38Bend, United States
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My self-summary
update 3.5 beta. self summary.Exe

Hello My name is David.

A bit about me, I'm dependable, respectful, mostly well mannered, a Christian ( baptized and born again, I am not the cardboard cut out the media, and most of the world love to hate and label.)( I am more of the way Christ wants us to be, love others as he loves us, and I will warn you now I am far from perfect in my walk with God, but I still work at it everyday, and I am responsible. My parents raised me these ways. While I am more of a serious person, I view it as more mature, than serious. Kind of like Batman, or Leonardo. Which Segway's into the next part.

I am a geeky, nerdy, gamer guy, while yes I play video games, read comic books, can quote the first teenage mutant ninja turtles movie start to finish, Badly Sing: in my car, the shower, while cooking, at my computer or drawing, you get the idea Lol, these are not the defining points to myself.

I do love the out doors. Fishing, camping, walking trails, star gazing. I love to do these things. These days I do not unless someone is with me to have fun with, it is not as fun alone.
I am also an artist and writer I draw and write, but I keep George Mcfly'ing myself. ( 25 points if you got that reference lol) I am somewhat mechanical minded, I have tinkered with my fans, space heaters, video game controllers my mountain bikes and a few other small tech, to either clean them fix them or find the problem. My success ratio is only 50 50.
I love most animals, I tend to surprise people when their murderous dogs come and play with me. It is not 100% though, sadly and others when cats that hate strangers come to me. Sometimes it is instant other times it will a little time.

I am both an optimist and pessimist, some what quiet, silly, loyal sincere sarcastic good guy, I am Batman. Hehe I kid😋.

Opinions from my friends and family.

1. My buds mother in law, describes me as a big teddy bear.
2. My mom and sisters have a growing list. ( sigh) they see me as Gru, (despicable me.) Shrek, ( Shrek ) Manny ( Ice age) and Hellboy ( Hellboy. ). So I guess I am the dependable serious type. 😋
3. My best buds say the same things. I'm a good guy, I'm helpful, I'm friendly, im goofy, I'm dependable.
What I’m doing with my life
currently i am a security officer,unarmed instructor, and assistant manager. Wow I'm tired just saying that😋.

In my off time I like to learn new things.( receipies, how to draw better, how to ink, how to color, and tips on writing novels)

When I make the time I walk the trails around Bend, and once I get more time I will fix up my mountain bikes and ride the trails.

I would like to learn a new language but as with my Japanese I learned in collage, the Spanish I grew up with, and the Chinese I learned. In high school. With out practice it goes away. Sigh😔
I’m really good at
im a jack of all trades the thing i am aspiring to be good at Art. Mostly drawing and digital art. I like to cook, and I give myself a A+ at it.

I'm also good at listening to others when they need to vent. ( life happens)

I'm a learned Leader, as opposed to a natural leader. ( even though my boss tells me I'm a natural leader). I am working on that a lot.
The first things people usually notice about me
hm i'm Quiet. but the more people get to know me i tend to be easier to talk to.

I have been told that I have a likable aura about me. And I see it these day more and more, people walk up and are friendly and tend to converse often. ( I learned I may have Scottish ancestory and not Irish this way)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books although I haven't picked any up in a while, I liked the AvP trilogy. Some of the D&D books, The Kamigawa trilogy, and art books.

Movies: short answer marvel, Comedies, Scifi, Historical Biblical pre 90's, some drama, action adventure, light on horror.

Music: Michael Jackson, Mc Hammer. Willy Nelson, Rock, Japanese: ( almost anything) video game OST, movie OST. Misc

Foods: almost everything. ( Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, and homemade.( basically everything as long as it is not too spicy, or Liver yuck😝) I like to cook and bake and learn from others more about cooking.
Six things I could never do without
My Friends: they are there backing me up when i need them.

My cats: they do a better job than my alarm clock. and they are good company.

My Parents: they raised me to respect others, use manors and be kind. I have kept these principles all my life and have had great friends because of it.

God: I know he Face palms a lot when watching over me. But he has guided me all my life. Even when I rebel.

My Computer: Im a gamer.... well not as much but i am online a LOT. Drawing, learning,

My mind: when focused I am a challenging person.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
VANILLA CAKE!!! Kiddin😋 these days it is between God, my minions, (employees), and their schedules, drawing, writing, how to get this song out of my head, amung other things.
On a typical Friday night I am
I am working. after that come home and get ready to go have fun or do what ever the next day gives me.
You should message me if
If you like what you read. How ever if you are too shy, " like me" and I will message you.

Alternatively If you are looking for a silly guy who tries and fails at humor from time to time. Like to listen to you, and you are willing to listen to me Wants a loyal team mate / new best friend. That's me!😋

AGAIN: Do not look this way if you want a play toy, one nighter, or anything like that and the dudes out there, I'm straight, i even listed myself as such..( I have gotten a couple of likes before.)
The two of us