42Brooklyn, United States
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My self-summary
Unabashed film nerd and hopeless music geek. Affectionate wise-ass; tactile, facetious. Ardent educator and perpetual student.

Polyamorous and sex positive. Expressor by nature.
Lover of conversations that start when it's light and end after it's gotten dark (or vice verse).

A friend once said, "Dating is like a box of cereal; you've got to sort through the flakes if you want to find a prize." I thought that was fairly apt.

Optional: Below is something I wrote as a goof once, and liked enough to include here. If reading it amuses you as much as writing it amused me, we may get along.


Dear Potential Online Match,

Okay...what do you need to know about me? Well, I have no ambition and no talents to speak of. I never go to the gym, and am *woefully* out of shape; I breathe heavily, like a pug-dog in heat, whenever I have to lift myself off the couch in effort to retrieve another tub of mint choco-peanut butter ice cream.

But, thankfully, I have terrific fashion sense; stained undershirts and torn boxer shorts grace my gnarly form, as well as my apartment floor, which is what I use for a closet, since my actual closet is filled to the brim with X-Files paraphernalia (Mulder is GOD), old David Bowie mix tapes, and even older Nintendo and ColecoVision parts.

Let’s see...what else, what else, what else...oh, YEAH! I'm a LOUSY LAY. Terrible lay. I never give a single thought to "her pleasure". I'm really a selfish lover. It's all about ME, ME, ME. But, on the bright side, I can go for a full minute and a half, wheezing like St. Bernard with a collapsed lung all the while, before falling asleep.

Oh, and I'm hung like a kitten on a cold day.

So. If you are enticed by what I've typed here, then I hope you'll respond and tell me something SEXY about yourself. Meanwhile, I'm off to not shower, not brush my teeth, and waste as much time as humanly possible.

Stay out of prison!

Your Potential Match,

- D. "please call in 'Mulder' in bed" P.

p.s. In your response, please say something encouraging. My mother really wants this to work.
What I’m doing with my life
"Making movies, writing songs, and fightin' 'round the world."

I'm a filmmaker, musician, and vocal instructor/voice trainer. I'm just wrapping up final post for a feature-length drama that I wrote, produced, and directed. It's my baby, so I'm pretty excited about it.

In addition, I'm currently expanding my voice training studio in Brooklyn and building a combined video/recording studio. Upon completion, I'll be shooting a comprehensive video series on voice training and performance, which I'm planning to release this coming year.

I'm lucky; I love what I do, and I get to feel like what I contribute makes a worthwhile difference in people's lives. On the side, I'm working on an album of original music, which I plan to start recording this winter.

I also produce and narrate audiobooks for the blind with a non-profit in my spare time. It's an awesome organization...they've been doing great work in the same location since 1931. Over 85 years! I think that's pretty bad-ass.
I’m really good at
Surprising you with a trinket or outing based on something you mentioned liking in passing weeks or months previously. Also, I do a slew of stupid human tricks. I can do an impression of Edith Bunker that'll knock your socks off, and will do an eerily accurate Hannibal Lecter that'll bug you out (but only if you ask me to). I can also make my eyeballs vibrate, which may sound freaky (and it probably is), but it makes my niece and nephew giggle like crazy.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm an open book -- you just need to know which pages to read.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I don't love making lists; I always feel like I'm leaving way too much out. But as a cinephile, music fanatic, bookworm, and fan of great food and drink, I love talking about those which move me and enrich my life. I'm drawn to work that surprises me, makes me feel, and makes me think. If you'd like to know more about what I like, please, ask away.
Six things I could never do without
I suspect I could live without most anything if I needed to. But a few things I'd sure miss if they were suddenly gone:

Great food and real beer
Film, music, books, other art in its many forms
My guitar
Meaningful connections with empathetic, facetious, self-aware people.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Things like this...

"To borrow from the cliché, there are many "us"-es...fragments that make up who we are as a whole; bits and pieces that resemble a complete person when looked at only from a certain angle. We sometimes tend to pass different fragments off to different people as the whole "us" -- and most of those people cooperate beautifully by only looking at us from that precise angle that makes the two dimensional representation look like a whole self. It's a wonderfully symbiotic cooperative of half truths; an unspoken and unacknowledged rule of conduct between those who pretend to see, and we who pretend to be seen."
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm extremely tactile. I like to touch, and be touched. I'm like a cat; if you pet me in just the right spot on the back of the head or neck, I melt.

If you'd like to hear something more private that that, you'll have to work for it. Or, just ask. ;)
You should message me if are someone who loves to laugh. Wise-asses with sharp wits are welcomed and encouraged. possess a sense of adventure. Whether that means traveling, learning a new language, trying a new cuisine, jumping out of an airplane, or just wandering around new parts of the City, and getting lost on purpose...preferably punctuated with stolen kisses on street corners. possess a love for great conversation and debate; you're someone who can sit around for ages, discussing all topics, from the significant to the mundane. I'm a big fan of smart people who can disagree with me.
The two of us