48London, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Description: Check me out! Capable,considerate, curious,creative charming, complex Capricorn calandestine to captivate, cultivate & compassionately cater to casually communicate without complication & contemplating cherished correspondence. Me,myself & I... MENTAL * Spontaneous * Subtle * Deep * Thoughtful * Wacky * * Faithful * Patient * Tenacious * Humourous * * Modest * Studious * Conscientious * Charming * * Sensous * Independant * Sweet * Positive * *Perky * Challenging * Realistic * Happy * PHYSICAL * 6'1 * 20 stone * LARGE BUILD * Eyes Brown * * Hair (Still) Black * Contact Lenses Various * * Pierced * Carribean British Black * Cuddly * * Metamorphic * Healthy * Own Teeth & Brain * HOBBIES * Comedy * Relaxation * Travel * Astrology* * (Capricorn) *Computers * Music lyrics * Videos * * DIY * ooh NO Alcohol * Community Regeneration * Games * Poetry * Shopping * Gift Giving * * Socialising * Clubbing & Dancing * Cinema * * Theatre * FOOD *Surfin (indoor) * * Travelling (outdoor) * Self growth * Laughter* * Writing inane lists * & there's more: Cunning linguist with acute senseless humour and great perversonality seeks luscious lady of leisure to linger and limber to the rhythms of the night. & U?

P.S. Promising and pledging positively purrfect ponderings 2 present U personal paradise. Pierced parts & plausibly perky performing personality promote prospects of perfectly playful plateaus. 2 provoke pleasure is my purpose. Pleased 2 ponder & prepared 2 persist. Predicting a pretty pairing !! Seeking semi-serious seduction, sensual soothing and selective pseudo-smooth sexually satisifying scenarios & super steamy sessions. Sea,sunrise,sand,sweet scents,Surprises,sociability,serial spicy suggestions.Self-sacrifice.Sensous,spicy,sultry seduction.Satin, shopping, smiles,,smooth skin,SEX,silk stockinged single senoritas,singin' as soul sistas Scott & Stone, Seriously !

I am purplicious, ravetastic, and manic
What I’m doing with my life
ravin, misbehavin & cravin more joy...

ALL joy, seriously in2 no sports except ...armchair surfing, horizontal hurdles n jumping the gun.

I’m really good at
dancin, singing n counsellin m8 z

according to : Personality test at : ... i'm a You're a classic Giver who's loving, helpful, generous, and compassionate. i see the best in other people and in humanity in general. Because my heart is open, I help other people open their hearts, too. i could easily be the person behind a wildly successful spouse or friend, because i'm great at supporting and empowering others. i'm incredibly modest and humble, so i'm more comfortable seeing someone else get the credit than being in the limelight. i'm the most helpful and compassionate of the personality types. So much so, that if I pass a stray dog on the street, it kills me not to be able to bring it home. In fact, I have a habit of collecting human "strays," too, who are brokenhearted (or just plain broke). I take them into my life and my heart, and I feed them with praise and support till they gain back their strength and self-confidence.
The first things people usually notice about me
love of life, laughter & purpleness
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
(a)dictionary (b)kung fu hustle (c)prince (d)chinese/jamaican
Six things I could never do without
1 computer 2 mobile 3 love 4 ears 5 eyes 6 U
I spend a lot of time thinking about
martial arts, dancing, Chinese, brazilian, polish, London, poetryflorescent braids My Personality Type is : ENFP Male compatible with the female Social Philosopher or Idealistic Philosopher (INFP). Both are caring, romantic women who will complement your spontaneous, fun-loving personality

Social Philosopher with Social Philosopher: Puppy Love as Grown Ups

The Joys: When these two bubbly individuals get together, the sky's the limit. No matter how many disappointments they've had in life and love, these two are capable of starting fresh and infusing each other with an almost limitless sense of fun, enthusiasm, possibility, and adventure. They especially love to mix things up with long personal conversations about meaningful ideas and topics, followed by silly, playful moments, capped off with a cornucopia of social fun: nightclubs, dinner dances, home parties, comedy clubs, Vegas, you name it. Social Philosophers are game for anything once, and maybe even twice.

The Frustrations: While they're out trying to save the world and party down at the same time, who's at home paying the bills and minding the store? Nobody. The Social Philosopher's infectious and hopeful imagination can sometimes blind them to the realities of life and create problems in the form of missed bills, lost keys, and forgotten appointments. Yet, their mutual strengths--their sociable personna, strong intuition, heightened sensitivity, and flexible sponanteity can help them weather any minor storms and get them back on track as one of the most explosively fun, giving, and creative pairs ever created.

How You Compare with The Idealistic Philosopher Social Philosopher with Idealistic Philosopher: Helping Hands For a Good Cause

The Joys: This couple shares a love of fun and spontaneity, an insatiable curiosity and imagination, and the desire to help make the world a better place. In their leisure time, they love going to self-improvement seminars and reading books on self-help, the arts, science, and other esoteric subjects. Together, they are like two puppies skipping through life--playful, frisky, and young at heart, no matter what their ages.

R&B, wing chun
On a typical Friday night I am
on a mission & sat & sun & 2nite too... oops its Tuesday, too late 2 stop...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
sometimes I do too much for others and become drained physically, emotionally, and even financially. I'm not especially good at letting people know what I need. In fact, I try hard to hide when I'm feeling bad. That sweet smile goes on my face and no one knows that I'm not smiling inside. Can U help me to smile ?
You should message me if
U r funny, funky or fcuked up but not if U cant look 4 the poitive in all things. & if U have 15minutes now, try this test ...

Live Life Lovin'
The two of us