone in remote areas accessible only by laurel choked creeks.

Taking many photos: Still trying to capture with a camera that which my eyes see so beautifully.

Laughing my ass off.
I’m really good at
Hmmm....See above.
Noticing what usually goes unseen (Loving the little things), predicting what comes next (5 minutes ahead of my time), an almost encyclopedic retention of pockets of knowledge of questionable triviality (swiss cheese memory - hey, have you seen my keys?), making people laugh/feel at ease. Cooking; making home made brick oven pizza/garlic rolls and desserts. I achieved perfect scores on both English sections of my college entrance exam (Don't ask about the math).
photography, video, researching/deciphering complex subjects, Analysis & pattern recognition, creative problem solving, innovating, efficiency, understanding/communicating with, Loving people, gardening, writing, drawing, anything creative I'm sufficiently inspired to try, Loving.
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile (Most likely, you won't see my hi-beam smile pictured here - Hint: i don't like being in front of the camera, but smile biggest for the camera when with my babies), my laugh, my deep voice, my eyes? My size.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Last read:
Biophilic Design, always re-reading "A Pattern Language",
Plan B 3. 0 Mobilizing to Save Civilization, Universe In A Single Atom The Convergence Of Science & Spirituality (Dalai Lama), 1491.

NEXT: The Da Vinci Method, The Compleat far Side, Eaarth, Collapse: how societies choose to fail or succeed, Radical Simplicity, Remote Sensing, Ken Wilber: Cosmic Consciousness (I've always Loved maps, esoteric & otherwise), Magicians Of The Gods by Graham Hancock.

LOVE great music (short list?, I'll have to work on that later - I enjoy all kinds of music, except country & the most crude hiphop). Radiohead, Django, Jimi, Mozart, Vivaldi, Sia, Lisa Gerard, Tool, Celtic, Gypsy & Swing Jazz.
Exceptionally beautiful, creative, dreamy, or intense, high quality stuffs.

LOVE great movies; including, especially foreign & Indie Film (too much to list now), documentaries, Great food/wine, Art, Rumi. Some of my favorite directors:
Malick, Wes Andersen, PT Anderson, Malick, Jeunet, Ritchie, Iñarritu,
Malick, Del Toro, Almodovar.

I don't watch much TV & then it's typically learning, or adventure based. I think most TV is mind trash... Except for the rare, occasional gem, like "Game Of Thrones".
Six things I could never do without
The people in my family (OK, that's more than six).

My beloved ocean, the turquoise mistress of my youth, how have i lived without her constancy these ten long mountainous years?

I live by my own rules so:
The Love I share with my children, creating, nature, moving water, people/solitude, exploring, dreams, imagination, music, laughter, researching/exploring, witnessing kindness, freedom (No, i do not mean this as excluding a committed, monogamous relationship, rather a mutual, supportive (non-limiting/controlling) foundation for the happiest kind)... OK, I'll tell you the rest later.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I have a hyperactive mind, so I'll leave this one for conversation. I think about a LOT of things. For now I'll say that I spend a lot of time thinking about how to learn from the past/forge a new sustainable civilization; systems, homes, communities, way of life, for the sake of humans more than the planet (ultimately reciprocal concerns). I believe we are the ones in ultimate danger, not the planet. She will & is in the process of righting herself(as in the past), which does not bode well for us, as a species.
On a typical Friday night I am
At home, having a great time laughing with my children/family/friends, or freely exploring Aville; laughing, pointing & muttering to myself.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
C'mon, I think I spilled enough for now.
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