30Los Angeles, United States
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My self-summary
i'm a laid back, positive guy who loves to enjoy life and share good times with good people. i used to think meeting people via websites/apps was the weirdest, but like most of us on here, have realized it's a great way to meet interesting awesome people who you otherwise would have never come across. my existence is fairly undocumented, as i barely ever take pictures or find myself around picture takers... not the easiest task finding some to put up on here. i'll be sure to take some shirtless selfies to upload soon.

i came out here for grad school and am now focused on building my post-school career, but i also don't take myself too seriously and just like to live in the moment and have appreciate my life and the great people and things in it. my biggest fear is that one day i'll look back and regret not taking advantage of my youth, so i actively work to never let that happen.

i feel pretty confident describing myself as intelligent, positive and optimistic, mindful, funny (dry/probably weird sense of humor and sarcastic, but in a good/playful/not an asshole way), persevering (been through a whole bunch of challenging and influential life experiences to get where i am now), and drama-free. i'm also very into eating clean/healthfully (therefore am into cooking) and doing outdoorsy/active things. thinking for myself and avoiding being part of the herd is a constant.

CA isn't my home (big surprise), i grew up in dallas and lived in wonderful fantastic austin for a long time before moving out here a few years ago. i'm digging it here more and more, but my heart is in austin and i'll like you a lot if you also have a connection to or love for it. while i'm contently and pretty firmly in LA now, the reality is i have no idea what the future holds regarding what where i'll live... so while i'm fortunate enough to be in this crazy and interesting city, i'm always in explore mode trying to see and experience it and the surrounding area, and excited to meet more interesting folks through here and around town.

if you think we'd have fun connecting, don't hold back from shooting me a message. i'd love to hear from you
What I’m doing with my life
living it... working hard to make it fulfilling and rewarding; trying to spend more time outside and riding my bike; exploring LA and the west coast; making new interesting connections; having a good time and being happy; avoiding twitter
I’m really good at
seeing the best in and connecting with people quickly and easily; befriending animals; laying in the sun/hiking mountains/appreciating nature; drums of any variety, ultimate frisbee, and basketball; throwing things in trash cans from far distances (one of my top totally useless talents); being driven but not taking life too seriously; making people laugh; time traveling; cooking/eating clean and healthy
The first things people usually notice about me
that they feel positive and comfortable around me, and they're probably laughing more than usual. my sultry green eyes that sing like a sun-bathed meadow and my sweet southern drawl
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
i blew a reading gasket in grad school, have gradually been getting back into reading for pleasure. not really feeling making a list for this one, but i always love suggestions.

my movies/shows interests are all over the place. to name a few genres, i love comedies (if you like wet hot american summer and zoolander we'll get along well), documentaries, thrillers, and have been nerding out on sci-fi recently.

again, all over the board with music taste. various electronic genres, some rock and classic rock (but definitely not all... led zeppelin good, ac/dc bad), a little folk and bluegrass, talented (not radio) hip hop, classical, most of what comes on kcrw in the evenings... and as a drummer, anything captivating beats/rhythms/percussion.

i'm vegetarian who is pretty health conscious (both for myself and animals/the earth mama) so i love meeting people with a similar perspective, but i don't discriminate - i like knowing all kinds of people with different interests and tastes. my family and many close friends eat everything, so i'm used to and around meat often. i really do love that veg lyfe though.

overall i think all of these are way better to discover about each other in person
Six things I could never do without
people i care about; sunshine; eating clean and staying active; getting to travel domestically or internationally every now and then; kcrw and npr when i'm driving; you <3
I spend a lot of time thinking about
food; career; experiencing/exploring LA; living a fulfilling life; women; traveling; animals; being a good person (hopefully); the old woman next door and her 25 ferrel cats
On a typical Friday night I am
hanging with good people; chilling out and watching a movie; having an occasional beer at the bar; finding/watching music; busting moves (way more likely in a living room party or at a show/festival/ecret outdoor spot than at a bar/club); something majestically random, last minute, and poorly planned; looking forward to whatever hike + beach combo is happening that weekend
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
of everyone who has read this, you're my favorite
You should message me if
you feel compelled; you're a drama-free and positive person; you think we'd have fun hanging and getting to know one another. you want to...

-explore LA or the greater area
-meet someone new and do something completely random
-hike, camp, ride bikes, shoot hoops at the park, go to the beach, or generally do anything outside
-chill out and watch a movie
-go to one of LA's many excellent vegetarian/vegan restaurants
-check out live music or a museum

i'm a go with the flow type of guy, i don't have any expectations for okc so i'm just being open-minded and and seeing where things go, be they casual/short-term or longer-term dating. honestly, if dating doesn't feel right or things don't click, i'm also equally down to make new interesting friends through here
The two of us