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Tests they’ve taken (283)

Test Their result Your result
The Dating Persona Test The Boy Next Door (RGLD) Take it!
The Slut Test 68% Slut Take it!
The Politics Test Strong Democrat Take it!
The Death Test Dead at 72 Take it!
The Virgin Game 61% Accuracy (highest: 61, average: 61) Take it!
My Personal Compatibility Test 61% Compatible! Take it!
The Emotional Availability Test I'm sorry, what? Take it!
The Kink Spectrum Analysis Test Blue (450 nm) Take it!
The 3-Factor Attraction Test Fastidious Take it!
The real life sex Test 79% sexpertise as defined by the Welsh Institute of Cod-Psychology Take it!
The female submission Test playing sub Take it!
How Long Would you Survive in a Horror Film? The Jock/Cheerleader Take it!
The Sexual Turn-ons Test The Passionate Lover Take it!
The Sweet-Evil Test The Tickler Take it!
The Which Star Trek Species Would You Be? Test Vulcan Take it!
The Will OKCupid work for you test? -25% Chance! Take it!
The Epic Fanboy Movie Test Twilight Take it!
The which philosophy suits your personality? Test Personal Religion, by Kierkegaard Take it!
What's Your Spirit Animal Test You're a Panda! Take it!
The Supernatural Identity Test Elf Take it!
Which Were Animal Would You Be? Test You are a Were-Tiger! Take it!
The Why are you single? Test Fairly Normal Take it!
The Freethinker Test Average Take it!
The Intellectual Snob Test The Dabbler Take it!
The Personality Defect Test Emo Kid Take it!
The Heartbroken Test Hardened Heart Take it!
The What Gender Is Your Soul? Test Manly Soul Take it!
The What's Your Signature Weapon Test Greatsword Take it!
The Attachment Style Test The Cuddleslut Take it!
The Beverage Identity Test Ginger Beer Take it!
The Smurf Personality Test Grouchy Smurf Take it!
The Your SESAME STREET Persona Test Snuffleupagus Take it!
The Lifestyle BDSM Knowledge Test Advanced Fetishist Take it!
The Conflict Resolution Test The Agressor Take it!
The Brutally Honest Personality Test Pollyanna - INFP Take it!
The Horror movie addict Test horror lover Take it!
The Do you give good oral Test You have an idea Take it!
The How Existentialist Are You Test Almost there Take it!
The Are You an Indigo? Test You're 88% likely to be an Indigo! Take it!
The Why are you single Test The reason why you are single is 32 % Misfortune, 11 % Cowardness, 44 % Insanity, and 45 % Desperation! Take it!
The Never Have I Ever Test Crazy fun drunk Take it!
The Alignment Test Chaotic-Good Take it!
The How Hot Is Your Love? Test The Pressure Cooker Take it!
How Much of the United States Have You Been To? Hard Core Traveler Take it!
Pretty Damn Good Sexual Compatibility Test Sensual Take it!
The How Effective is Your Profile? Test A Bit Mainstream Take it!
The Really Embarassing Stuff Test Not Too Embarassing Take it!
The Simple How Sexual Are You Test Sex Ruler Take it!
How Sexy Are You? The Definition of Sexy Take it!
The Communication Style Test Spirited Take it!
The Animal Archetype Test The Cat Take it!
The A quick and simple affection test Test Kinda Sweet Take it!
The Atheist Test Yup your an Atheist Take it!
The What's Your Philosophy? Test Spiritualist Take it!
True Colors Test - A Self Inventory NF - Idealist (Blue) Take it!
The Are you a good Kisser Test The Spider Take it!
The what is your ROLE Test Vanilla or Switch Take it!
The can you love a cat lover Test Cat Lovers Lover Take it!
The Epicureanism Test Epicurean Take it!
The Fetish Knowledge Test You scored 75% for basic knowledge, 74% for advanced knowledge, 61% for perverted knowledge and 7% for obscure knowledge Take it!
The Dirty Dirty Sex Test Test Adult Store Owner Take it!
The Practical Sexual Knowledge Test Fair Take it!
What's your drink? From the bar to the bedroom Gin Take it!
The 3 Variable Funny Test the Idiot Savant Take it!
The Intellectual Sexiness Test Hot Tamale Take it!
The How Things Work Test Sage Take it!
The Subconcious Self Test Your Emotional State is 57% stable! Take it!
The Slightly Dirty Sex Test Take Me Now! Take it!
The Could you survive in London Test Your chance of survival in London is 38% Take it!
The Ideal Job for Your Personality Test Doctor Take it!
The Language Recognition Test D Take it!
The Where You Should've Been Born Test Luxembourg Take it!
