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My self-summary
I can't see your don't do that, dammit. lol! You should click this off if you don't believe in global climate change or if you think creationism should be taught side by side with evolution. I won't take too kindly to that..........just sayin' ;)
This will filter out about 68% right off the bat, but you would find that out anyway...LOL! Also....I'm just going to put this right out there: I like very masculine, secure butch you have no problem being kind...sensitive macho. If it's next stop Gaysville, I will figure it out-even if you haven't. Not that my Gaydar is 100% (I have had some very tough acting boyfriends that turned out to love operettas and staring at the guys' backsides when they thought I wasn't looking....sigh..) Funny now, but super-irritating at the time. Yeah, I have stories. Tried the whole candybox, poked around for the solid caramels by pushing through, avoided the liquid cherry ones and overly sprinkled ones when I could. You get it. Please don't try to make me dress like a confection. My gay guy friends love that shit. I let them for fun, but with you I love jeans, boots and your shirts and belts if they fit. I love sleeping in a guy's boxers, truth be told. That's how I roll. i will get all pretty for ya- and I like that once in a while- but I can get ready pretty fast. I'm just more of a natural person who takes care of herself. I look young for my age and i tend to date down. Lots of energy. If you try to make me watch t.v. sports and waste a beautiful day, i might have to kill you There. I said too much. I can be funny. Sometimes with an eyebrow.

I made my move to Brookings, Oregon recently and am involved with environmental issues. I find that I have more in common with the west coast dreamers..If you understand that Brian Wilson is pretty sophisticated and layered and that Don't Worry Baby is deceptively simple and is full of sadness and melting beauty...then you might get me. That is bringing me closer to my birthplace- if there is a place for me. I am thinking there is.....

That said, my humor here is described as clean, spontaneous, dark..and that might be why the east/west coasters like me.....That made me laugh since I'm a bit more light than dark. A little more kind... Anyway, I am an aquatic creature- swimming, running on trails, soft touch for animals, a loving nature, enjoy growing plants- just love the whole creative process. That is where I am in my element- improving things about me. Want something better for the planet. Yes I rescue animals- all of the time. Red squirrels, racoons, warblers, chipmunks, bugs, cats and dogs. i will probably be part of an wildlife rehab center down the road- once I get settled.
What I’m doing with my life
Reading Sapiens by Noah Harari and loving it, Hiking the Oregon coast, meeting new people, living and learning.
Kayak guide in training, started gardening business, teaching in the fall. I would love to cycle through the desert and camp with a cool guy who knows how to make a nice fire or has no problem with cheap hotels and hot showers. i like a good story for later......
I’m really good at
Problem solving-intuitively, initiating conversations with strangers, swimming, being welcoming, growing plants, greenhouses, being curious, finding the coolest stuff at second- hand shops and handing it over to others because I'm probably an idiot and you might need it more, talking about ideas and making them happen, beach running, community organizing. Avid swimmer of lakes and hidden streams....yes I go all the way across! (You could kayak next to me or swim too). I am also a good partner -loyal, loving, adventurous. Don't believe in competition with friends or lovers. I don't avert my eyes from the homeless- and neither should you......I'm no Pollyanna, I'm a bit of an intrinsically feminine force who drives a truck (for the greenhouse and back roads. Otherwise my bikes).
The first things people usually notice about me
I have a good laugh and I smile and laugh often... perhaps that I am taller, fit, mannerly ( despite what this site says)! I am also friendly to strangers, but have my quiet moments. Passionate about things environmental. You become what you do....
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I think what would be more compelling would be to share how these books, movies, music, etc. have shaped me or inspired me to live more fully or to be a better person.. Jane Austen-Pride and Prejudice. Mr. Darcy...I would entertain a Mr. Darcy to my Elizabeth Bennet.

