68New Orleans, United States
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My self-summary

That's the main thing. We can 'think' we might or might not like a person we're looking at. That helps… that 'visual' chemistry. But there's all that other stuff… that happens later.

So… do you and I have… 'chemistry'?

My 'Love Language Profile'.
My results… from February 19, 2013:

Receiving Gifts: 0
Acts of Service: 3
Physical Touch: 9
Quality Time: 9
Words of Affirmation: 9

What about YOU?

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I think that the people who know me would say that I'm humble and caring… engaging, 'uplifting', spirited, tender & humorous. My imagination, creativity and playfulness still have that 'childlike' quality that, to me is very interesting and desirable. I love to entertain. I love cheering people up. And it seems to me that lots of people like that about me.

I'm secure… and insecure. There are different 'situations', you know. But those things are what we will learn… about each other.

WORD COUNT: 437737

I'm looking for someone 'special'... who thinks that I'm 'special'. I don't want to just find 'a date' for social events. We've all been in relationships that just didn't work. It takes some special 'chemistry' for it to last.

We all have 'evolved' to become who we are. So, styles and traits… are 'learned'… developed. Notice the wide range of looks/styles in the photos of people on POF. Some people 'look' like they'd be just right for you… others don't.

I'm not looking for the 'hot', sexy photo. I'm not much into 'glamor' or 'sophistication'. So much of that is an 'act'… a way to survive… in that certain way… with those certain people.

I'd much prefer someone who's humble, a little shy and 'down-to-earth'. To me, that's VERY sweet… and strong. I think I'd prefer someone who didn't have to wear lots of make-up in order to feel 'ready' to go out. I love a 'natural' woman.

It's important that you and I are affectionate… and playful. I'm a warm, passionate guy… and I love that in a woman. I'm a sensual, sexual guy... but I don't need that to be the first 'point of interest'.

I like being 'playful' (you know, to 'lighten the atmosphere'). But, dislike dishonesty or 'playing games'. That's offensive. We each deserve more respect.

I love to communicate, and that alone can be really satisfying. I'm considerate and honest.

Okay... a 'snapshot' of my life >>> I'm a New Orleans native. Catholic schools... some college... a tiny bit of stage acting… some singing in rock bands... a 30+ year career in graphics design... two short marriages (about 17 years apart)... no kids.

I've been divorced since Hurricane Katrina. Oh, and now, instead of working in the graphics field, I do sales. That's what pays the bills... for now.

Hopefully, I'll get myself back into doing art. I love that. Every once-in-a-while, I can get myself to draw. I really do need to do that more. (My 'muse' would help with that.)

My music background shows up a lot in my 'everyday' life. I love to sing... even if it's only in the car. I 'goof' about rap, but I don't really like it. The rhythms in rap are what I like (I used to play percussion). I love classical music. I'm sure I'd be better off if I listened to it more. (I know it's 'enriching'.) Of course, I love rock… blues… the music I grew up with. My least favorite form is opera. I joke, "Why is that woman screaming?"

Hey... I LOVE TO LAUGH. The people who know me know that I'm the 'comedian' in the group. I love how much people enjoy laughing with me.

Some people just don't like lighthearted 'play'. They're more 'serious' in style... kinda' dry and 'business-like'... even socially. That's just them. There are always going to be different styles and types in people. You might look at the way I dress, for example, and decide that you don't like 'my style'. Fine. I just don't think it's a good idea for there to be a big 'conflict of styles' if the idea is to develop a loving, happy relationship.

If your response/reaction to me is closer to "NO WAY!", it's a REALLY good idea to... er... exit this bus at the next stop. None of us needs another 'unhappy' relationship. If you think we might be a 'match'...

OUR DATE. I think the best thing is to just meet for coffee or something simple. We just have to have some time together to be social and see where it goes.


Now, back to our program...

I love being in the presence of women I like. At work, I joke with the ladies about feeling like a piece of french bread that fell into some gooooood gumbo.

It's important to me to 'BE'... 'WITH'... someone. That is such a special experience.

I'm fascinated with people's 'stories'...'lives'. I think I'm understanding and supportive. Like my HEADLINE says, I'm a teddy bear who also likes being a little wacky. I appreciate LOTS of artistic expression. So... music, theater, art, dance and MORE are very interesting to me. I enjoy watching HGTV and 'food' television as well as movies, science and history shows... and sports.

Hmmm... what if there's some 'distance' between us? An hour's drive... each way… that day and every day... just for 'travel'... makes a real 'relationship' difficult.
What I’m doing with my life
Mostly, I just go to work and then come home. Here (home) I mostly watch TV (Suze Orman, right now). But I love to watch comedies ('30 Rock', 'The Big Bang Theory'), science shows, football. I like to spend time with my friends... especially the trips to Fox & Hound to watch LSU or the Saints.

I 'think' a lot. I'm fascinated by what's makes people tick. I love to 'notice' people. And I love to communicate. So, I'm involved in several groups at, a great, WORLDWIDE site. (Got an 'interest'? Check out MeetUp. Instead of me explaining it, pleeeeeeease go check it out yourself. It's AMAZING! And remember, there are LOTS of MeetUp groups ALL OVER THE WORLD!)

There are things that I should be doing that I'm not. If you and I get to a place where we're communicating about things, we can talk about it. It's just 'real life'.

UPDATE: In August of 2011, auditioned for the 610 Stompers. I remember, oh so well... the first time I saw da' Stompers. I was standing there, dressed like a woman, waiting for the Buddy D parade to start... and I heard the recorded "Stand up... AND get crunk...". I looked over and saw da' Stompers... all dressed up like they do... dancing in unison. I... WAS... STRUCK... BY... LIGHTNIN', Doll! What they were doing... I wanted to do.

