27 Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
key points of interest:
semi-fluid & queer around the edges
a cuddle-monster
highly perceptive, yet oblivious
light/dark/weird/antisocial-social butterfly
playfully serious, seriously playful

main social hobbies include (but are not limited to) getting deep into the underground dance scene when I need my bass fix and exploring the city (there's still so much here and beyond in Cascadia I want to experience!) when I'm feeling adventurous. Barcades, board game cafes, long walks in parks (Ravenna! Discovery! Magnusen! Arboretum!), art walks/films, OmCulture/ecstatic dances, trekking Pike Place markets, thrift store hunting, deep conversations, nerding out, stumbling into friends and mysterious connections, soaking in the beauties that surround me...

personal hobbies include (but are not limited to)
learning all the things,
dancing/stumbling/losing myself/playing my heart out through music, designing/learning instruments (& fabrication eventually), slowly advancing in the art of dj, practicing healthy self-care and -love, soaking in art that whispers and shouts at the beholder across the void, playing space-related/fantasy/super hero video-games, collecting Magic cards (I don't play much--I love the occasional duel, but I probably need to go through them and make some decks again), thinking all the thoughts and feeling all the feels.

I prefer more me time than social time. I am involved in only a few circles of my community of friends. I tend to stick to my own interests as far as what I put my energy into. I have tried to change this over the years in myself by engaging in more activities and behaviors that embraced a more connected lifestyle...

Currently in my journey, I live in a tiiiiny room in an urban intentional community with 12 other people in a 10-bedroom house+guest house. Me in a nutshell, is a lot of contradictions or paradoxes such as the above, occupying one spacetime.

I could always write/say more, but the words would still only be text and pixels on a screen. Real life is better! Obviously, I will/might definitely digitally correspond with you should you/I so desire to feel it out first~
What I’m doing with my life

being a Jordan

you know, just derping

I kid. I am not sure how to really answer this.
I am trying to build a long, rich life. A way to transcend my limits and join the collective to support a more connected and healthy civilization by organizing a long-term plan to build a non-profit sanctuary/ institution of knowledge, and acquiring skills and experiences conducive to the above

other than that, I am letting life unfold and surprise me... there are many stories to weave between now and then :::)
I’m really good at
being "weird"
chilling out
being an INTJ/ESFP mashup/train-wreck
making the occasional bulletproof coffee
splitting infinities
sexy-time things
getting distracted/being super productive
--sometimes I don't suck when I sit at the piano in my living room.
not freaking out in emergencies
general mediation/counseling/listening
seeing patterns of all kinds in way too many dimensions
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
some favs on my shelf right now:

The Kingkiller Trilogy by Pat Rothfuss (inc.)
The Codex of Souls by Mark Teppo (inc.)
Jump 225 Trilogy by David L. Edelman
the Priscilla Hutchins series by Jack McDevitt
Larry Niven, Frank Herbert, Ursula Le Guin, Greg Bear
Keyboard Player's Chord Bible
The Essential Enneagram
various writings of Kahlil Gibran & Rumi

Series I have either recently completed, am currently binging, or deserve an honorable/eternal mention in my pantheon:
Avatar/Korra, Rick & Morty, Adv.Time, Steven Universe
Sense8, Farscape, GR's Andromeda, the Stargate:s,
Xena/Hercules, Charmed, The Secret World of Alex Mack

A few handfuls of my favorite films in some peculiar order:
Contact, The Fifth Element,
FernGully: TLRf, Pocahontas, Brother Bear,
The Secret of Kells, Lilo & Stitch,
Kiki's Delivery Service, Nausicaa, etc.,
AKIRA, Ghost in the Shell, Cowboy Bebop,
TRON (& Legacy), The Fifth Element,
Being John Malcovitch, The Warriors of Virtue,
The Neverending Story, The Dark Crystal,
Matilda, The Craft, Pan's Labyrinth,
"Yer a Jedi, Malfoy!"
Pretty much any 80's or 90's action, thriller or dramedy
Pretty much everything with Jim Carrey or
Robin Williams,
The Matrix anthology, Cloud Atlas
Phenomenon, Powder,
Constantine, The Tree of Life,
The Fountain, Sunshine
The flippin' Power Rangers Movie, yea that's right.
The first 4 English Pokemon films.
The Fifth Element, Contact, The Fifth Element
The Fifth Element

