49Mountain View, United States
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My self-summary
An athlete, a techie, and a consummate world traveler, I am always seizing the opportunity to go beyond, to do the impossible. Or the terribly unwise. Is there a difference?

Is there something you've always wanted to do, someplace you've always wanted to go but couldn't find anyone to do it with? Let's do it together! If the logistics are workable, I'm up for most anything.

I am not content to dream of travel to far away lands. I go. I have wandered through six continents and twenty-four countries. I have stalked gibbons in the rain forests of Borneo, piloted a paraglider across the dunes of Namibia, and pedaled a mountain bike to the far shore of Easter Island. I scuba dive. I am equally passionate about wildlife photography and ancient ruins. I am always looking forward to the next trip. Come with me? I'll show you the Southern Cross. Help me find the Clouds of Magellan?

Part of being up for anything is being physically ready for the task. I keep fit by treating physical activity as opportunity rather than burden. I would rather walk several blocks than spend extra time finding parking. Every morning commute is golden because I get to skate several miles to work. And I go further.

Most Sunday mornings, I am out skating laps on Canada Road. This year, I have two training goals: To get kicked out of Advanced at Northshore and to finish the 87 mile Athens to Atlanta road skate with a non-embarrassing time. Join me or cheer me on. I will return the favor.

Going beyond means never being satisfied with mere extensions I learned to skate with no prior experience is similar sports. Salsa did not work as well but that is the risk you take. What barriers should we break together?

When the barriers come down between myself and one that I care about, I communicate in touch. In public. In private. Honesty in verb and expression keeps the channel open. Come in close and see what lies beyond the Beyond.

I am conspicuous, experimental, and modal
What I’m doing with my life
Actually working full time for a public company after years of startups and (more recently) contracts. Of course, they are still relatively small and not quite profitable so perhaps I am not done playing with fire.
I’m really good at
Plan B. Plan A almost never works. Really useful when traveling through the third world. A relaxed attitude and willingness to improvise are crucial since schedules are questionable and the truth on the ground often differs significantly from what the guide book says. Sometimes I wish the first world was more like that. I'd have a lot more fun.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm not entire sure why but I know that they do. People are generally more aware of me that I am of them. I think has may more to do with my generally low awareness than with any spectacular social skills. Being tall and appearing taller still helps. (A friend I have known for nearly a decade recently revealed that he thought I was 6'6") It may also relate to my refusal to expend energy to blend in. While I am not above borrowing the methods of others if they achieve a goal, I have never had much use for conformity for it's own sake. I don't hide, so people find me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I read very sparingly. It's not because I dislike reading, far from it. The problem is that the conditions and frame of mind for reading a novel are nearly the same as for writing, creating, and designing. When I do read, it is for the ideas and that generally means scifi.

I am especially fond of Vernor Vinge. Marooned in Real Time changed by concept of time. My profile/self summary contains a subtle reference to A Fire Upon the Deep.

I'm not big into movies. Generally too much investment for passive entertainment. I have a preferences for Anime, mostly because the ideas and viewpoints can be really out there.

I have have found nothing in film as profound as Grave of the Fireflies. It is a very subtle story of good intentions, poor decisions, and terrible consequences. Not a pleasant time but absolutely unforgettable.

Music tastes are a bit scrambled but tend toward alternative, often obscure or international. Sometimes both like Headless Chickens. I haven't danced Salsa in several years but is still what plays through my headphones when I'm pounding out my 39 mile Sunday skate.

I'll eat most anything, except what I had yesterday. Biased toward Southeast Asian fare as much for what isn't in it than what is. Any cuisine is fair game but I read menus carefully. Bell peppers are generally undesirable and nobody in any culinary tradition can make beets edible.
Six things I could never do without
I've traveled in remote areas for extended periods of time. In doing so, I learned that, under the right circumstances, I can go without much of what modern society has to offer and still be happy. In that context, my needs become rather simple.

1)Purpose. I don't need direction from a higher power but I do need a reason to go on. The less purpose I have, the more I need other stuff. But it's never an adequate substitution.

2)Transportation. No place is so amazing that it replaces my need to ultimately go someplace else.

3)Human contact. I'll talk to anyone. I'll work through a language barrier but I need someone.

4)Intermittent communication and, in between, a medium on which to record my thoughts.

I guess that's not 6. Food, clothing, and shelter would make 7. Scratch the clothing. If it's warm enough, who needs it? :-)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
In an earlier time I summarized my thoughts about Talents and the learning process.

Later, I delved into a long standing personal dilemma in The Zone out.

Unfortunately, with the demise of journals on OKcupid you can't read either of these essays. I'm not sure how to fix that or how to get back into a dating game that I never really got a handle on in previous rounds.
On a typical Friday night I am
Deciding, at the last minute, whether I want to hike in the morning or skate into the night.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am not quite as bold and carefree as my Self Summary suggests. I am chaotic more in the mathematical sense: random but bounded. While I am fairly good at pushing those boundaries outward, I do so carefully. If I cannot find that boundary, if I lack sufficient understanding to constrain the risk, I can be rather timid.

Oh, and my self-summary was mostly written in 2007. It is surprisingly accurate despite the passage of time and trials. I've made a few edits recently but don't be shocked if some parts don't quite mesh with current reality.
You should message me if
If you have a story of struggle and change. If you are not who you intended to be, not what others expected you to be, but still someone you like to be.
The two of us