The Dirty Mind Test Filthy Take it!
The Salty Pirate test The Sea Peoples Take it!
The Faery Folk Test Kitsune Take it!
The Freud's 5 Sexual Stages Test Latency stage. You're 7-13 yrs old Take it!
The 4-Variable IQ Test Verbal Take it!
The Sexuality Spectrum Test Straight Take it!
The Existential Anxiety Scale Test 24 = Angst Take it!
The Atheist Test The Ardent Atheist Take it!
The Risky and Crazy Sex Situations Test No Limits Take it!
The 20 Question Sexual Experience Test Kinky Social Rebel Take it!
The Motorcycle Personality Test Yamaha FJR1300 Take it!
Are You Good In Bed? Quiz. The Sexmaster! Take it!
The Literary Sci Fi Test Tars Tarkas Take it!
The "Yes, there is a name for that" Test You scored 68% on these obscure terms Take it!
The What Kind of Cat are You? Test Russian Blue Take it!
The Can You Date A Bisexual Test Totally Secure Take it!
The Love Approach Test Pure Generosity Take it!
The how fuckable are you? Test " The good fuck" Take it!
The 100 Point Sexual Purity Test 45% pure: Somewhat Debacherous Take it!
The Which Lolcat Are You? Test Sad Cookie Cat Take it!
The How White Are You Test Middle Man Take it!
The Horrifying Stereotype Test Guido Take it!
The Kinkyness Test Vanilla boy/girl Take it!
The What's your sexual style? Test TYPE N Take it!
The Director Who Films Your Life Test Sofia Coppola Take it!
The Bem Sex Role Inventory Test Androgynous Take it!
The Cookie Test Peanut Butter Take it!
The how emotionally mature are you Test Brain Damage Take it!
The What Middle Earth race do you belong to Test Wizard Take it!
The U.S. Supreme Court Decisions Test LAW PROFESSOR Take it!
The Ultimate Honesty Test The Unforgettable Muffler Take it!
The Sexual HELL Test HELL LEVEL 3 Take it!
The Picky Eater Test The Courageous Consumer! Take it!
The Name that Sex Term Test Super Perv Take it!
The are you a good driver Test Sensible & Great Take it!
The How Old Do You Act Test BRAT CHILD! Take it!
The Best Personality Type for You Test ESTP- The Promoter Take it!
The Favorite Lucky Charms Shape Test Green Clovers Take it!
The What is your REAL age Test You are 44 years old!! Take it!
The Porn Star Name Test Lil Miss Spread-em Take it!
The Ultimate Wilderness Survival Test Category 3 Take it!
Which Band Member Are You? Quiz... Artistic Keyboardist Take it!
The one-question, "are-you-left-brained-or-right-brained" Test Right-Brained! Take it!
The Definitely Accurate Four Question Four-Variable Personality Test INTP Take it!
The New Greek Goddess Archetype Test You are Hestia! Take it!
The Writing Systems Test Tolkien Take it!
The Freedom (Inspired by Spinoza's Ethics) Test About Average Take it!
The what kind of weather are you Test Drizzles Take it!
Which of the "Big Five" personality traits best represents you? Openness Take it!
The Where in America Do You Belong Test East Coast Take it!
The Imaginary-Job Employment Test The Zombie! Take it!
The Definitions Test Word Demon! Take it!
The Love Styles Test 82% Eros, 10% Ludus, 64% Storge, 28% Pragma, 35% Mania, 85% Agape Take it!
The Gypsy Witch Advice Quiz Contentment and Happiness Take it!
The Who Is YOUR Soulmate? Test Category 5 Take it!
The SECRET Test EarthBound Take it!
The Swear Word Usage Test Genius Fucker Take it!
"The Real You" Test Genuine Realist Take it!
The Chaos Deity The Keeper of Secrets Take it!
The Simpsons Test You scored 86 Simpsons addict! Take it!
The Things You Learned In School, But Probably Forgot Test 88% Brain Cells Left! Take it!
The Color Personality Test Yellow Take it!
The Howard Gardner 7 Intelligences (Pt. 2 of 2) Test You scored 7 out of 12 Kinesthetic, 8 out of 12 Interpersonal and 8 out of 12 Intrapersonal Take it!
The Howard Gardner 7 Intelligences (Pt. 1 of 2) Test You scored: 6 out of 12 Linguistics, 7 out of 12 Math, 10 out of 12 Music, and 7 out of 12 Spatial Take it!
Awakening the Hero Within: Hero Archetype Test You are the Seeker. Take it!
The Ultra Ultimate Personality Test The Scientist Take it!
