37Amsterdam, Netherlands
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My self-summary
Trying... to.. avoid....... cliche?
What I’m doing with my life
I'm doing an excellent job of hiding from the real world by being a student again. I can't recommend it enough; education is wasted on the young.

I'm doing it properly though, because I'm learning SCIENCE, (at last). Biology & psychology specifically; it's every shade of awesome, it really is.
I’m really good at
Exams, as I've found to my utter bewilderment. What a strange thing to be able to say.
The first things people usually notice about me
No idea, but really, do you?

It's a bit of a stupid question really isn't it? Rather like the "friends often tell me..." ones.

I don't know, surely I can't be alone in not asking people I've just met what they first noticed about me or asking my friends what sort of a person I am. People don't really do that, do they?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Ah good, this is a nice easy bit because it's just listing things, and the need to form coherent sentences, let alone paragraphs is largely absent.

Books: Make moving house far more of a pain than it would otherwise be.
I've just finished the famous and mainstream "Millennium Trilogy" by that Swede who died. I thought they were awesome in spite of their popularity. It annoys me intensely when people either accept or dismiss something based on its popularity alone. Do you see what I mean?
I don't read nearly enough fiction. One author whose oeuvre I've devoured is Milan Kundera, so if he's shown up in your search, hello! I also like yer Russian types, the usual suspects, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Gogol, etc. Vastly more non-fiction... I recently read a book called "Whole Earth Discipline" by the ex-hippy Stewart Brand which resonated somewhat. Plus your Science standards, Dawkins, Pinker, Singh, Dennett and so on. Everybody should be forced to read "Bad Science" by Ben Goldacre before being allowed anywhere near a position of authority. You get the idea, I'm sure.

Films: Oh god, they're re-releasing Back to the Future in cinemas in October. This has made me impossibly excited. [Update: this has now happened, and I went to see it in a huge and empty cinema with a couple of friends. The emptiness saddened me.]
I also like the French films of the French director Eric Rohmer. They have been likened to watching paint dry, but if you are of that opinion then I submit that you effectively feel that way about conversation in particular and humanity in general; ergo you are a stupid fool. And not French enough.
The two films "Before Sunrise" and "Before Sunset" pretty much sum up my feelings about that thing people call "romance", (which is what this website is supposed to be about isn't it?). They're very special. If you haven't seen them then I urge you to do so, and in order; if you have seen them and you find them in any way saccharine, mawkish, or, worst of all, boring, then we probably have little to say to each other, at least in that sphere. If you've seen them and love them as much as I do, then please say hello!

Television: My favourite television series is the 13 part science documentary from the early 1970s called "The Ascent of Man". It's a masterpiece for the ages and its an unspeakable tragedy that they don't make them anything like that anymore. Why don't they make them like that anymore?
I also love watching University Challenge, I wish it could be on every day, and there's nothing at all wrong with that.
The American sit-com Arrested Development is the best comedy series of the past ten years.
My current favourites are Breaking Bad and Louie.

Music: My first and most abiding love is for mainstream US rockers "R.E.M.", who are not, in case you're not all that familiar, "probably a bit shit these days". I like lots of other things too, my favourite Belgian chanteur of the latter half of the 20th century is Jacques Brel, for example. He is also the only Belgian chanteur of any age of which I'm currently aware. Feel free to introduce me to others.
I also heart L. Cohen. I met the man once, he was a perfect gentleman, and reassuringly short as well. Unusually for Cohen fans apparently, (and possibly even Cohen himself), I adore the album "Death of a Ladies' Man", it's probably my favourite. Colour me perverse. It features a great song called "Don't go home with your hard-on"... how can one quibble with that?! Oh, and his "Hallelujah" is the best song. Out of all the songs there are.

Food: Guinness. I like Guinness, it is my favourite food. More seriously? I do really enjoy going out to dinner, and I live in a city with over 10,000 restaurants. If you visited them all, one a night, it'd take you over 27 years! A challenge I'd be prepared to accept I think.

Other things: I haven't been to see any live comedy for ages, that's something I really used to enjoy, so if you're into that then let's go and see somebody.

[nb. I'll probably get around to filling in some more stuff on here later]
Six things I could never do without
Are we talking Maslow's hierarchy of needs here, or mere frivolities?
I'll have to have a think.
As catastrophically clichéd as this must sound, I'd be very saddened if I were forced to move house and could not take my bed with me. It is unspeakably comfortable.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why so many people really don't seem to care about what is actually true about the world, and arrange things they laughably call "beliefs" accordingly. This criticism is not confined solely to the religious either; I think it's much wider than that.
I really really enjoy discussing why people believe the things that they do.
On a typical Friday night I am
There are no typical Friday nights, eh lads?!?!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Get fucked, this is a publically available profile! Private means private.
You should message me if
You like some of the same things that I like, because then we can talk about them. I think that is how this is supposed to work, but I could be mistaken.

If you're an R.E.M. fan then you should definitely message me. As ridiculous as it may seem, I think that's a very sound footing to begin upon. I've never met an R.E.M. fan I dislike; I think it's surprisingly good predictor of character, and I really mean that.

Plus, if I happen to be "online", then why not say hello?
The two of us