44Sammamish, United States
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My self-summary
**slowly, slowly trying to update this, as it seems to be sorely out of date,and in dire need of tired out cliche's, which I will attempt to dole out with abandon. However, I refuse to use emoticons. Or twitter. Honestly, I should likely delete this thing and start over (Which OK Cupid might do for me ).**

Mainly just stopped by to take tests and answer questions. I like just seeing who else is out there on this crazy spinning ball. No real plans or direction for anything. I'm not searching for or trying to find anything or anyone specific. I am me, floating along.
**Now. I am still just me, floating along, but I feel less amorphous than before. I feel like I've gotten into a stronger curret in my life. I have a life and job that I'm happy about, on a path that I am excited to be on. While I still very much love and appreciate the happiness and Zen of being, I also appreciate the doing. I still feel like I am not trying to find anything specific, but I feel like I am searching. While I am still very happy with my life, I have gleefully shed my contentment with it, in order to (cliche time) take the path less travelled**

If I added you to my list, there's something intriguing about you. Don't worry, you're not being stalked. I'm probably just using you to find interesting tests.
**Somehow I think as OKCupid evolved into an actual dating site (maybe it alway was, and I'm just slow on the uptake. I mean, it is named "Cupid" after all). So I'm not doing that anymore.**
What I’m doing with my life
Changing things about. Re-evaluating what works and what doesn't. Trying to be a better me. Yeah, pretty vague. Oh, and also taking tests and answering questions.
**Vague enough that it still holds true. I like stopping doing things that don't work. Like flicking on a light switch to a lamp with a burnt out bulb. Seriously, did I somehow think that doing that was going to make the filament amalgamate? geez. And I like continuing to do things that do work. My favorites are inhaling and exhaling. There's others.**
I’m really good at
hmm... I can't seem to come up with anything either interesting or witty enough to put in here. Please refer to the last profile you read, and thing of something just a little bit funnier than that.
**An attempt of wit without actually investing in creating something witty. Maybe that's why I didn't actually delete my profile. Now I can just make fun of the stuff I used to say and make it appear that I'm being witty without actually having to come up with said wit. When re-write this again, I may just point that out again. again.

I'm really good at my job. Cliche- check.**
The first things people usually notice about me
drawing a blank. I don't think I'm that noticeable. Which works for me. I'm more of a blendy-with-the-background sort of person than an OMG-check-him-out sort of person.
**I concur. I've started to get a little grey, but I don't think people have noticed. However, the people who do notice me (typically my friends, who pay attention generally because I'm talking to them) say that I'm good at helping people relax: typically by saying things that make people have absoutely no feeings of self-consciousness that anything they could possibly blurt out of their mouth afterwards would be any more awkward. **
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
hmm... I have to admit that I like the idea of books. The time to actually read them seems beyond me. I like John Irving (World According to Garp), Bill Watterson (Calvin and Hobbes), Maurice Sendak, T.S. Elliot, and F. Scott Fitzgerald (I actually haven't read him, but have resigned myself to liking him if I ever do).

**I've actually read Fitzgerald now, so can say that I like him. Recently I've been reading more. I have to admit, it's pretty awesome.
I had to start with the stuff that I never read in high-school (Thanks broadcasting and radio)- Gatsby, a lot of Hemingway, Tolstoy, Ellison, etc. But I've dropped in some Jon Kabat-Zinn, Khlil Gibran, and as much as I had decided I was not going to enjoy poetry at all, I did pick up some Merwin and Bill Collins that I really like. I've realized that:
1- Saying I won't like poetry is like saying that I won't like food. There's enough variety out there that you just have to connect with the stuff you like.
2- I will never be well read. I still love the idea of books. I love bookstores and libraries. I dream of going to Livaria Lello. But I'm sure I'll never read all the books I'd love to read.**

Movies/TV- Bladerunner, Shawshank Redemption, most things that Focus puts out, Citizen Kane, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. I don't see many, so I'm sure there are other ones out there that I'd like. Most recent movie I saw in a theater was Darjeeling Limited, when it was at the Crest. So the theater experience isn't high on my list of things to do. For some reason I just have gotten away from the moving pictures. Sans cable for about 4 years now. I have seen (and liked) Arrested Development and 6 Ft. Under.