The Personality Plus Profiler Test Phlegmatic Take it!
The Camelot Test Lancelot Take it!
The Which Norse Deity Are You Test Aegir Take it!
Freak Smarts Test Super Freak! Take it!
The Famous Freak Test DOLLY DIMPLES Take it!
The Which Japanese Feudal Lord do you most resemble? Test Imagawa Yoshimoto Take it!
The RPG Class Test Wizard Take it!
The Who Would You Be in 1400 AD Test The Cardinal Take it!
The Your Type of Girl Test The Hippie Chick Take it!
The what country do you belong in Test France Take it!
The Jaded Test The Savant Take it!
The Which form of magickal protection would work best for you? Test Greater Banishing Take it!
The (Better!) Lost Character Test Ben Take it!
Could You Win The National Spelling Bee Test National Spelling Bee Champion Take it!
Which Tarot Card Represents Your Higher Self? Test The Chariot Take it!
The Fundamental Weirdness Test Hurricane Take it!
The Japanese Demon Profile Test Yuki-Onna Take it!
What Your Taste in Art Says About You Test Simple, Progressive, and Sensual Take it!
The Cultural Identity Test The Kaffeeklatsch Savant Take it!
The How Easily Can I Be Hypnotized Test Average Take it!
The Chakra Test The Sensuous One Take it!
The How Dark Are You Test Bullshitter Take it!
The are you an aging punk Test Still Self-Conscious Take it!
The BIG WORDS ARE SEXY Test Vocabulary Vixen! Take it!
The What Dark Forces Dwell In YOU Test Mr. Freeze Take it!
What Spice Are You Test You are Ginger! Take it!
The Ancient Civiliazation for you Test Feudal Japan Take it!
The Religion Founder You Resemble Test Krishna Take it!
The OkCupid Kissing Test The Flirt Take it!
The Electronic music! Test The prodigy Take it!
The Are you REALLY open-minded? Test Free Radical Take it!
The Which Chemical Element Am I Test Hg... Mercury Take it!
The Philosophy Test Edmund Husserl Take it!
The Real Zodiac Sign Test Capricorn Take it!
The Ability to Read Emotions(Eyes) Test You're right 70% of the time when it comes to deciphering emotions Take it!
The Heart Test Heart of Gold Take it!
The How Reincarnated Are You? Test Truly Awakened Take it!
The Outdoorsy Test Weekend Warrior Take it!
The "Are You A Good Cook?" Test The Restauranteur Take it!
The Best Thing About You Test Intelligence Take it!
The Stereotype Me Please Test Mother Earth Take it!
The How Well-Read Are You? Test Somewhat Bookish Take it!
The who the hell am I, really? Test The Drifter Take it!
Quick vocabulary calculator! 80% Human-lexicon! Take it!
The What Bath and Body Works Fragrance are You? Test Sparkling Peach Take it!
The Neatness Test Tidy Take it!
The Political Test The Liberal Take it!
The Hygiene Test Semi-Clean Take it!
The "What Type of Intellectual are You?" Test The Scientist Take it!
The Tri-Variable Personality Test (written by a Clinical Psychotherapist) The Eccentric Take it!
The LONG Scientific Personality Test INFP - the Healer Take it!
The Nerd? Geek? or Dork? Test Pure Nerd Take it!
The Which Drug Are You? Test Experimental Take it!
Are you a vampire, werewolf or necromancer? quiz the Vampire Take it!
The Do you like dirty pictures Test You scored 54% appreciation for Vanilla Smut and 38% appreciation for Wilder smut Take it!
The What Kind of Significant Other Are You? Test The Intellectual Take it!
The How White Trash Are You? Test You are 21% white trash! Take it!
The what kind of pagan are you test. Ecclectic Take it!
The Which Major U.S. City Are You? Test PORTLAND! Take it!
The Which Holy Beast are You? Test Pangu Take it!
Your actual luck Test (not random guess test) 40% lucky! Take it!
The Great Minds Advice Test Do Something Worth Doing Take it!
How extremely messed up were your parents in raising you? TEST 11% instability, 58% abused, 14% spoiled. Take it!
The Magic Color Test Green: Life and Nature Take it!
The Sex Relationship Personality Test EROTIC Take it!
The Why Are You Single Test Male Best Friend Take it!
The Seven Deadly Sins Test Pride Take it!
The Pop Culture Archetype Personality Test The Druid Take it!
The Supervillain Archetype Test The Megalomaniac Take it!
The Boredom Test You scored 41 Boredom Factor! Take it!
The Right Home for You Test Sprawl Pod Take it!
The The Fantasy Sexuality Test You scored 78Open Mindedness, 79 Experience! Take it!
