32 Colorado Springs, United States
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My self-summary
i would have to say i am a geek i like comic book heroes and villains i like video games but don't get time to play them halo,gears of war,the walking dead,anything with interesting story line and a universe i'm all overi still like cartoonsmost things on adult swim or any marvel or dc universe i'll watch i enjoy going for rides to random places at odd hours i don't know why i enjoy driving but i do i can drive for hours well only at nightupdate no car right now but once that changes will be cruising once again i'm not a day person i'm a real night owl i guess that's because of the jobs i do but even before i started working i was always up at 2 or 3 in the morning. i would have to say that my point of view isn't always the positive one but it is always funny to me. i'm looking for a woman that knows what she wants & isn't afraid to speak her mind , who can get lost in thought & likes to have intellectual conversations & looking to find a partner that she can really connect too, one that doesn't mind watching a lecture or playing a video game or just relaxing and watching a movie or documentary ,i crave knowledge like fat kids crave cake also i love cake too , or even just putting on pandora and playing some chess is always fun times . I am a big geek at heart and like to consider myself to be a fun person. I love hanging out with friends, talking about crazy ideas .
What I’m doing with my life
I'm currently working a crappy but steady job where i think of things i can create , my mind wonders and thinks about how to solve problems so tend to space out and think intensely about making my world around me a grid and think how i can change the environment and make it more efficient , i also am studying to develop mobile applications so i can get my ideas out of my head, i might go back too college but as of right now i'm learning everything i need to know for free online , that's right you don't have to pay to learn just to have that awesome piece of paper that gets you a good job and it usually can , but as of right now ive seen 8 friends go and get degree's and have nothing but a dead end job to show for it so i figure right now learn what you can and if you get into a better situation in life then go too school, so basically i'm refusing to get myself into debt going to work and school and possibly end up like that, that's right i'm doing what makes sense , now don't get me wrong i'm all for people getting degree's and getting an education the traditional way it's smart and it does pay off if you are in the right market it seems , so in short i'm planning on getting some computer certs and continuing my education regardless of being in college , i also plan on trying to kill capitalism and if you can't understand why or think it's stupid to even say , i don't think we will get along too well , i want to leave a better world for our future generations because we only have this one planet to live on and that can't happen with capitalism around it's stifling us so much, with all the abundance we have on this planet there is no reason any one should starve or suffer we have the technology & the capability we just need to devise a system and get it done , instead of fighting each other we need to work together it's fun i promise , So if you just read all that and think i'm crazy that's cool i get called crazy a lot and am quite use to it , it doesn't hurt my feelings anymore ;) but if you just read that and think i'm interesting feel free to message me , also if you think i'm crazy and wanna message me too go right ahead :)
I’m really good at
being a good listener, Fixing anything that's electronic , remembering useless facts , being efficient & Logical ,deciphering maps & compuses
The first things people usually notice about me
how outspoken & comically i can be and not afraid to speak my mind even if it offends someone.

Physically, my beard if i'm rocking one & my hair and my shirts & hat
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Movies: The Goonies, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lost Boys, Superbad, , Inglourious Basterds, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, LotR, Scarface, Pineapple express,SuperTroopers,Beerfest,Empire Records,zombieland,sexdrive,freddy got fingered,fanboys,idiocracy ,paul,napoleon dynamite,serenity,cable guy ,pitch black,dude wears my car,anchorman,watchmen,labyrinth,fifth element,half baked,role models,lord of war,back to the future,The Breakfast club,american psycho, Fear and loathing,step brothers,Scott pilgrim vs the world ,clerks mallrats pretty much anything from kevin smith,shaun of the dead ,both hellboys, the dark knight trilogy,

Shows: Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Big Bang Theory, Dexter, venture brothers, Workaholics, archer ,arrow,psych,the it crowd,weeds,south park,parks and recreation,samurai jack,justice league ,home movies ,metalocalypse,batman beyond , teen titans , family guy,red vs blue,futurama,bobs burgers,

Music: MC Chris ,Lady Gaga, wiz kalhifi,wiz khalifa,kid cuddi,mgmt,frank sinatra,skillrex,steve aoki ,empire of the sun,die antwoord,daft punk,Lorde,Lupe Fiasco,immortal technique,Flobots,the crystal method,The Lumineers,imagine dragons,mickey avalon ,bubba sparxxx,matisyahu,rage against the machine ,system of a down, korn ,eminem,kat dahlia

Food: I love this stuff , my favorite foods have gotta be italian and of course pizza is one of my all time favs it's like sex even when it's bad it's still pretty good :P
The six things I could never do without
my computer,my friends,caffeine,family,lectures,reddit,
I spend a lot of time thinking about
what my life might be like if i invented something awesome , how good i would look in a suit & how the world could be so much better if we just focused on getting stuff done.
On a typical Friday night I am
usually at work but on my friday nights at home watching a movie or old tv show that has been canceled or hanging out on the internet geeking out multi tasking like a fool
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i wear my heart on my sleve
You should message me if
your looking for a partner for the zombie apocalypse