36 Portland, United States
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My self-summary
About me: Laid back fun-loving hobby accumulating project appreciating sneaker collecting upbeat level headed respectful empath seeking adventure (and an LTR).

I'm an aspiring minimalist with too many toys. While not an econazi I try to do my part and I'm definitely a conscientious consumer. Lately I've been having fun growing veg and cooking and other dream of the 1890's kind of stuff.

A lot of people think I look like Brad Pitt. They don't actually tell me that, but I'm pretty sure that's what they're thinking.

And here's a list of some of my interests and activities and potential dorky date suggestions I might make:
Outdoors hiking beach park camping kayaking boating disc golf rock climbing
Restaurants take-out home cookin
Bars batting cages mini golf bowling
Not too much dancing (I think it's fun I'm just not too good at it...)
Not too much tv
Getting funky
Live music
Being lazy
What I’m doing with my life
Full blown adult status here. Responsible, debt free, driven, and hoping to find a partner with similar traits.

These days I'm back in school and working on my second career. I was an elementary school special education teacher for a long time and now I'm studying engineering.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: lately I have been on an adventure kick. Recents have included life of pi, white fang, papillon, and monkey wrench gang

Movies: sometimes westerns and kungfu and 70s and sometimes anything else hold the chick flicks and big budget cheesies though.

Music: So it's fun to spend too much time organizing music files but it also makes me hate iTunes. Some of my playlists include rock, blues, reggae, hip hop, classics, electronic, mellow.

Food: Yes please
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How come everyone else has a "the most private thing(s) I'd admit" category but me? I'm just gonna treat this section as such since I'm jealous.
I'm kinda prejudiced against folks with pet allergies. I do feel bad about it though :).
I think when a lot of people's profiles describe their love of sarcasm they really mean witticism. Isn't sarcasm just what snarky people use to mask their lack of humor?
My drivers license says I'm 6'0. I'm really 5'11 and 1/4". For some reason I had a hard time lying about it on this site.
I've had some of my houseplants for almost 15 years.
I'm kind of offended that OKC says my personality traits are less wholesome when compared to others.
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