28 Austin, United States
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My self-summary
I value transparency, honesty, and empathy.

I live to learn. I want to learn it all!

I'm a non-binary individual. They/Their. I'm queer and pansexual. I crush often.

I love Kimchi Cuddles. It's a great resource for considering several angles on polyamory and gender-awareness, while still being cute.

I'm fascinated by mathematics, I'm absorbed by programming, and I'm curious about all of the sciences.

I'm wary of public media. Cable television often disgusts me, and I never watch it. The news is best absorbed at my pace. I often use Facebook/Twitter to get my news in the form of my social network.

I'm aware of *-shaming, several *isms, and I try to increase awareness of these things. It's unfortunate that people continue to find ways to hate each other, when we should be finding more ways to work together.

I'm an introvert. I tend to keep to myself. I often (silently) carry great gratitude for those that are dear to me, and eventually express it by feeding them or beaming love at them.

Religion scares me. I tolerate it in others, but I prefer to keep it far and away from me.

March 31, 2013: On Being Me
What I’m doing with my life
Programming - professionally and recreationally! I love contributing to open source projects, and am fortunate that I can do so in large part for a living. I aim to have greater impact over time in this area, and help others find their place in/with technology.

Advocacy and outreach, a little bit at a time. I'm learning about equality in many forms: feminism, gender, race, identity, and being an ally. It's uncomfortable at times, and that makes it all the more valuable.

I'm advocating for the adoption of typed, functional programming languages. I'm happy to talk Haskell and friends.

I want to teach some day. I've taught before in college as a teaching assistant, but in the future, I want to teach in a more personal setting. More like an individual-driven lab.

I'm learning who I am and what it means to be me. I'm seeking meaning by talking to others, writing in the public (I maintain at least three blogs), and opening up. My goal is to eventually live in such a way that I'm no longer afraid to be myself, no matter what. I wear dresses or skirts, and hair ornaments proudly and gleefully wherever I go.
I’m really good at
* Programming
* Learning
* Dance games (DDR, ITG)
* Getting tasks done
* Talking tech and tech strategy
* Old-school platformers (Mega Man, Mario, etc.)
* Doing silly dances for no reason at all
* Zoning out
* Concentrating
* Breaking out of dichotomies
* Identifying structural problems
The first things people usually notice about me
Probably my hair. It's getting pretty long.

That I wear skirts or dresses, and blush often. <3
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Let's go for a top 5 per category!

* Books (99.9% non-fiction): (Update: Jun. 17, 2014)
1. Types and Programming Languages
2. Type Theory and Functional Programming
3. Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
4. Practical Foundations of Programming Languages
5. Homotopy Type Theory

A note on book choice - I read almost exclusively non-fiction. The reason being, is that I want to soak in facts. I want to swim in new information, and turn the ideas around in my head all day long.

* Music:
1. Super Hexagon OST
2. Guardian Legend OST
3. Megaman
4. Rogue Legacy OST
5. Risk of Rain OST

I *adore* game music.

* Food:
1. Beef burgers
2. Yellow curry chicken
3. Scrambled eggs w/ bacon
4. Pork chops w/ caramelized onion
5. Buttered, pan-fried salmon

I try to limit my intake of carbohydrates, as they cause me some trouble. I do love pizza, though. Cheesecake, too.

* Video Games:
1. Rogue Legacy
2. Risk of Rain
3. Terraria
4. Super Hexagon

* Software Tools:
1. emacs
2. haskell
3. git
4. pandoc
5. gnome-terminal

I'm a terminal kind of person. The command line trumps fancy graphical interfaces in almost every case.

* Programming Languages:
1. Haskell
2. Agda
3. Erlang
4. Idris
5. Standard ML

I *love* functional programming languages and type systems. If I could work all day playing with these, I'd be happy for as far as I can see.
The six things I could never do without
1. Affection
2. Computing
3. Learning
4. Sex
5. Creating
6. Community
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Programming, all of its nuances, and more so over time, its relationship to all things.

Feminism, intersectionality, privilege, gender, identity, and what it means to be human in a society that tries to constrain, box, and silence.

Advocacy, and how to effectively spread knowledge and awareness.

Networking, how to concisely express an idea in 140 characters, and connecting to others on some channel/level.

Self-development, what I want to do with my life, how I affect those around me, and why I am the way I am right now.
On a typical Friday night I am
Winding down from a long week of work. I'll usually stay at home, catch up with dears, read, talk with friends over IRC, and perhaps take some time to work on personal projects/writing.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I haven't used shampoo, soap, or conditioner in over two years. My skin and my hair have both grown to be healthier than ever before. I still use hand soap when preparing food, though.
You should message me if
You want to talk. I'm open to long distance relationships. Tell me about your world. I'd love to learn from you, and maybe I've got something interesting to share, too.

You identify as queer or queer-friendly.