The Sexplorer In Bed Test The Dirty Ho Take it!
The How Enlightened Are You Test Confucius Take it!
What Planet are You From? Test You are from Neptune! Take it!
The Celtic Goddess Test Cerridwen Take it!
Do You Dali ? Very Knowledgable! Take it!
HOW HEDONISTIC ARE YOU? Somewhat Hedonistic Take it!
What's your key signature? E-Flat Major Take it!
The Are you Dominant or submissive Test The Assertive Sub Take it!
Howard Gardner's Eight Types of Intelligence Test Spatial Take it!
How Will You Survive a Horror Film Test The Intellectual! Take it!
The Fetish Ball Costume Test Gladiator Take it!
The Could you date a transsexual? Test Willing Take it!
The Best Zodiac Match For You Test Aries is the Sign You Have the Best Match With Take it!
The Lover Style Profile Test The Liberated Lover Take it!
Reincarnation Placement Exam Reclusive Artist Take it!
The Elemental Balance Test Balance Take it!
The great white North survival test The Minnesotan Take it!
What kind of romantic are you? Test The Quintesential Romantic Take it!
The Perception Personality Image Test NFPS - The Guru Take it!
The What tarot card resembles you Test The High Priestess Take it!
The What Gender Are You? Test Mostly Masculine Take it!
The Dream Job Test The Jewel Thief Take it!
The Facts Everyone Should Know Test Not an idiot Take it!
The Psychosexual Test Kink Take it!
The what kind of hippie are you Test Full-blown Hippie Take it!
The Really Easy German Words Test You could pass as 100% German! Take it!
The Which SUPER HERO are you Test Spiderman Take it!
Fantasy Seduction Quiz: What type of fantasy senario would you like to experience in bed? What type of creature would be most likely to seduce you? Vampire Take it!
The Greek Mythology Personality Test Orpheus Take it!
Test Your Ideal Role in a Rock Band Singer Take it!
The Mythological Profile Test Ki-lin Take it!
The Mythological Goddess Test Freya Take it!
The Astrological Passion: What kind of lover are you? Test Sensual Earth Lover Take it!
Personality Elements Assay Artistic Playmate Take it!
The Preeminent Annoying Stereotype Test Antisocial Jackhole Take it!
The Social Orientation Inventory The Nonchalant Lover Take it!
What is your Wiccan IQ Test The Skydiver Take it!
The Enlightenment Test 100% Basic Knowledge, 90% Wisdom Training, 69% Ethics Training, 92% Meditation Take it!
The '2001: A Space Odyssey' Test Dr. Heywood Floyd Take it!
The Quick & Painless ENNEAGRAM Test 5 - the Observer Take it!
The Adjective Thesaurus Test The English Teacher Take it!
The Angel Test Jophiel Take it!
The Multiple Intelligences Test Predominantly Intrapersonal Take it!
Are You Weird? You Are 50% Weird! Take it!
What kind of romantic are you? quiz The High-grade lover Take it!
The What is Your Spirit Animal Test The Bat Take it!
The Consciousness Level Test Spiritual Conscious Take it!
The Egyptian Archetype Test The True Egyptian! Take it!
The hetero-male uber-selective Test Learning Opportunity Take it!
How astute are you? Fast-witted Fox Take it!
The Right Brain vs Left Brain Test Right Brained! Take it!
The Color Code Test Color Code: WHITE: The Peace Keeper Take it!
The Spirit Animal Test The Snake Spirit Take it!
Tarot Card Guide Test YOUR GUIDE IS THE HIEROPHANT Take it!
The What Greek God Are You Test Dionysis Take it!
The Metaphysician Test The Existentialist Take it!
Zombie, Zombie Food, or Zombie Survivor Test The Survivor Take it!
The Would We Get Along Test Hello Boyfriend Take it!
The Five Love Languages Test Physical Touch Take it!
The Commonly Confused Words Test English Genius Take it!
The Where Should YOU Travel Test Train through Europe Take it!
The Asperger's Syndrome Test 20 Take it!
The 2-Variable Intuition Test More Scientific: (62%, 55%) Take it!
The Paganism Test 83% Paganism Expert Take it!
The What realm are you in Test THE HUMAN REALM Take it!
The Big 4 Personality (Beta) Test Well-Adj Dilettante Take it!
The What Was Your FORMER LIFETIME? Test 45% - President Taft!! HA! Take it!
The Very Offensive Religion Test -69 Idiocy Take it!
The Cuddlability Test 16 - The Favorite Teddy Take it!
The Which Element Are You? Test 38% - Fire Take it!
The the witch's test good or bad Test NULL Take it!