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My self-summary
So many people have the arrogance to believe that the spiritual beliefs and practices that predominate on this Earth are good enough. I strongly disagree with them. I believe we can do a lot to improve the spiritual beliefs and practices(training techniques)that exist here on this Earth and can change the really messed up spiritual environment that exists here as shown by what is happening in this world!!! I have done a lot in this area in the course of a lifetime of extreme focus on the spiritual!

I am very unique (differently abled) with my abilities being extremely concentrated creatively in the spiritual area. I have limited visual memory and finer motor skills. Being unable to retain much visually, limits greatly what I am able to do in this world, since visualization plays a big role in helping one perform in any given area. Most people seem to find that hard to understand! I do not type very fast or last long at a lot of tasks due to my finer motor weakness. Complex movements are difficult(if at all possible) and very tiring. My gross motor skills are excellent. In figuring out myself, I have become really good at understanding people who are not easy to understand. This has helped me to be able to focus really intensely in the SPIRITUAL area. Often those who have lived the most challenging lives achieve an awful lot. I am still focused on achieving a lot more in my life and see my best years ahead of me.

MY FOCUS IS ALL ABOUT IMPROVING THE SPIRITUAL BELIEFS AND TRAINING TECHNIQUES THAT EXISTS ON THIS EARTH. I have done an awful lot of serious/intense experimentation in this area on myself. One needs to really experience the spiritual intensely, in order to really understand it well. Good spiritual training techniques enables one to experience intense spiritual states without being overwhelmed by them. One will feel the need to improve ones spiritual beliefs after one becomes more deeply tuned into the spiritual.

I created my own astrology system over a period of over 30 year(without signs or houses)which is in harmony with my current understanding of the mechanics of how the spiritual works. For more information on me put astrogoodwin into a search engine. Facebook is my central site, where I have links to other sites. I have lots of good blog posts on astrogoodwin/wordpress.

People often have spiritual beliefs(and mind-set) that make them unable to relate to(understand) some one like me. A lot of people are not very open spiritually and will quickly judge(often using poorly programmed/trained intuition) someone like me negatively. To the right person I can be extremely helpful and interesting, to the wrong person I can seem too much to deal with.

I am really good at pushing the edge(push edge everyday with my very intense mind-body exercises-explained in one of my JOURNAL entries) when it comes to the spiritual and want to help bring a higher level of spirituality to this world that is badly in need of improvement in this area, so as to handle the complex an intense problems of this highly technological age we live in now.

I am good to vent on, since I can handle rough emotions very well. My spiritual training techniques were designed with the intent of strengthening my ability to handle really intense and difficult emotions really well, so that I could relate well and empathize with those really struggling in life, and also be able to connect well with the highly emotionally charged issues and problems in this world and the people affected by them.

I am not into wild conspiracy theories or belief systems(not into crazy(unproven) UFO theories about aliens having impacted this planet in the past and present). I am into beliefs that help one to be more effective at dealing with the strong challenges that this physical world we live in gives us. I am not into beliefs that involve escaping from this world or tend to demonize certain groups or sectors of our society. I see the people in position of power as being very much controlled by the collective spiritual energy of those that allow them to retain that power. That there is always others that are willing to work hard in order to replace those in power(in industry or government)if given the opportunity. That the way you change this world is by changing the collective spiritual energy here, so that better people will develop and gain positions of power here. The predominating spiritual beliefs and practices/training is what determines the quality of the spiritual energy that exists in a society or on a planet as a whole.

I have recently made close to 90 YouTube videos with my business partner that will help you to get to know me better:
What I’m doing with my life
I am focusing on my spiritualtraining, which includes using my own type of meditative/mind-body exercises with the focus being on handling differing intense emotions that often are present in any spiritual crisis really well. I focus on emotions while doing meditative and mind-body exercises and believe all the diversity of emotions and feelings are here for a reason and all can be directed in a constructive and positive way. I am not prejudice against certain emotions and do not tune out the hard or difficult side of life spiritually. One can not really make things happen spiritually with out having strong emotion or passion behind what one believes.

