27 Bournemouth, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Hi! I'm Arthur, I’m 27 and living in Bournemouth working in a supermarket during the week, and spend my off hours being creative.

I'm pretty shy... okay that's a lie; I'm cripplingly shy -o_o- ( e.g. Nine out of ten times I'll not click back on my visitors 'cause I'm too nervous ^^;) I hate the idea of offending anyone but I find it hard to gauge what others are feeling. So I tend to be rather quiet around new people until I know how they react to things.
What I’m doing with my life
“Going through a phase of self discovery,” i.e. I really have no life plan at the moment.
I’m really good at
The attention to details. I'm a game modder and do level design and mapping work in my spare time for fun.

I also enjoy art; painting, water colour pens, etc.

Plus I've never had any complaints about my cooking; 13 course dinner for 6 being my record ^^;
The first things people usually notice about me
Glasses? Um...I don’t know I’d have to ask “people” to find out O_o… *does so*

According to the 5 people our survey questioned it’s:
I have a red T-shirt on,
I’m pointing at him and it’s scary,
I STILL have a red T-shirt on,
My face is "adequately proportioned",
And I’m not disfigured.

… My friends are not being helpful at the moment ~_~’

Oh wait! One is :) she says: "Even when I was first introduced you made me feel really welcome and comfortable in a new situation."
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Hmm, let’s go down the list shall we?

Books: I like the Harry Potter series, Jennifer Fallon's 'The Demon Child' trilogy, also liking Terry Pratchett atm :) Actually thinking about it most books of a sci-fi or fantasy genre interest me.

Movies: same as books I enjoy pretty much anything fantasy or sci-fi related or else something comical or an action film.

When I watch a film I just like to be able to switch off for a bit so don't really go for anything too heavy, books however are where I go when I want something to make me think.

Music: I enjoy pretty much anything apart from rap.

Food: I enjoy a good Chinese or pizza if eating out, or if staying in I’ll cook myself anything I have to hand that takes my fancy.

I will say I’m not to good with spicy things ^^; I’ve got to be the only person who’ll go to Nando’s have the lemon and herb dressing and still have tears running down their face complaining it's too hot!
The six things I could never do without
So then, 6 things I could never do without:

1) My phone: Not to contact people but because it's my music player. Life is so much better with a soundtrack to it!

2) My computer: tools, games, information, communication and music all in one package! Huzzah technology!

3) My art materials: Most of the walls in my room have pictures and paintings I’ve done. Still have spaces to fill.

4) My bed: (OH so big and comfy!) Still remember getting it when I was 9; I needed to climb onto a chair to get in it! xD

5) My cat: I really love my girl. Always happy to sit with me and have a cuddle.

6) My imagination: I live in there more than the real world!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Hmm. Ideas and concepts for artwork, or events I could run for friends. Of course my friends themselves come pretty high up on that list as well.

Also, lots of different ways a situation can play out. I said earlier how I hate the idea of offending anybody; as I can't gauge others emotions well, I have to put myself in the position of that person for pretty much everything and think how I'd feel if I were them. As a result I try and plan how something should go so that I don’t end up upsetting anyone by mistake… more often or not that’s what ends up causing problems though xD
On a typical Friday night I am
Having a quiet night in, either by myself or with a couple of friends trying new games we've recently found. I’m not really fond of the atmosphere in clubs and bars.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
O_O… Uh… umm… pass.
You should message me if
• You'd like to chat,
• You're not just looking for sex,
• You can send a message consisting of more than just "Hi",
• You managed to read this far and are still interested xD