36Clearwater, United States
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My self-summary
*UPDATE* Looks like I've moved, I'm now in the Oakland/East Bay area for business. I'm still learning the area and while I do, a drinking or dining companion, especially one who knows of a great spot (the more hole in the wall or random the better) would always be an enjoyable addition.

I actually keep saying I am going to delete this damn thing and then I end up meeting some cool person whose company I enjoy and have to thank okc for... so I give it another temporary reprieve... Live or die okc profile, the choice is yours.

then tyler durden turned to marla singer and said "you met me at a very strange time in my life"

I used to keep a series of catch phrases and one liners that I felt best emulated the current manifestation of myself that I wanted to portray. I've removed it all... because I just can't be bothered to make the attempt. I'm seeking nothing and expecting nothing... so the rest is pulled for service for the time being until I bother to write something witty and clever. Which considering the limited amount of time I'm likely to devote to this site, will take quite a while.

I don't bother to check this often - so replies are likely to be sporadic at best but if you want to know more, simply ask. I'm a pretty straight forward, direct and open person.
What I’m doing with my life
If I had a proper answer to that then I likely wouldn't be on this site still to begin with. I spent a decade attempting to carefully choreograph and plan everything... trying ever so tirelessly to always be ten steps ahead. Stick the the script, stick to the script.

Then I realized that someone kept changing the teleprompter every time I'd go to say my line and eventually I just said fuck it.

As with all things... this is subject to change at any moment and without fear of wind or vertigo.

The fact that I consistently can't answer the "Are you happy with your life?" question is kind of a good indicator as to the lack of overall understanding. I just don't think that type of question can possibly be yes or no. It's just too broad. Too many variables.

Some of the happiest times in my life were some of the saddest for others and vice versa... which thinking back to the happy moments makes me sad and looking at my sad moments knowing it made them happy makes me happy so it's still just very complicated. I'm still figuring out the formula. Get back to me in another 10 years... I should have a functioning algorithm by then.

I'm also using words like happy and sad....which is a bit misleading as my expression of emotion is less in line with expectations... but it was just the easiest way to explain the conundrum.
I’m really good at
knowing what is the statistically most beneficial thing to say in a given moment based on the speculative data mined through my years of social interactions and investigative research. Simultaneously I am similarly talented in saying the worse possible thing that can be said in a given situation instead of the most ideal as a means of distancing myself from engaging in further conversation with people.

Is introverted machiavellian even a thing? Did I take that quiz right?
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes. Like a scrying ball into the soulless abyss. I usually cover them for just this reason. I used to wear sunglasses insistently. Yes... even at night like a Corey Hart cosplay. I have a very peculiar ability to simultaneously have a very direct conversation with someone with the impression that they are being properly engaged while distancing my eye contact as much as possible. The glasses I wear these days at least help to distract from that... and that whole old man vision thing.

Second my communication is always slightly off... I routinely fail the turing test and exist pleasantly in the uncanny valley. Like a martian trying it's damndest to emulate proper human interaction basing it off outdated sitcoms and internet memes. Also... fair warning... I'm likely going to say something that offends you. It won't be intentional, it will be awkward. Conversing with me from here means informed consent of this.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Really okc? Really? ....sigh... so again... I'm removing as much of this as possible from what was while we transition into what is. I feel this is just where I'm supposed to tell people a list of current popular things so I can seem more relatable... but just cause we both happen to watch the same show as a million others of downloaded the same track off the internet isn't going to make me any less strange... so let's just avoid that easy conversation stuff.

I used to read a lot more actual "books" as opposed to articles and various shorter writings strewn about the net. I've been too fixated on emerging technologies in my newly directed field of study (machine intelligence for reference since I kinda figure I work as a good intermediary between the two)

Music... do I have to? Alright fine... yes. Music is a very big part of my life. It's been relative to a few of my former and side job careers. I'm quite well versed in most genres of music and find myself easily "at home" in any type of venue. More on this at some other point.

I do enjoy a number of shows and modern cinema, I'm a big 80s horror fan (less a far of the modern cat scares shit... but if it's decent I'll likely watch it... and then be cynical about it afterwards over dinner) . I had a line here previously about liking the last season of AHS but that was before they gave me lady glampire meets the walgreens generic version of the Shining... so fuck your couch. Though if you liked the previous season, we'll still probably get along. If you couldn't watch it because clowns or genetic diversification frightens or sickens you... well likely we won't be spending much time together any time soon. That's as much information on that subject as I'm going to give right now.

Food? One of the few things I can always still be passionate about. Whether it's creating it or enjoying it. I've opened my own restaurant and worked as some of the best places in the world. I got out of the "game" for a reason that currently no longer seems relevant and rarely have much reason to really push my culinary muscles anymore. If you can hold a conversation about spices, you might actually pique my interest for longer than standard.
Six things I could never do without
I've learned that there is nothing that I cannot continue surviving without other than the biological necessities. The most important thing in the world to me is consistently out of my reach... so the rest all kind of seems moot by comparison.

so.... I guess oxygen, water, food.... blood? Do I really need to give you two more of these you get the point.

I'm an overly self spoiled bastard though and I am quite accustomed to my "niceties" but when forced to... I will sustain albeit at a sub-optimal level.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
things that cannot be altered.

Every system failure requires me to do excessive log reviews, over and over and over again until I can try to come to some at least plausible working theory of cause... so that takes up a lot of my time when someone gets upset about something I said at the bar at least once a day.

...lots and lots of queued up reviews and behavior analysis.
On a typical Friday night I am
always downtown on first fridays... otherwise... out.. somewhere. Probably a dive bar. I prefer dive bars... I feel more at home among the other misfit toys.

This would be in one of the rare occasions that I bother to go out. I work for myself and spend most of my time at either my home office or my public office.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
If you ask the question I'll answer it... usually pretty directly... often too directly. I'm trying to work on this tact thing. Haven't mastered it yet.

I had a recent MRI for unrelated issues and during which, to the displeasure of others and indifference to me, determined I'm not a sociopath as was often joked about (at least I don't have the telltale sociopath shadow on the brain, I can elaborate with the medical journal articles to anyone interested). So, instead I'm pretty sure I'm a vulcan... or a robot who believes he's real... or some martian pod person... but I'm probably just garden variety high functioning autistic.
You should message me if
you are the genetic blending of Joan Holloway, Cheryl Tunt, Tallulah Bankhead and Ursula Zandt... that shouldn't be too hard right?

Ok... I'm leaving that one... cause I stand by that. If you're that disregard everything else I said so far in this profile and just rewrite me in your head as if I'm actually a very personable and charismatic, maybe even charming person. I "person" well when need be.
The two of us