This is my really challenging daily routine: Every day, I get up at 3 AM and eat some salted oatmeal to fuel my exercise routine(running a frantic 3/4 of a mile 4 days a week and dumbbell swings 3 days a week), then go back to sleep. Just after 7 AM I warm up doing careful dynamic stretching movements covering all muscles for about 5 minutes total, I then do my run or continue the warm up with some light weightlifting(warmed up using 20 lb dumbbell and arms for about 2 minutes doing all types of movements a few times in standing position), and then do dumbbell swings, and 5 minutes more of stretching, I do as many 2-handed overhead modified(bending elbows when lifting dumbbell over and behind head, with pretty deep squat ) 20 lb dumbbell swings as I can do in a total of 6 minutes nonstop cardio! I do these with my eyes closed at times while breathing in and out 17 times with each dumbbell swing making them extremely difficult and intense physically and spiritually. I do move my head looking down on the high part of the swing and looking up when on the low side of the swing which massages my neck. I cool down after both the run and dumbbell swings with more of the dynamic stretching I did in the warm-up. I also do many meditative walks during the day breathing in and out with each step.

I also am on a really strict/austere diet with 5 small meals a day with no junk food and take
vitamin and mineral supplements. I am lean(5"10" 130 lbs-7/24/15), but I feel extremely healthy physically and spiritually! I believe a austere healthy diet with intense meditative and cardio exercise with the resultant very lean ascetic body type works really well for someone who specializes in the spiritual area!

I can easily gain weight(have done so in the past) even on a healthy diet and exercise, if I did not make the strong effort to restrict calories. My tough diet I believe does tend to keep me quite serious and safe spiritually, which is a good thing, since my differing spiritual beliefs which I express readily do tend to expose me to challenging spiritual energy from those strongly attached to a traditional or popular spiritual mindset. I do believe in a preventive/proactive type spiritual approach. I believe in preventive healthcare as well as preventive type actions to prevent possible problems or future harm. I strongly believe in a very strong connection between the spiritual
and the physical.
I’m really good at
Spiritual development, handling extremely intense emotions, empathy, nutrition, meditative/mind-body exercise, running(3 miles distance), meditation, astrology, dream interpretation, and helping people with spiritual ideas.

I am good at supporting and uplifting people who are really struggling in this world. I am good at changing negative energy into positive energy. I am good at listening to people who others are not strong enough spiritually to listen to. I am good at dealing with the most difficult emotions and am very capable of being able to empathize with people having a really hard time in life and the difficult emotions that come with ones struggle to hang in their in tough times.

I can really tune into the really emotionally charged issues and problems of our time and believe we can develop the spiritual strength to handle these problems a lot better than we are.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Book on nutrition, nonfiction, and reincarnation. Music that has lots of feeling, has positive message, gives insight into how people feel about life and its challenges, music with clear lyrics. Food that makes me healthier.
Six things I could never do without
A place to live, healthy food, spiritual training, access to news and knowledge, a future goal, and people to relate to. My main purpose in life is to make a real positive difference in the spiritual state this world is in. I get pleasure from making a positive spiritual difference in the lives of those I influence. Most of my achievements in this life time are ahead of me. I am not retiring from this world.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I am always thinking about ways to improve on my spiritual beliefs/programming, my diet, and my meditative/spiritual exercises so that I can be able to have more of a positive spiritual impact on this world. I also have to think about my financial situation and my investments related to the money Inherited from my mother. I do not have enough of a work history to qualify for social security retirement due to my limitations and a world not very accommodating to my abilities. So I have to figure out how to make the most of what financial resources I have. I really need some way to market my abilities or at least get charitable donations to support me and the important spiritual cause I represent. I am direct and honest, which I have to be, even if it scare people off that are not capable of understanding someone like me and what I have of value to offer them and the world in the spiritual area.
On a typical Friday night I am
I have the same routine everyday. Not that I would not want to vary my routine if I had good reason to!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
In every way I tend to do things to me physically that tends to have strong spiritual affects on my body. I use my body as sort of an experimental model. I am comfortable with my body and have no problem with nudity.

My whole life has been sort of a very serious type experiment searching for answers and struggling to survive in a world that is not that friendly to a person born as unique as me. I can relate very deeply with people due to all my inner exploration and understand people who are really difficult to understand.

I trust that really hard spiritual work does eventually pay off, and that my ability to be able to bring comfort and emotional support to those who really struggle along with really good spiritual ideas and suggestions will eventually bring the results they deserve.
You should message me if
Message me for any reason, I do not get a lot of messages on this site. It appears I am not ordinary enough for most people here or fit into the categories of possibilities they have programmed into their minds and expect. Also, I seem to attract people who are into really wild/crazy beliefs. I need to relate to people who are practical in an open minded way. If you are interested in anything that is related to my spiritual focus or want to get to know me better please message me..

I now live in Houston TX.
The two of us