43Svendborg, Denmark
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My self-summary
Let me start by saying that these self-summaries are a work in progress. Things change, and it's not always up to date, what stands here.

I'm a happy and outgoing person + I'm optimistic + I'm full of ideas + I'm a good dancer (at least I really enjoy myself trying) + I think outside the box + I'm open-minded ++

By my age I should really know myself, but must admit that there is still a lot to learn and to develop. I have way too many interests and skills to be limited by a fixed persona (hehe). That being said I am a little shocked to see my age when I so obviously are still somewhere in my late 20's - ah, the curse of brilliant genes!!! My physical age is 27 :-)

By training and trade I can call myself a Geologist, Engineer, and IT-Developer - hit me with big complex projects, and I'll show you what it means to be calm under pressure :) current projects involve a new water works and protecting the groundwater.

I am here on OKC in the hopes of finding the One - yes, I am a hopeless romantic after all - and awaiting rather too patiently for Your message, my Highness! ... please send me a message :)

Most recent update is the move to Svendborg in Denmark (Scandinavia). It was a job offer too good to turn down, and I rather spontaneously jumped into it imagining myself on a farm surrounded by nature. So far it's been great - but the farm will have to wait a bit. So for now I am still settling in - currently in a house in the woods!?!

It's a smallish, cosy, cultural place in it's own way, and surrounded by waters and islands. People smile and greet each other :-D
What I’m doing with my life
Almost too many adventures - constantly organizing chaos - heading outdoors - looking for the perfect spot - enjoying everything where ever I may be

I draw, paint, make collages, wood cuts, make music on homebuilt instruments, read books and comics, play with my cat, cook and try to cram in more time than most people for doing stuff

Any spare time is used for music - either production or attending venues. I have an eclectic taste for weird electronic upbeat dance music and travel far for a good gig. I also host events - because organizing a rave deep in a forest is more fun than raving. So we're talking experimental underground Forest Psytrance at +155 BPM.


When I'm not digging my ultimate music style I listen to freeform jazz, classical symphonies, gospel, trip-hop, death metal if I'm happy, noize rock, indie, experimental - no hip-hop, rap, urban soul or mainstream pop...
I’m really good at
I am really good at keeping my wits about me when everybody else is freaking out

The calm at the eye of the storm

That being said, I still feel, I am good at procrastinating
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like all things alternative and independent - anything with bite - and spice and colours.

All things pop, mainstream, bland, or watered down should pass me by!

I prefer far out science fiction for leisure readings, graduate level text books for learning, paper newspapers over online versions...
Six things I could never do without
Places to go in the near future
Bucket lists to fulfill
Inspiring friends to spend time with
Spending time in nature
My cat "kzz kzz"
My optimistic folding of the universe
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I spend a lot of time thinking about nothing - that's what I do, when I meditate, which I try to do as the very first thing in the morning :-)

Hmm - that's a load of bull!
I NEVER get around to meditation in the morning :-P

My mind is constantly working on several issues at a time - I do spend a lot of time thinking about meditation in an attempt to shut that constant grinding down a bit.
On a typical Friday night I am
Doing as little as possible, because I prefer to go out on any other day...

So I guess I'll be cleaning up the place, sorting out stuff, finishing up private/corporate projects, catching up with friends, reading books, writing poetry, singing songs, dancing on my own, composing music, drawing, making love (if I am doing REALLY well), packing for a weekend away, preparing for a road trip, heading FAR FAR away...

First half of 2017 will take me to Jordan, Israel, Sweden, Norway, Kenya, Germany, Spain and ... you're welcome to invite :)

I'll be getting s motorbike soon - so roads trips are becoming more frequent again!
You should message me if
Having stomach ache from laughing too much the night before is something you'd like to learn to live with :) I certainly do! And wish to meet a stunning clever girl with wits to match a good sense of humor - willing to go live on a tropical island, raise a family, have a life full of adventure, build a starship, run a farm, have friends all over the world, lead a productive, fun, exciting, relevant, enriching lifestyle - full of love and light - less will do too ;-)
The two of us