29 Grand Rapids, United States
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My self-summary
I'm Kloot. A brand new transplant, ENFJ, adventure-loving, thrill-seeking, new age hippie, fine artist, audiophile, craft beer lover, cinema and tv show junkie with some nerdish tendencies.

I like to keep my mind and body active and stimulated. I love to learn about anything and everything and am constantly asking questions in order to feed my perpetual curiosity with life. Big fan of new experiences -- the more the better. I feed off human connection and appreciate new people who have interesting stories to tell. I really enjoy helping and teaching others. Hard working and ambitious, and always looking to further my career. (Just moved here for work!) I am pretty much open about everything: I don’t bullshit and try to tell it like it is.
What I’m doing with my life
• trying new foods and craft beer at local eateries/pubs/breweries
• taking my dingus to the dog park
• coloring in my coloring book at the bar
• failing at trivia night
• riding my bright orange super-hipster-esque-fixed-gear bicycle
• taking art classes at a local non-for-profit
• browsing reddit
• spewing libertarian atheist propaganda
• most likely sittin on my couch watching shows with my cats, beer in hand, being a bum

I graduated with my degree in fine arts and currently do marketing and HR for a local company that owns a couple hipster craft beer bars. I love to keep busy, work hard, and am passionate and ambitious about my career, but always make time for myself and others.
I’m really good at
• talking as well as listening
• giving gifts
• coming up with new pizza combinations
• tweeting about beer
• playing n64 super smash bros. as pikachu
• organizing my itunes library (been failing at this lately)
• cat-wrangling
• sudoku, cryptoquips, and crosswords
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: I like anything that has to do with post-apocalyptic dystopias. I enjoy both fiction and non-fiction.

Movies: I will usually watch and like anything that has been rated about 75% or more on Rotten Tomatos. I have seen a lot of movies and can't possibly list them all here.

Shows: Currently watching Bojack Horseman, Man Seeking Woman, Better Call Saul, The X-Files, Bob's Burgers, The Walking Dead. I have a lot of shows I watch though. (Only the good stuff.)

Music: Please feel free to browse my page and see if we have any musical compatibility. I also listen to a ton of podcasts...and basically anything on NPR really. I also think Adnan Syed is innocent, shhhhh...

Food: I am pretty much open to trying anything once. Not too big on ethnic cuisine, but perhaps I can find someone who can point me in the right direction. Love cheeseburgers, bacon, peanut butter, and especially bacon cheeseburgers with peanut butter, but don't have them quite often as I would like.
The six things I could never do without
• deep emotional human connection
• my pets
• craft beer
• a good pillow
• being able to to express myself and create things using my hands!
• bulletpoints
You should message me if
you want to meet my dog.