33Grand Rapids, United States
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My self-summary
Up at electric forest this weekend working! Get in touch if you are here too!
i am a big man, everything about me is big. big personality. big dreams. big love. big heart. big expectations. big hope. big ego.

i do not do well with first meeting people i do not trust well. i have been beaten down in past relationships and and have not yet managed to get past the defense mechanisms i built to move past it.

It has left an overly snarky, high-minded sense of humor. I like to go out and have fun in the sun. whether it be the beach, the woods, or just causing some chaos in the neighborhood, just chilling on the front porch with a beer in the late afternoon. Conversation is important to me, friendly banter and assumed view points for the sake of an argument is always fun. I am bit of an oddball, but i digress.

I like to play hard and live harder, the adventure is always just around the next corner, and if you do not press you will never live it. and i view that as the greatest loss in this world people who will not take the adventure. wont bother with the quest. it is always its too hard or i am scared. life is meant to be lived! and i love living life. and am searching foe the one to share that with.

i am not good at first meeting people. it leaves people thinking i am shy or worse rude. i do not understand the concept of the icebreaker. so please if interested contact me.

our world is changing as of monday may 16 2011 we no longer have 4th amendment protection rights. this was ruled by our federal supreme court. if this does not concern you, stop reading and move on.
What I’m doing with my life
Fresh tattoo work!

I love my job, union stagehand, i get to work with big venue concerts and live theater, and with the boon in movie making in our state I have acquired new and fun skill sets, playing with that.

but when there is no work i compete in my sport? i compete in a full contact medieval battle game Belegarth, I run the local group, kingdom of northlands, for practices, training, recruitment, and so on. yes that does mean i am the king of northlands. it is my reason to get up in the morning.

otherwise I am just trying to fix my house up, and have as much fun with my friends as possible.

NEWS FLASH! 8•14•12
I have been meeting with producers and am finally in preproduction for making my own combat film!
I’m really good at
my job.
being me.
living my life.
swinging a sword.
making an ass of myself.
not typing with capitals, i usually forget punctuation as well.
The first things people usually notice about me
that shnozz. and like my hero it is pretty well useless. and if you can name that damn near 2 meter tall author bonus points...

most people cannot identify it but most of the time i am not standing up straight not that i am slouching but i am always in a slight crouch....
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
one category for all these topics?
Books: Hitchhikers trilogy, anything from Ben Bova, Spider Robinson, or Robert A. Heinlein. the art of war, any precepts on philosophy or radical theory, exiles trilogy, pendragon cycle from S.R. Lawhead, best scifi i have ever read Decision at Doona from anne mccafrey.
Movies: Braveheart, Apocolypto, 12 Monkeys, the Chaos Experiment, the big hit, brotherhood of the wolf, the terentino collection, dark crystal.
Music: Live, Dylan, Eagles, Third eye blind, steeley dan, our lady peace, talking heads, joe cocker, big brother and the holoding company, megadeath, mudvayne, disturbed, kid rock, nickleback, dream theater, lsotprophets, hankIII, U2, ozzy, i think you get the picture.
Food: 15 years in the food service industry has left me with a great appreciation for great food.
Six things I could never do without
1. my Hands
2....nope that is it
I spend a lot of time thinking about
the coming of the end, the beginning of new, where to go from here, where i left my towel, how i can do better, how i can help my friends do better, where i left my lighter, world domination, why it is i cannot find a girlfriend, where i left my keys, whatever i am reading, how to better run my kingdom, where i left my wallet, when am i getting paid, when is the next gig, where did all the dolphins go, and the ever important WHEN IS LUNCH?

why is i cannot find someone to fill the hole in my life. there is a distinct gap in the ability of anyone i encounter to articulate a coherent thought let alone argument. i am not that intelligent as to not be able to speak with a dull individual or form an argument they can understand.
On a typical Friday night I am
not generally a friday my weekend comes when it does...
1.In the middle of the woods somewhere with a bunch of friends getting drunk and swinging swords.
2.At Work.
3.chilling at home with friends.
4. at the bar watching the wings game
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i shot the sheriff... that's right and i shot the deputy too. you got a problem with that?

I have trouble with being more than foot taller than you... munchkins all of you!
You should message me if
you know how to have a good time, intelligent conversation, thrilling adventures and drink good beer and whiskey.

You are Athena! i seem to get controversy on this. check to see who Athena is you may be surprised...

you want to riot!

You are willing to get me to start running!

You really just want to be friends because i am cool. Just let me know off the bat.
The two of us