Desert Solitaire.-Edward Abbey. I read him when i was young. It was his best writing about the southwest. I came to appreciate the harsh beauty and was heavily influenced by his straight talk and fierce stance on environmental issues. Barbara Kingsolver, Ann Patchett-State of Wonder. Chet Baker because, just because he's so blue and then there's Miles. Wild (I was that kid). Loved it. John Irving because Owen Meany was so fully realized as a character and I grew to love him and wept for hours when he died, like I lost a good friend. Louise Erdrich/Last Report because she wrote this gender-bending shock of a book that was funny, profoundly sad, poetic and mesmerizing. You could find yourself in those pages. Mary Oliver because she connects the reader so deeply with the natural world, you want to protect all things. She is able to appeal to a wide range of people- and small children get it too. N.Y. Times- for the long form essays and articles.They do this part well. I learn about complex issues from good writers/journalists. Conservation Volunteer because the writers care about creating a sense of place, Ranger Rick (not kidding), anything Werner Herzog. He's kind of a jerk sometimes with his subjects. I loved his movie on Antarctica. Local Hero, Network, not t.v., This American Life, Breaking Bad-I loved to watch Jesse. I had a younger brother very much like him.... Don't you love Saul??? He makes me laugh...Zombies-the band -fucking a! Viggo Mortenson, Julian Schnabel's films, enjoy all kinds of music-not commercial country, Love Steely Dan. You have to love Aja with a passion or we can't hang- the musicians are so California, Tom Petty- would love to see him. He used to skateboard...maybe still does, I keep crawling back to you, Dylan, Ray LaMontagne, Ryan Adams, Jeff Buckley, Emmylou Harris (Wrecking Ball with Neil Young backing her up is heartbreaking from beginning to end), Gillian Welch- I like the melancholic types. Ween-makes me laugh out loud with the boys, just stupid..... Patti Smith, Black Keys because they're excellent musicians, Rufus Wainwright, Cat Power, Johnny Cash (now and when I was a kid-the hardscrabble life and his amazing show my dad forbade me to watch, but i would him, adore him), Greg Allman lately, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppellin-they were such a large part of my growing up experience.androgynous, sexy lead singer. i love rock and rollers. I've been running to this, Bruce Springsteen early stuff, Journey-I love steve perry's voice, Marvin Gaye-you have to love him, Al Green on and on.. Pretty much a free-ranger when it comes to music. 20 Feet From Stardom was a start of a movie.....
The six things I could never do without
swimming, dental tape, music of crickets, s.p.f. 100, the perfect pillow, swim fins, coops, smoked salmon, seed packets, my artist friends, my Bianchi -the old mint green one.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
soulful connections, warming trends, what the republican haters are trying to do, water quality and crises, having a trusty boyfriend who loves adventure and knows how to cook, is physically fit and loves the outdoors, ideas and spirited conversations. Hey, if you seriously watch FOX, please keep moving. Football freaks, snowmobile guys, hunters, non-readers, ASSCAR, let's not waste time......Not my deal. Really.
On a typical Friday night I am
Coming down off the week. Regenerating. Listening to music. Swimming, steam room with head in the clouds eyes closed.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm fairly private. I don't kiss and tell- even when surrounded by an intimidating pack of women around a campfire.....I love men-especially if they make me laugh when i might be on the verge of crying. what can i say, i love them.

I'm spiritual in my own way....soulful. i think this site's robot doesn't get me. He's pretty white bread in his parameters. Little dickhead. lol!
You should message me if
you like to read and share ideas. I love people who are creative and can make those ideas reality. Also. if you are really messy and disorganized, that's fine for you.....I like creative disarray myself but don't want your chaos to flow into my life. If you understand the art of negotiation and problem solving and can turn that inward- trying to creatively get to the yes...well that's something. Cold treatment? Total turnoff. No chicks dig that. Can you braid hair? Paint toenails? Have meaningful conversation that sorts to ideas? If you have a loving nature and can make me laugh-big points for that....'cause truth be told-women dig guys who are funny and disarming as well as charming. If you can't crack a smile at a fuzzy rescue kitten in my arms because you're a cat-hater---oh my god, no. lol! Felines are cool and 1/2 wild you know.