34 San Bruno, United States
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My self-summary
I love to cook! I love fine dinning! I believe good food is very important part of life. One of my passions is food and the other is traveling! I spend a lot of time finding and trying fine dinning restaurants in the bay area and Napa, I've been to some of the nicest restaurants such as French Laundry to Morimoto's. When it comes down to food I don't mind spending any amount of money because its an experience you get to try and remember. I am looking for someone to share these life experiences and travels with. Someone who would rather enjoy a weekend inside instead of partying and getting drunk. I also like taking photos when I have time to travel on the weekends and spending time with my big puppy Anakin.

I am pretty much a tech geek outside of cooking. I work in IT and pretty much own every single new gadget that comes out. I used to fix up cars for a hobby but that really takes a toll out of you savings account (if you know what I mean!) I am definitely well educated and can carry a conversation!

As of lately, I've been really heath conscious, I have been working out and eating much healthier. But I still go out out to nice restaurants whenever I can.
What I’m doing with my life
The main thing I am doing with my life is working on my career. I
know where I want to be in five years so the most important thing
for me is to get my career on track. I have big dreams that I want
to fulfill therefore I have to work really hard to accomplish it. I
am a very ambitious person and if I know what I want in life I will
get. No matter how hard I have to work I will work at it until I
achieve my goal. Giving up is not a part of my vocabulary.

As of late: Got the job that I have been working towards since college! Biggest company in Mountain View, top 5 on Fortune 500! WOOHOO! Finally all my hard work has paid off!
I’m really good at
I am really good at cooking! It's my passion! I try to recreate foods from the restaurants I have eaten at. So far everyone that has ever tried my food suggests that I open a restaurant. Eventually one day in my life, I would like to open a fine dining restaurant to I can share my creations with everyone.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My Favorite Books
1) Catcher in the Rye
2) The Cay
3) Lord of the Flies

My Favorite Movies
1) Scarface
2) Dark Knight
3) Carlito's Way
4) Van Wilder
5) Iron Man

My Favorite Music
1) Eminem - Recovery
2) Tupac - All Eyes on Me
3) Lady Gaga - The Fame
4) Michael Jackson - Thriller
5) Dr Dre - The Chronic 2001

My Favorite Foods
1) Oyster and Pearl - French Laundry
2) Moulard Duck “FOIE GRAS EN TERRINE”
3) Oysters Foie Gras - Morimoto's
4) Toro Tartare - Morimoto's
5) Rossini Burger - Burger Bar
The six things I could never do without
1) iPhone
2) My dog Anakin
3) My Macbook Pro
4) Good Food
5) Tempurpedic Bed
6) My Planner / iPad
7) Vegas (I had to add this one)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I spend a lot of time on thinking about self improvement. I don't think that I'm a bad guy, but there are always areas where I can improve. Nobody is perfect but each step I take at self improvement is a step closer to perfection. I will at least admit that I have flaws but it's a big step to be able to come out and say so.
On a typical Friday night I am
On a typical Friday night, I'm probably making dinner for friends or watching a movie at home. Sometimes I even get in a little video gaming time if time permits. I just want to chill and relax on Friday nights. Maybe trips to Vegas or LA or both! :D
You should message me if
1) You have a degree
2) You are independent
3) You are not superficial
4) You know the quadratic formula :P
5) You like food!