Yes, I am also a jedi and a pancanon trek fan.
No, I swear I'm not that crazy.
Just a little obsessive about really good stuff! Sometimes I'm more into a film's theme and ideas than it's actual writing.
Also, shout out to the entire Marvel universe reboot. Yo dawg!
Speaking of which,

Pshh, food is for chumps.
The six things I could never do without
besides Maslow's Needs, here are three more sets!

bass music
other people's pets
my synth && all the chords
books/the Internet/really fucking good quotes & passages
healthy skepticism/my probing curiosity!

hilarity injector
generosity engine
cuddle maximizer
connective modules

messy hair
the bus
I spend a lot of time thinking about
mindbodycloud, go! I choose you!

dance love sound chords elements language emergence patterns numbers emotions love desire sex respect society sigils culture choice oppression psychoanalysis love suppression anxiety trauma healing soul-recognition harmonic-resonance love structures-of-matter energy time space illusions integrality the-Tao absurdity love food food-forests forests ecosystems wind meteorology geology cosmology/astrophysics exponential-growth running stretching climbing flying!!--phew! and breathing~

tracking life as a series of co-dependent variables through abstraction within complex functions defining the matrices of reality. yep.

(The following is a spontaneous sample of the delicate lace my mind might knit, when I allow the nonsense to emerge. I want to delete it though because I don't actually think about this that often and obviously it's too long and verbose.)

(cats+cats)/(2cats-2cats)=zero cats??? whyyyynooo kitties!!
because order of operations! if it was instead written,
cats+cats/(2cats-2cats) , then
1 + 1/0cats , therefor
Two complex infinitely undefinable cats.
The Universe just can't handle that much radical potential, it would probably create another Big-Bang event and wipe this one out with an existential shockwave. But this is the kind of reason why syntax and calculus was invented, you know? To prevent cats from becoming too infinite. Problem is I don't think it worked and only made the situation worse, because symbols amplify subconscious beliefs--of course! What's a person to do in the face of such fearsome cat oblivion?? Make/post cat pics/vids, duh. It captures the essences of the infinite cats into 1's and 0's that have a discrete existence and thus subject the infinite cats to transformations that render them at least finite, yet still deity-like. This is my only explanation for the rabid fandom of material produced & published for "animal lovers". It comes from a deep subconscious level, the equilibrium urge to create leverage in order to fulfill order over the entropy of meaning from becoming 100% complex infinitely undefinable cats. This is what it really means when they say, "eerything is connected yo"; life is a struggle because of how overpowered cats are in this existence. if you worship them, though, everything is dynamically fixed and all your sins are given.

Alternately, Ceiling Cat actually is watching you masturbate! (with consent)
Mostly just because he is a suave, sex-positive voyeur.
But more importantly Ceiling Cat is also watching you not adopt homeless kitties that need your love and support!
On a typical Friday night I am
arting, writing, composing, imagining, dreaming, trying on outfits, dancing, making mixes, spending time with housemates, friends, and cuties, thinking about the next secret music gathering...or probably working.

For real tho, reality check: I'm really weird. I like to enjoy myself, and I am nerdy as fuck. I might seem like a sane normal human but there are just things and ways that don't usually occur to me. I support and broadcast positive, constructive, transformative vibes.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm pretty open about my stuff :P

1. Having an OKC profile helps me keep my shit together!
(No, seriously. The process of writing and forcing myself to reflect what I objectively and subjectively represent is one of the few ways I know of to stay coherent and observe my flux across time. So it's important to me and I make sure to do it every so often.)

2. At age 7, once I was diagnosed with ADD, I began to develop an intense mistrust of institutionalized medicine. Internally I decided to develop my own authority of mental well-being and focused on how to manage and harness my faculties.

3. It still makes me blush and turn rubbery and giggly when someone I like says I'm anything nice. Probably literally anything. I haven't tested this or whatever though. I mean it happened again so I'm pretty sure this is a thing and I am just cute so I should stop stressing it :D
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