**no cable for about 10 now, still no urge to get it back. I did go see Avengers in 3d when it came out for the experience of it, so +1 to my movie experiences of the past 5 years. I like Walking Dead, but prefer the comics. The game is actually pretty good, too. Also, I somehow got sucked into a combo of RuPaul's Dragrace and Project Runway. Both of which made me realize I should never watch other reality shows for fear of becoming an addict.**

Music- just about everything. I love me some country. But the old Hank Williams Jr., John Prine country. Not the Shania Twain, Toby Keith, Taylor Swift pseudo-country. Bluegrass, Ambient, Trance, Glam Rock, Metal, Classical, Broadway, New Age, Punk, whatever you call the new stuff that is filtering Seattle right now, etc. I prefer styles and bands over genres. I tend to find folks I just like to listen to, and listen to them. I probably have more people that I don't like than like within each genre. But I also like the idea of music. I have some favorite bands that are horrible musically. I tend to like the message more than the delivery.

**I would not classify these folks as horrible, but it seems like my current rotation is heavy with Atoms for Peace, Jack Conte, AWOLNATION, Jim Croche, Paul Simon, The Bird and The Bee, Frou Frou, Talking Heads, Foster the People, Grizzly Bear, Velvet Underground, Mr. Gnome, and a huge dip of Motown: especially Jackson 5 and Fontella Bass.
And some Van Hagar (the original, not the reunion), for which I will not apologize.**

Food- I never met a plate I couldn't clean off. I don't know if chocolate is technically part of a food group, but it's technically awesome, so I'll just use that.
Six things I could never do without
water (big amounts of it to swim in, boat on, look at), water (little amounts in a glass), the little sparks of electricity that occasionaly shoot across the inside of my skull to take care of stuff like breathing and keeping a pulse, altruism, selfishness, and a mystery item in a box (it is in there, isn't it? or did the cat eat it?)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
answering this question, apparently... haven't come up with anything yet. Guess I'll keep trying.
**I think I actually just never really thought about this. Unfortunately my thoughts tend to be a bit too tangential to make a lot of sense of. They range from types of butter (almond vs. peanut vs. cashew); the incredibly horrific "distribution" of wealth in the country; if I'd rather try out welding or dancing classes; if I can wait for that 280Gig SSD to drop another $50 before my C:drive fails; to what color to paint the house. Typically in about a 10 second succession.**
On a typical Friday night I am
Out. Or not. Recently more out. I'm definitely more of a 'hang out at the little dive bar down the street with a couple of friends' out than a 'let's put on a gallon of cologne and hover uncomfortably close to girls you don't know at a dance club' out.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I find this question creepy.
But I will admit that it's me in the photo. Not that you could tell. I'd love for there to be privacy options, since I have concerns about this site and co-workers. Or maybe just concerns about me...

Ok, I have something that is mildly private. I'm a little peeved at OKcupid. I was just browsing a 'Personality' match, and saw that I'm listed as -20% on morality. Srsly? I don't steal, abhor lying or cheating, and make it a point to respect and value the wishes of the people around me. Apparantly if I don't judge people on my beliefs, and try to make them fit into how I think they should behave, I'm amorale. pfft.
If people live together happily and support each other, and agree that they want to live in a particular fashion that does not hurt or endanger someone else, is that supposed to be deemed wrong by me, if it's different than what I think?
ok, OKCupid, I'll say it again. PPFFFFFFFTTT.
I waft my buttocks at your algorithm.

Oh, and that energy thing. I'm really lazy. I have no idea how I'm listed as like +49.9% on the energy meter.
You should message me if
You're bored and feel like wasting some time talking to one of the folks too self-conscious to put up a picture of themselves.
Or if you like aquariums.
The two of us