45 Edmonton, Canada
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My self-summary
I'm not worried about having to stand out amongst the multitude of profiles on here... the right mind will see the potential and drop me a line... the wrong person doesn't matter.

More Mad Men than Grey's Anatomy... actually... more Castle than Mad Men... Now that i think about it .. More Cracker than Castle... No wait.. More Big Bang theory meets Cracker and together they smack around Dr. Phil until he cries....

if the above made sense to you .. we should go for a burger.

Tongue Firmly In Cheek...

I am passionate about being laid back. I can appreciate a fine wine gum. I have read the catalogues of places that sell the better things in life. I believe that any one can look great dressed up in jeans and a t-shirt. I think Politics are just an excuse to argue, and social justice was designed to get university students drunk, and laid, I indulge in the classics on a rainy day.

I love Sports, especially the good sports who know when you are making a joke. I can kick back on a patio while others are going out to the theater, I collect antiques, and old volumes .Chivalry is not dead! It was shivved in the back by feminism and now is in witness protection. And common decency has been replaced by “I know what I want”.

In the end I’m looking for someone who knows what is important in life. Who is not “shopping” but is “looking”.

Eventually we all get what we deserve.

-circumspect- -adamant- -blunt-
What I’m doing with my life
At some point we all ask that question... i mean really ask it... the first time i asked it i was in a good paying job with chance of promotion.. that i hated .. so i quit and joined the circus .. then a decade or so later i retired and bought an acreage.. that didn't last long.. so i sold the acreage and decided to turn my hobbies into my work ...

i write and i take photographs .. both are still hobbies but they pay the bills ... i'm happy with that .. i think that is what counts ( life is easier when you have no debts)

it should be enough to say that i can and do take care of my own needs and feed some of my wants and with those bases covered i am fairly content.
I’m really good at

i'm quite good at many things... but i'm really good at looking at things ... quietly.. also really good at having thought about why i think what i do think.. and why i think about the things i do think about.

specifically good at writing and taking/ editing pictures
apparently not good at opening messages.
The first things people usually notice about me
my sparkling wit? no... no ... probably not... on second thought.. yes... no .. actually .. still probably not...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
instead .. let's do this... ( you should know what ">" means )

Gaiman > meyer
Pratchett > attwood
superheroes> vampires/wizards
Science Fiction > literary fiction

John Ford > wes anderson
Audrey Hepburn > angelina jolie
The Duke > the rock

Fame > glee
The Voice > american idol
Big Bang Theory > jersey shore
Online streaming> cable companies

Nina Simone > lady gaga
Everlast > beiber
Rush> almost anything new out there today.
mixed tapes > vinyl > playlists

From the garden > from the organic store
Meat > vegetarian substitute
Good company > good food
From a cart on the street > fancy ( insert whatever ethnic style ) restaraunt
The six things I could never do without
a zippo, thoughtful discourse, comic book sensibilities, good lighting, crafted conversations, repetition
I spend a lot of time thinking about
why we look at eachother the way we do, and the critical way it shapes our desires.. also plum sauce.. and robots, but not ninjas.

can a Nikon user date a Canon User?
can a pratchett fan hang out with a devotee of atwood?

the rules of gender politiks.
On a typical Friday night I am
there is no typical night.. but i suppose at some point i'm reading or writing or taking pictures or editing pictures or watching something from hulu.... or maybe something else.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm beginning to think this is the island of misfit toys .. one in 3 are " unreasonably high expectation Barbie/ creepy desperate stalker Ken"

and every one is rummaging around like it's the bargain bin of an outlet store on the border.

also .. i have a bit of a monochromatic wardrobe.. .i'm working on that.
You should message me if
Who am i to tell you what to do?
but do it anyway.

*** side note***
we live in a world where most of our 'wants' can be filled instantly and if we are not happy with something we toss it away and get another thing... this leads us to treat people as things...

i am not disposable or interchangeable.. i would hope that you are as well .
*** end of side note***