36 Ridgewood, United States
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My self-summary
I'm aggressive, and I want you to be, too. No shrinking violets, please. I am also opinionated, outspoken, brash, frustratingly impulsive, and sometimes inappropriate. I often contradict myself. I talk a lot, and can often get carried away and dominate the conversation. I'm mostly just overcompensating for the paralyzing fear I have about being on a date. I'm still listening to you, I swear. I think I'm way smarter than I actually am, which a guy who got straight C's in high school has no right to be. I was once enrolled in graduate school for library science, and the first thing they told me to do was build a website. I said fuck that shit, and dropped out the next day. I have a legit fear of phones, computers, and kindles. I like print, with words on actual paper. I love the smell of books and baseball gloves. I climb trees. I watch black and white movies endlessly, an unhealthy amount of soccer, and Star Trek. The term "Netflix and chill" really bothers me. I love space, and if I could add, I'd be an astrophysicist. I read comic books like a champ, and real books even better. I have several guitars, a keyboard, a harmonica, and I suck at all of them. I'm captivated by all things Irish. David Letterman is, has been, and always will be comedic royalty to me. Indiana is my favorite state in the Union. I like loud rock concerts and quiet jazz clubs. I love going to the ballet, and I'm straight. Crowds give me anxiety attacks. I am not ashamed of online dating, and neither are you.
What I’m doing with my life
Whatever I want, because I'm an adult. Watching a lot of movies. Making a lot of movies. I'm an actor, so you've gotta be ok with that, and me telling you how enlightened I am at interpersonal communication - or being a self involved blow hard - however you'd like to interpret it. . . Running an after school program at an elementary school. Teaching 3 yr olds how to play soccer, which is basically like watching little drunk people fall down. Exploring. Getting lost. Finding my way back.
I’m really good at
Making mistakes. Saying dumb things to you, and not regretting it. Reading your profile from cover to cover. Getting along with toddlers. Brooding like Tom Hardy in Warrior. Constantly injuring myself. Knocking things over. Cleaning up your apartment, even if you don't want me to. Not learning French. Analyzing Superman movies.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm not a jerk. Well, I might be. I don't know. I'd say charming, in that Jack Nicholson in the Shining kind of way.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Are we really gonna get along any better because we both like French film noirs or listen to Jenny Lewis? Probably not. The following is mostly for my own enjoyment of making lists.

Books: Anything about American history, and whatever the New York Times Book Review tells me to read.

The Outsiders
To Kill A Mockingbird
The Late Shift
The Late Night Wars
The Art of Fielding
Team of Rivals
Dream Boogie
Manchild In the Promised Land
Edmund Morris' 3 volume biography of Theodore Roosevelt
Accidental Genius
Hollywood Kryptonite
Native Son
A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius
The Shining
In God We Trust - All Others Pay Cash

Anything starring Jean Gabin or Toshiro Mifune
Stand By Me
The Outsiders
Field of Dreams
To Kill a Mockingbird
A Christmas Story
Say Anything
Its A Wonderful Life
12 Angry Men
In the Heat of the Night
Young Frankentstein
Out Of the Past
Touché pas au grisbi
Le douxieme soufflé
Le Doulos
Red Beard
The importance of being earnest (1952)
Maltese Falcon
One flew over the cuckoos nest
Pee Wees big adventure
Searching for Bobby Fischer
Uncle Buck
Major League
Superman Returns
Karate Kid
Henry V (Branaugh version)

David Letterman (sigh)
Real time w/ Maher
Star Trek (original series)
The Golden Age of Radio (yes, I listen to an old timey radio program, and it rules)
Comedy Central Presents
Sanford and Son
Twilight Zone
Cosby Show (I know)
Charlie Rose
Freaks and Geeks
Leave It To Beaver
the Adventures of Superman
The OC (Newpsies!)

Sturgill Simpson (thank you for existing, Sturgill)
Jenny Lewis
Jason Isbell
Sam Cooke
Jeff Buckley
Peter Gabriel era Genesis
Hank Williams
Chris Stapleton
The National
the Album Leaf
Explosions In the Sky
Beach House
Neko Case
The Replacements
Cocteau Twins
The Drifters
Donny Hathaway
Jackie Gleason's Orchestra
John Coltrane
Keith Jarrett
Vince Guaraldi
Frank Sinatra
Harry Belefonte
Harry Connick
Tom Waits
Merle Haggard
George Jones
Buck Owens
Waylon Jennings
A Tribe Called Quest
Gang Starr
Pete rock and CL Smooth
The six things I could never do without
My soccer addiction (I will miss your wedding, birthday party, and be late for Christmas, if there's a match on)
WTF w/ Marc Maron
A dictionary
Friday night extended museum hours
Film noir/Sci Fi B movies from the 50s
Stage floorboards
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Being more like Lloyd Dobler. Why/how "watching Netflix" has become a thing to do. Playing chess (I never play, BTW). Bowling. Stand up comedy sets. Being on stage. Playing outside.
On a typical Friday night I am
Hopelessly trying to charm you. Nerding it up at the library. Watching a classic film screening at the NY Historical Society as the only non octogenarian in attendance. Any of the free museum hours in the city. Watching the Hoosiers kick Big Ten ass. Rehearsing for a play/movie. Elbowing nerds at Midtown Comics out of the way so I can get to MY comic books. Sitting outside of Grant's Tomb or the Natural History Museum, staring at the illuminated planetarium, saluting Roosevelt's statue, meditating on my existence, and hoping nobody robs me.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I stayed back my senior year in high school for a girl. Voluntarily. The absolute dumbest thing I've ever done. . . I'm sure I would do it again.
You should message me if
You have the same energy, spirit, and playfulness in person that you have when you text me. So often get a different person when we meet. Where did that girl I enjoyed talking to go?? It's really depressing and confusing. You've read my profile, and that's what you're gonna get from me, so don't expect otherwise. I recently went out with a girl, and it was two hours of her being definitively unamused and mildly annoyed with every word out of my mouth. Don't be her. . I can't say I get very excited when someone is living life to the fullest, one day at a time, or any other xeroxed generality. Please have something original and entertaining to say. I like funny, so be that. And, honestly, if you're the type to disappear after a couple of messages, save it. I'm pretty sure I won't say anything stupid enough to merit that (most of the time; I have my blunders), and I'd rather not deal with flakiness. I take the time to read what you've put out there, so if I message you, it's because I'm genuinely interested in starting a conversation with you.