36Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
UPDATE!: So... a lot has changed since '09. I'll update this soon, I guess.

I'm an atheist anarchist looking to make his mark. I'm a chef and gamer extraordinaire, also working on my sommelier qualifications. I'm told I'm something of an asshole, but my friends know I take loyalty and honor very seriously. I bore easily, and that's that.

I LARP (that's a nerdy excuse to pretend you're a vampire for a few hours a week). I'd like to make some intellectual excuse for why this is awesome, but really, its more a community then a game at this point. We have a lot of interior support and it's a huge network of friends. All and all, it's bloody awesome. That's a joke, son...

I moved to Seattle in 2003. I'm rather fond of it; good weather, good people, good scenery. There's an excellent kink scene, a strong poly scene, a bitchin' gamer network and overall I am surrounded by unrelenting awesome. Seattle has been very good to me.

I moved here from Denver, which was significantly cooler then people give it credit for. Definitely a cowboy town, but with very honest, dare I say, 'real' people. Avoid talking religion with the folks out thataway and as a general rule, it's a very good place to be.

I am recently divorced, though still strong in the poly world. I am a born-again non-monogamous; if that isn't your cup of tea I completely understand. I might even enjoy discussing the nuances of such things, but you aren't going to change my stripes as it were. Don't let that stop you if you're curious to get to know me in a pants-on sort of way; one can never have too many friends :)

I am confident, strong, and funny-as-hell. Though my greatest strengths probably lay in my ability to earn loyalty and support of others. I am likely one of the most well loved guys you'll ever meet. Not super fabulous with grammar or humility though. Hey, no one's perfect.
What I’m doing with my life
You know, a few years ago I thought I had some idea on what I was doing with my life or where it would be. Now I think I'd rather just enjoy the ride.

I work hard enough to enjoy the times I don't. I gym. I cook. I sleep. I spend time with my people, and date those who interest me. If there's a better formula for a complete and fulfilling life, I haven't figured it out yet.

Recently, I've started to take wine very seriously and I'm looking at expanding that as a life-long interest as well as possible new career path. Very exciting stuff, actually.
I’m really good at
Oh, I fail at writing profiles spectacularly.

I AM good at: Making folks laugh. Making food. Being generally evil and heartless. I'm good at protecting my family. I tend to excel at puzzles (right up until they piss me off and I toss them across the room). I'm good with people. I'm good at getting what I want. I'm good with rope. I'm really good at surviving the unexpected.

I also suck at bowling, because, as a friend put it I "can't talk the pins into falling down". He's onto something there. The more likely you are to listen to me talking, the more likely you are to agree with me by the time I'm out of breath ;)

OH! And road-trips!
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes or my height. ....possibly the hair...

As a social experiment, I would be delighted to meet a few new people and take some notes on what they notice first. We could collaborate. And I'd return the favor, naturally.

I have some remorse on this as a lovely young lady messaged me about this very experiment, and I didn't get the note for a few months and missed the opportunity to speak to her. If you're out there, mystery lady, I apologize for the rudeness.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
A) Hagakuri, American Gods, Choke, American Psycho; I've read more in the past then I read now. The list has shrunk dramatically over the years as various parts of myself start meaning less and falling away.

B) Fight Club, Yojimbo, Big Lebowski, A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, LayerCake, Unforgiven, A Fist Full of Dollars (Yes, I know that's a remake of Yojjimbo, but its a different flavor and still awesome)... sometimes really bad movies can be good too, just none leap to mind.

C) All, but I'm partial to punk and classical. Really, the trick to making good music is to be angry, or care about something bigger then yourself. Its the passion one pours into their craft that attracts me more then the verses themselves. Hopefully that makes sense without sounding overly pretentious.

D) I LOVE food. I'd put my favorites at sushi and pho; I tend to favor the Asian styles of foods (if you can't tell the difference between Korean and Japanese food, you probably shouldn't bother contacting me). I love Mexican as well as a GOOD Barbecue. 'Classic' foods tend to bore me, but there is something to be said about a good Italian restaurant. Screw it, I love most all foods (except Ethiopian, that stuff rubs me wrong- purple pancakes are NOT silverware).
Six things I could never do without
1) Interesting food.
3) Kinky, adventurous partners
4) My computer
5) Lots of friends to laugh with me.
6) My inquisitive mind.

This question is sort of silly.... the basics should be provided for anyway. Food, water, air, shelter, etc.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I plot a lot. I try to find strange little quirks about the world around me to entertain the moment.

Lately, I've spent a lot of time contemplating the nature of relationships and the incredibly important difference between morals and ethics.

My head never really slows down, much less stop. So, the list of things I spend time thinking about is oppressively expansive; suffice to say I spend a lot of time thinking about random stuff which doesn't form a list in a pretty manner at all.
On a typical Friday night I am
Man, just depends on the week, I guess.

Sometimes I'm in Portland, sometimes I'm gaming in friends, sometimes I'm dating and sometimes I'm just home chilling with my family.

However! I am always on the look out for high adventure! So, if you have awesome suggestions for fabulous ways of murdering Friday nights, I am all ears.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Pssht, I don't have much of a sense of shame or modesty. The real problem presents itself in that 'what am I willing to admit' means I should have some sort of sense on what would be inappropriate. It's better just to ask me point-blank and I'll answer without hesitation nine times out of ten.
You should message me if
You're interesting or cute or funny, or feel the burning intense desire to message me.

Alternately, if you're curious about something listed above feel free to ping me about it. I pride myself on my etiquette and adherence to archaic courtesy.
The two of us