41Washington, United States
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My self-summary
:D <<<<< ME

I am Mexican and my native language isn't english!
Don't kill me if I am making some mistake here :P
I am looking for true love, if you too, read my profile.

p.d Yo NO querer sexo casual tontos!
What I’m doing with my life
Turning ON the speaker of my heart!!

Trying to be the humble warrior

Working as an instructor in a graphic arts training center.
Advancing writing my first short film
Practicing bass the most I can
I am planning my trip to Japan

I’m really good at
1. Graphic design and programming for web (that´s my job, it would be a disaster if I´m not good at it, i think... :O!!)

2. Well, I can play the bass guitar quite good, but I GOT TO SAY that I haven't practice a lot the past 2 years! Don't expect me to give you a concert on Skype men! (not yet)

Anyway, this 2013 I am working to recover my skills

3. Loving human beings and making some disaster!
The first things people usually notice about me
My sense of humor, i think, and that I am making faces or moving the hands a lot to express. Then that derives in a clumsiness behavior that can make laugh some or others get desperate :(

Anyway, you can choose if something on my pics calls your attention :) I don't decide what people likes or dislikes!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food

My top 5:

La Jette (Chris Marker)
The last year at Marienbad (Alain Renoir)
Kill Bill (Tarantino)
Metropolis (Fritz Lang)
Vertigo (Hitchcock)

Criterion Collection I love you!

Genres: (as you may see): Nouvelle Vague french cinema, Italian classic films (Fellini, Franco Zeffirelli) Japanese (Kurosawa, Kateshi Kitano)

I am very open and also enjoy some tv series and some pop-corn movies too :D, why not? Right now "Medium" (the one where Patricia Arquette is a psychic) Is stealing all my time! Dammm!


My Ipod has 14,000 songs and I play an instrument, so I guess it's common to say that I like a lot of genres and bands, but it's like that. I will try to put some here:

Beirut, Velvet Underground, The Knife, Alabama Shakes,Tame Impala, Alt J, Jeff Buckley, Leonard Cohen, The Drums, Devo, Los Fancy Free, Los Punsetes (from Spain) and a lot more in spanish that you may not know... :)
Classics like David Bowie, U2, King Crimson, Led Zeppelin, Jaco Pastorius and a lot more!

And there are always those bands that represent a time of your life and who you are, maybe you are not into them as before, but they are part of you. I got to mention here The Cure, Radiohead... and Flans (Mexican Pop :S)

By the other hand, Dead Kenndys will rule forever. And ever. And more ever!

Here in the states I have became closer to the 20's blues of Mississippi for example. (Son House, Robert Johnson) and indie-folk stuff that is quite popular here :)


I read a lot in spanish as logical, I love Jorge Luis Borges, Garcia Marquez, Saramago, Ernesto Sabato...
My favorite latin authors are Julio Cortazar, the Mexican poet Xavier Villaurrutia and others. I read translations of non-latin writers too as it must be.

I recently finished "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle" (Murakami) and I found it quite cool.

I love "Godel, Escher & Bach, an eternal golden braid". That's not the kind of thing that you finish in a row (at least not me) but is fascinating to jump into it several times a year...

I am in the "The Satanic Verses". I want to start "Juliet Naked" (Nick Hornby). That one is waiting for me for almost 2 years!

I read a lot about music (magazines, web sites, about vinyl records, about post-punk and other interesting things that cross my way).

And I can read your lips! :O !
Six things I could never do without
Friends and family
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Music, web design.
At this times Adobe certifications that I got to do! ahhhh! Noooo!
Which movies I would like to see
Which books I want to read
Life, maths and the universe
On a typical Friday night I am
Whatever it´s on my way!!! Just´if it seems interesting to me.
Fridays must be like the "official party days"?? mmm...
I can make a Carnival whenever if I´m in the mood !!!
But I am not that a party animal... to be honest...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am more "serious" than it seems... :) I may look tuff but I have corazón de pollo :(

I am learning to read the TAROT :P and Like Hillary Clinton said: "I consider it an intellectual challenge..." ( yes, sure, .... she wanted to meet her dead grandma! don't lie Hillary! Don't lie! hahah!
You should message me if
You want to be my friend!!

You like to spend 5 hours buying vinyl records and every other kind of musical thing like instruments, books and so on...

You realize that I play the bass, not the guitar

>>>Write me if you want to share a nice friendship, go to concerts, exchange ideas, music... and share life it self :)

And, write if you think we can hang out like something more :) !!
The two of us