49Dublin, Ireland
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My self-summary
Right, I had a profile on here about a year ago, realised there was no one on it in the same country as me, so I left. Back again and the place is teeming. Which is good.

With great cheekbones comes great responsibility, I will write a bit more when the Muse strikes.
What I’m doing with my life
conventional sort of working hours, increasing a little as I get further into the realms of self employment. Then there's making time for my friends and family and keeping the mind and soul and body together thing, and then there's this!

Current recreational project - writing up last year's adventures in narrative form, which gets distributed to all my pals in due course.
I’m really good at
wondering why

remembering stuff that I know I am meant to remember, or stuff that interests me from the start.

listening to people,


making connections between ideas quickly

making people laugh - though this can depend on the person and it tends to be reactionary or response driven. I wouldn't make a great stand up comedian, but it might be fun to try. On the other hand I would imagine that I would make a reasonable pit writer on a team.
The first things people usually notice about me
I am not what they expected, but there seems to be a massive variation on that - older, younger,"really, you don't look like a....(fill in surprising profession here)"

If I am wearing The Purple Suit, then it's usually the purple suit. But that's not too often. If I am dressed as a giant penguin, then it is probably that (but that's even less often). Girls tend to notice the shoes.

I am not great at small talk, but can do big talk well and I am a good listener.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
going through a glut of non fiction at the moment. I think the last novel I read was Zero History, which is a thriller about industrial espionage and hijacking history.

I sense the need to start into a historical trilogy I got years ago and never got around to reading, but at the moment I find myself more likely to write than read.

Movies - I wrote a list of 12 fave moives in 1993, and I suspect that most of them are still there. Recently I copied a friend's new year's resolution to list 12 movies that I haven't seen but should have because people talk about them (disclosure: I have never seen Citizen Kane etc) and work my way through them one by one. A great exercise in entertainment and an insight into popular opinion. You know what? The Shining does nothing for me at all.

Shows? Do they mean concerts? Plays? Hmmm. I saw U2 on Zooropa and don't think I will ever see anything like it again. On the other hand, I saw Adam Ant in the Olympia 10 years after he was in the charts and it was magnificent - he played like a man who knew the future of his soul for eternity depended on what he did for the next 90 minutes.

I would love to see Joni Mitchell in concert. I think she's the only one still playing/still alive that I haven't seen that I want to.

I'm vegetarian, but I'm not a nut. Do watch what I eat generally though.
Six things I could never do without

I think reducing the list to 6 would be interesting but knowing my tendencies to talking and thinking, it would take far too long. Let's hope I never have to do without anything that I can't do without.
Actually, I have no big diffs with Mondays either, so that's another opportunity to inspire Bob Geldoff to write a song about me out the window.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the oddness of what is going on around me and my role in it. Like when I was taking a photo of the Grand Canyon and another tourist alerted me to the fact that a squirrelly chipmunk thing was nibbling at my groceries.

When I went to eat my tea that night I figured that he had actually gnawed through the plastic of the bag of carrots but the carrots seemed ok, so I had them with greek hummous and snap peas. Then I wondered the next day if squirrels carry rabies.

Turns out the leaflet they give you on the way in says "Don't feed the squirrels. They bite and carry rabies, hantavirus and Plague". I had to be physically restrained from googling Hantavirus. I don't know much about Plague or Rabies either, but I figure there isn't much upside to them.

About 2 days later I concluded that if the world's top tourist attraction was really infested with plague carrying vermin, the authorities would be more proactive than putting up signs saying "don't feed the squirrels".
On a typical Friday night I am
enjoying what ever activity I began on my Friday afternoon off!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I once spent a lot of money to smell like Winston Churchill and I was on Japanese TV once, talking about different kinds of apple juice - that's just wierd though, not especially private.

(I am not admitting too much here, but I am reasonably open to admissions in person.)
You should message me if
You like to do fun things, but think it might be more fun to do them with someone else.

You think convention needs to be modified/challenged/ignored/justified now and again, but largely live in the same world as most of the people that don't.

You are interested in a relationship, and a fairly conventional one. I appreciate there are plenty of girls here still looking to join a motorcycle gang, run away with the circus or meditate with the Dali Lama for a year or you're looking for casual liaisons, one nighters, threesomes and beyond and that's fine, but it's not particularly what I'm looking for or offering.
The two of us