41Vienna, Austria
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My self-summary
Taken, but we are open for both friendly dinner dates and friendship with benefits with a bisexual/curious woman ... ;)

atheist, social constructionist (social theory, Judith Butler/Simone de Beauvoir/Michel Foucault), geek of all trades. I consider myself more or less straight concerning sexual orientation, but queer with respect to gender, politics and activism

Besides the languages listed, I also hack the odd perl script, have been paid to do C system programming for a while and I have an (ancient) greek dictionary on my shelf that I like to peruse for etymological reference (never got around to learning the grammar though). Since neither is listed and I somehow feel better filling the available slots with "real" languages anyway, that's just an aside.

If your profile is too new to see the Tests tab, here's the link to mine: Also, don't forget to visit the fora :)
What I’m doing with my life
Besides looking for the philosopher's stone (futile, since alchemists in the 18th century already discovered something better) I strive to produce vegan mousse au chocolat and improve the aroma of tofu by taking advantage of the Maillard reaction (this constitutes another proof how easy it is to cook with lots of fat).

Writing my thesis.

Apart from books, knowledge, games, intimacy, ... perfumes have been playing a significant role in literally spicing up my life in recent years.
I’m really good at
In relationships, it seems I am really good at seeing the glass half full. I like to believe I am compassionate and a good listener.
The first things people usually notice about me
Summer: pink sneakers or thongs; winter: pink scarf
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Series: I'm still watching Shameless, recently went through Camp, Frasier and kind of liked HIMYM (except for the ending - after all the suspense, please). I find some of the premises and content of TBBT and most of TAAHM offensive and sexist but still I follow them as a kind of guilty pleasure. Skins and Girls are nice, Ellen, Roseanne, Blackadder, The West Wing, and Absolutely Fabulous all-time classics and I also like the odd SciFi-series (ST:VOY, B5; JMS' other one ( Jeremiah) is also well done); Friends, MASH, Coupling weren't bad either. Those who liked Six Feet Under might recognize parts of Waugh's 'The Loved One' ...

Movies: out of date, but at one point I liked Mozart and the Whale, Peindre ou faire l'amour, 5x2, I slept well through "Good Night and Good Luck", "Fail-Safe" vs "Dr. Strangelove" (both 1964) ...
Mostly arthouse stuff in small cinemas but I live near a shopping center with a plex so occasionally I go there, too.
Viennale is always a great opportunity.

"I can't sign this - this has more lies than my OkCupid Profile" (Han in 2 Broke Girls, 2E15)

Books: currently Cordelia Fine's Delusions of Gender; Discipline and Punish and other works by Michel Foucault also made quite an impression (I most certainly do read fiction though).

Other authors whose books I enjoyed: Douglas Adams, Isabel Allende, Margaret Atwood, Simone de Beauvoir, Gioconda Belli, Heinrich Boell, Tara Bradbury, Bertold Brecht, Ingeborg Bachmann, Roald Dahl, Margaret Drabble, Friedrich Duerrenmatt, Umberto Eco, Michel Foucault, Max Frisch, Johan Galtung (umph), Heinrich Heine, Marlen Haushofer, Michel Houellebecq, John Irving, P. D. James, Elfriede Jelinek, Milan Kundera, Marian Keyes, Siegfried Lenz, Judith Levine, Harper Lee, Leena Lehtolainen, Stanislaw Lem, Primo Levi, Astrid Lindgren, Henning Mankell, Haruki Murakami, Iris Murdoch, Larry Niven, Christine Noestlinger, Per Nilsson, George Orwell, Mervyn Peake, Pitigrilli, Raymond Queneau, Ayn Rand, Eduardo del Río Rius, Jean-Paul Sartre, Dorothy L. Sayers, Arno Schmidt, Stevie Smith, Friedrich Torberg, Joan Smith, John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, Mario Vargas Llosa, (Unamuno? haven't read anything by him yet ... maybe Updike ... Uderzo? prefer Rius, s. a. ...), Hannelore Valencak, Norah Vincent, Kurt Vonnegut, Evelyn Waugh, ...

Music: Some Indie/Folk (Ani DiFranco, Clara Luzia, ...); some NDW (a type of German pop music): Foyer des Arts, Grobschnitt; Wir sind Helden, Die Aerzte; some Punk: Ska-P, The Sex Pistols ; sometimes classical music (Opera, OE1); I can tolerate most types of music for a short while except country/folk/Volksmusik, Techno but usually prefer silence and musc perfumes

Food: tortillas (latin american, not spanish); I'm (mostly) vegan, but won't usually get into a food fight (pun intended) with meat eaters, have no qualm with shopping dairy and egg products (in case of sickness/emergency/starvation I might even purchase meat products, depending on the person asking; I have done so for colleagues in an office setting)

Duh. This is just a minuscule slice of me ...
Six things I could never do without
toothbrush, fluoridated toothpaste, dental floss, shower, central heating, good sex (preferably consensual, solitary otherwise)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
my thesis (in progress), power, gender roles, solving social problems with technological kludges, previously: high-power leds, is Unix just a Spanish manufacturer of fire extinguishers? Is OkCupid messaging a LIFO system? Must there be a reason for causal sex?
On a typical Friday night I am
trying to figure out whether your feminism is compatible with mine
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses. I'll post a secret when I can think of one - I'm good at repressing embarrassing memories ;-)
You should message me if
One or more of the following are true and you want to hook up, play board games, or need a bed in Vienna (Couchsurfing style):

You are a feminist, non-spiritual, and you think you could get along with a relatively strict ethical vegan (I try not to proselytize).

Your idea of a fun evening does not include drinking to unconsciousness every time.

You like to ponder on social status, interactive gender performance, and the genesis of power distribution.

You have a knack for bizarre crosswords (Phoenixen, Vesely, Eckstein; a while ago I tried one from the Financial Times, however I must admit that the London Times one is way above my head) and/or other word/letter games (Boggle, Scrabble) ... actually any interest in board games is a plus ;-)

You are sex-positive, pro choice, and understand the motivation behind affirmative action, even if you are against it.
The two of us