30Salt Lake City, United States
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My self-summary
Do not message me unless you've read my profile. THANKS.

Oh hi! I'm Jason. This is my profile. Have fun.

I am a typical guy in some respects, but not so much in others. I sometimes enjoy loud, aggressive music and action movies, but I couldn't care less about competitive sports, fast cars, drinking beer, shooting guns, or et cetera. I'm the type of guy who would rather watch Youtube videos of cute baby animals than watch a football game, and I have no qualms about admitting it. To pretend otherwise would just be putting on an air of phony machismo, and that's not what I'm about. Gender stereotypes are bullshit.

I'm not generally a fan of labels, but I consider myself a humanist, feminist, rationalist, freethinker, and skeptic, among other things. I am a bit of a science enthusiast. I enjoy learning about new and interesting scientific discoveries, and just about anything else, really. I crave knowledge in all its forms. I also enjoy reading, watching movies/TV, playing video games, and traveling to new and interesting places. My favorite Internet cats are Maru and Li'l Bub. My favorite color is red, my favorite direction is east, and my favorite fruit is purple.

I have social anxiety. I think a lot of people equate social anxiety with shyness, but that's an oversimplification. I typically feel nervous and awkward when talking to people, but it is not because I'm insecure or lack self-confidence. Quite the opposite, actually. I am very confident in who I am and what I have to offer. I simply have a quirk in my brain that triggers feelings of anxiety in social situations, even though I am fully aware that those feelings have no rational basis. The human brain is a weird, complex thing, mine especially. But, I am not embarrassed or ashamed of it. Nevertheless, I've been told by at least one person that I might have better luck dating if I omitted this detail from my profile, but, stubborn as I am, I will not. The stigma that exists against mental illness is harmful, and it needs to go away. More people need to learn that it's okay to discuss these kinds of issues openly.

That being said, some of the perks of dating an introvert like me are: I am a very good listener, I am very thoughtful, introspective, non-judgmental, open-minded, and empathetic. Those things may not come as much of a surprise, but what a lot of people don't know about me is that I have a very weird, goofy, offbeat sense of humor and rarely take myself too seriously.

Since it seems like every other person on this site who's from Utah is LDS, I figure I'll mention this too: I am not religious in any way, shape or form. I've been an atheist for over 10 years, and that has very little chance of changing, ever. That being said, it is not a dealbreaker for me if you are religious to some extent, so long as you are not dogmatic in your beliefs and have a sufficiently open-minded and progressive worldview.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a full-time student at the University of Utah, pursuing a degree in computer science.
I’m really good at
smiling awkwardly
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A lot of the well-known classics (e.g. To Kill a Mockingbird, 1984, The Grapes of Wrath, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Slaughterhouse-Five), Infidel, Brave New World, American Gods, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, Flim-Flam!, The Demon Haunted World, A Song of Ice and Fire, Small Gods

Alien, The Good the Bad and the Ugly, The Godfather, Pixar movies, Coen bros. movies, Lord of the Rings, Night of the Living Dead, Psycho, Pulp Fiction, Spirited Away, Mad Max: Fury Road

Game of Thrones, Louie, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Ash vs. Evil Dead, Westworld, Last Week Tonight, Orange is the New Black, Fargo, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Black Mirror, Bojack Horseman, Rick and Morty, Veep, Silicon Valley, The Wire, Mr. Robot, The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross

Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Nine Inch Nails, Jane's Addiction, Pixies, Ministry, The Clash, Meat Puppets, KMFDM, Metallica, The Sex Pistols, Motorhead, Slayer, Smashing Pumpkins, Queen, Melvins, Tool, Social Distortion, Violent Femmes, Queens of the Stone Age
Six things I could never do without
1. electricity
2. curiosity
3. small fluffy animals
4. my right hand
5. companionship
6. numbered lists
I spend a lot of time thinking about
things that from a distance look like they might be penguins but upon closer inspection are actually Liam Neeson's pajamas
On a typical Friday night I am
perfecting my hand/eye coordination, perceiving sound, thinking of other silly ways to answer this question
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I've lived in Utah my entire life, yet I've never been skiing before. [stunned gasps]
You should message me if
If I messaged you first and you're not interested, either tell me that straight out, or do not respond at all. The first option is preferable, but either is acceptable. Just don't lead me on, that's all I ask.

If you like my profile and want to let me know you're interested, clicking the "Like" button is the worst possible way to go about it. If you're interested, but are nervous about messaging me first, just send me a message saying "Hi" or "I like your profile". Just know, however, that if your bio just says "Ask me" or is extremely short, generic, and/or vague, I will most likely ignore you. If you have not filled out your profile but still wish to start a conversation, I expect you to read my profile and tell me specifically what we have in common or why you think me might be compatible.

I'll be honest, online communication is not my favorite thing in the world. The only thing I like less is texting. If it was up to me, I would skip that step entirely and go straight to meeting in person. However, I realize a lot of people need a little time to chat with someone online before they feel comfortable meeting, and I absolutely respect that. There are a lot of creepers and weirdos out there, after all. So please, do not be afraid to ask me questions. If there's anything in my profile you'd like me to elaborate on or anything else you'd like to know, do not hesitate to ask, no matter how personal or invasive it may seem. I won't be offended by anything you ask, I promise. Most of the people I talk to online rarely ask me any questions and respond to every one of my questions with as few words as possible. Those types of conversations are not very fun.

I'm not here for idle chit-chat. If you're only on this site because you're bored and are just looking for a way to kill some time, then don't bother me. I'm only interested in talking to you if there's a decent chance that it might lead somewhere meaningful. By that, I mean somewhere that could potentially lead to a committed relationship. I have no interest in hookups or casual flings. If you are only interested in being friends, I might be interested in that as well, but please make that known up front. I do not like it when people lead me on. I expect you to be honest and straightforward with me about what you want and what you expect out of our interaction. If you are not prepared to do that, do not contact me.

This should go without saying, but do not message me unless you are prepared to commit to meet in person eventually. If you do not live near me, don't bother. I'm not interested in being long-distance penpals. I've spent too much of my life hiding behind a computer screen, and I need to change that. I need to push myself out of my comfort zone and get out into the real world, and I'm looking for someone with the same goal. Sound good? Great. Have a nice day.
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