41London, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Brrapp!! How to Begin..

Analytical, playful, imaginative, whimsical and risk taking.. I guess I'm an idealist who's starting to learn how to make the ideal things happen in reality and to protect myself when I know that they might not.. well not right away anyhow.

I want to know how things tick, particularly people; how we communicate, the relationships that we form - be that in pairs, small groups, or up to the level of society, politics and culture. Yep! I'm completely intrigued by people and as I'm sure you can imagine, this has led to trouble - like on the occasions when I've gone looking for the reason why a person doesn't quite add up. Hmmmmm! I really must give that up for good : )

(Qualifier: So. You can not add up in a good way ie. you have charming idiosyncracies that make you interesting, or you can not add up in a bad way ie. you have a missing jigsaw piece in your puzzle, generally named awareness.. it took me a while to tell the difference)

The trouble with trouble is that it makes for a great story and although I love a good interesting and funny yarn, these days I like people who are positively rather than negatively anarchic. So the type of people who break the rules in order to do things better, or who take a risk to put something new and good out into the world are my favourite kind. Let your life be your message people!

So. Where were we. Oh Yes. Developing a better instinct for the right kind of person. Right now I'm proud of being empathic, kind sensitive and caring. The fact that I have many good and longstanding friends is testament I think to this.

But enough of the blah. If you're looking for some serious fun, interesting adventures, deep conversations, a warm heart and an electric touch then hit the message button dude!

Oh. And you should also know that I need to be able to talk politics and art with a man before it's game on..

I'm practising for a future appearance on The Late Review Show, you see.. and that's just before I go on to win Strictly Come Dancing.. : )
What I’m doing with my life
Working for a creative writing agency.

Pouring my heart into a theatre company that i set up three years ago, trying to stay centred in the middle of a big city.. exploring cool stuff... Singing, Dancing,

Dancing the Lindy Hop. Looking for a samba band to join. Slowly sculpting my body through yoga.

Um. Trying to find a way of being useful when it comes to climate change and trying not to feel hopeless about it. Singing way too loud in the shower, which borders the hallway of the communal block via a thin wall.. .uh oh... chatting around my kitchen table. loving people to the best of my ability.
I’m really good at
making friends, organising fun things to do, talking, listening, cooking, caring, having ideas (too many sometimes. i find it hard to know which one to follow) staying up too late.... writing... anything except internet dating profiles!
The first things people usually notice about me
A man walked up to me in the pub recently and told me that I had the most elegant hands he had ever seen..

I tend to wave them around quite a lot. My mum used to tell me I had piano fingers.

Great tits? I don't know. Eyes? That my voice is low, sexy and trustworthy, these things have all been commented on..

That I am warm, energetic, laughing and smiling a lot? Apart from when I am hungover, waiting in the cold for a bus or pissed off because I have to work late. Then I am a moody bitch.

Just in case my life was sounding a little too Doris Day!

I'd rather be Bette Davis if the truth be told x
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Half of a Yellow sun and Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche - you've heard of her right? I enjoyed Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates, The Kite Runner by oops, can't remember his name and The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood.

Recent musical obsessions have been Alt-J, Cate le Bon, Tom Odell, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros and Kate Tempest

Films. Loved the Last King of Scotland, Together, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Memento, Nashville, All About Eve, Dirty Dancing (come on! i'm a girl!), Casablanca, Submarine, The Wrestler, Alien, had an obsession with Hal Hartley for a while, Thought Another Earth was the best film I saw so far this year. The list goes on. would love to share film obsessions with someone else. My favourites need shaking up again.

TV. don't watch a lot but have been so pleased to see so many guys list Six Feet Under as one of their top faves. please say hello if you are an SFU fan. you have to be cool!!!

And The Wire, The Wire, The Wire.. so intelligent it blows my mind.

Food. God. I eat healthily most of the time (my mum and sister are both nutritionists) but i love all food, find it hard to resist a chocolate GU and can take it HOT! Am starting to really feel flavour when i cook without the aid of a recipe book.
Six things I could never do without
love, yoga, singing in the shower, culture, the humble telephone, the sea.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Love, sex, orgasms, spirituality, connection, relationship, how men and women can connect meaningfully and healthily, creative expression, what leads to a satisfying and meaningful life, how to balance security, health and money with adventure, freedom and creativity. Whether or not I want children. Who will tell my stories when I am older if I don't have kids. Will I ever write the novel I think I have inside me. How to follow my intuition. How do science and alternative philosophies meet. How to welcome as much love as possible into my life.
On a typical Friday night I am
Post work drinks, the cinema, the theatre, round at a friend's for dinner or staying in.. friday night TV does have a slight edge on saturday but who watches TV anymore anyhow?

Saturday night is the night for dancing.. if there is any to be done ; )
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I went through a recent phase of listening to Elton John!

Um. And I voted Lib Dem in the last election : ( I know, stone me now!!

Oh. And I am actually 41, I dropped the age on my profile to see what would happen and when the number of hits went up it started to get difficult to change it back. Well. There we have it. Switch off now if your perspective is so limited that you can't imagine being with a woman over 35. You will be missing out though!!
You should message me if
You are intelligent, strong. know your own mind. are looking for a real relationship and not just sex. Are funny, can be crazy and silly, like adventure, have integrity and think i look like a fun, interesting person to hang out with.

But here's the deal. Without wanting to be heightist, or any kind of body fascist I have to tell you that I am really only into men who are at least a couple of inches taller than me, and with broad shoulders. And don't think you can lie! It's like.. where or how can you possibly loose an inch from your height?!! Your waist might find one or two but your legs don't shrink now do they..?

Um. A little big negative to finish and sorry if you got to the bottom and find you just don't fit the bill.

What can I say? Not very much. But.. I hope you too find what you are looking for.

Bisoux x x x
The two of us