So, I just went through the audition process. I made it into the 'finals', but that's where it ended for me. I just couldn't leap from the couch to the Stompers. But... it was a FANTASTIC experience. Just the brush with the Stompers was a blast. What great ambassadors for New Orleans!
I’m really good at
I'm really good at 'listening'... and communicating. I'm really good at bringing humor to our lives. I'm really good at 'enthusiasm'. I'm good at 'getting the crowd going'. I love for people to have a good time... and I'm willing to 'take it up a notch' by adding my humor and energy.

I'm really good at 'understanding'... and comforting. I'm really good at 'brain-storming'. I'm really good at 'teamwork'. I'm really good at 'encouraging'. I'm really good at 'tenderness'. I love being tender. (Some of the 'up-tightness' in my life comes from me thinking that I'm supposed to be more 'tough'... because so many women say they like 'tough guys'. But, in general, that's not me. You know, we all have to draw the line somewhere.)

I like observing, living and discussing 'life'. And, I like to sing. I haven't done it in a while... but I like karaoke.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm not so sure. I'm guessing that people would notice my smile and my enthusiasm. If they're around me for a little while, they notice that I love to 'create humor'... you know, say and do 'funny' things. I really love that. I think people would notice that I'm considerate... caring and giving. And that I'm open and honest.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I don't read very much. I never did develop a 'reading habit', so, when I read, I'm often so distracted that I have to start over again-and-again. It's really frustrating. And when I read, I really read... the... words... to myself. I wind up reading the way it might be read on an audiobook. Slower than speedy. 'Skimming' is not pleasurable reading for me.

Now that I've made that point... I loved some Kurt Vonnegut books. 'The World According to Garp', 'Slaughterhouse Five', 'Breakfast of Champions'. Of course, I loved 'A Confederacy of Dunces'. I'll stop there. If the idea is to determine if I'm 'bright' or not... just communicate with me.

Movies: 'It's a Wonderful Life' is my all-time favorite film. I still cry when I watch it. Yep... I'm a tender-hearted guy. I can be kinda 'hard' sometimes, but I'm mostly sensitive. I also love 'Groundhogs Day', 'The Best Years of Our Lives', 'The Godfather', 'Goodfellas', 'My Cousin Vinny', 'Pirate Radio', 'The Man Who Would Be King', 'Moonstruck' and many more.

TV: Lots of HGTV and FOOD/COOKING Network shows, "Malcolm in the Middle", FOOTBALL!, "American Pickers", "Grimm", "TOSH.0", "Family Guy", "American Dad", "King of the Hill", "The Simpsons", documentaries, science shows... and more. I DON'T like shows like "Survivor" and "Big Brother". I avoid that stuff. It freaks me out that TV shows like that will teach people the value of manipulation. And the fact that some people LOVE those shows... 'concerns' me.

Music: Some classical stuff, music of the 50s-70s (Sinatra, Beatles, MoTown... whew!). I did some little theater work many years ago. So, even though I almost never listen to it, I do like show tunes. I like LOTS of different kinds of music. Even if a particular type isn't a 'favorite', I can still enjoy listening.

Food: I love Thai food, pizza, pastries, watermelon, fried chicken, a great salad (mmmmmm... olive salad + _____)... and so much more.

Whewwwwww... I'm tired of writing! Now it's YOUR turn!
Six things I could never do without
Love. (Even the thought of it keeps me going).

Beauty. (Of course, that's in the eye of the beholder. It's available in lots of forms. I just know that I love for my breath to be taken away).

Emotion. (Why would I not want to be moved to laugh... or cry?)

Flavor. (I'm human. The taste of things really can move me.)

Rhythm. (Yeah... the percussionist in me really likes to be triggered.)

Touch. (Missing that right now.)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Having a relationship with a special woman. Why wouldn't I? That's one of the most important things to me. Without it, I'm just not as happy. I remember great relationships. And I feel sad that I'm just not there right now.

I probably think about it too much. But, it's what/who I am. I jus' LOVE dat stuff!

And I think a lot about what's 'not working' in my life... and what I might do to make things better.

(... more later.)
On a typical Friday night I am
... at home... watching TV. If there's something 'going on', I'll do that. But I don't 'go looking too hard' for something to do. I'm social, girl. But I don't make it important to 'hafta' be out there.

And I'm probably here... at my computer... seeing who's out there.

Hopefully, things like OKCupid will help to add something special to some of my Friday nights.

Okay, not necessarily a FRIDAY night:
I just thought of this and decided it would be a good way to let you know a little more about me...

GREAT TIME: Me and my sweetheart... watching back-to-back episodes of "Big Bang Theory"... eating our favorite Thai food. Yum! ...and Yum again! (And that's before the Thai!) In fact, I'd LOVE a "Big Bang Theory"/"30 Rock" MARATHON!!! Talk about "LAUGH OUT LOUD"......! YEAH!!!

... more later.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
wow. I'm anxious to read what other people have written about themselves. I mean, if it's really 'private', I don't think I'll be broadcasting it here. You understand, right?

One thing that's sorta private is my sense that my life isn't complete without a special someone sharing it with me. It's on my mind most every day. It's so real and so important. I know what a great relationship feels like and I miss that. I know it's in me to have that... to 'be' that. And THAT is what I miss.

... more later.
You should message me if
... you think it's important to you. I'd like to know that it's somehow 'special' for you.
The two of us