32Emeryville, United States
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My self-summary
HEY I AM IN A RELATIONSHIP SO IF U WANT MORE THAN FRIENDS IGNORE ME!!!!!!well i am atessa...just to say now I CANT SPELL FOR yeah im going to school right now at Berkeley City College. im trying to get my bachelors in civil engineering.....yeah i don't know. i work in berkeley and go to school at BCC. i like movies a lot. i like to quote movies a lot. i actually like watching movies,meaning even if they suck when i start watching it i usually sit and pay attention to the whole yeah. i dislike describing my self but my old summary was like 4 years old and i don't have dreads anymore. i like to drink whiskey and rum neat..i don't shoot my shots i sip them. i don't really like beer, it makes me tired. i have 2 tattoos and im on my way to getting more. Yeah i really don't know what to say....oh i really dislike public displays of affection.....and i really want to learn how to clean and shoot guns(in that order) but i don't have the money to buy one, the only gun i've shot so far is a 30 0t 6,i only got one shot i hit my target and my bruise was the size of a dime, i think thats day though i'll have my own. i totally believe in the zombie apocalypse and am always trying to improve my chances of survival, but i am pretty lazy unless im getting paid or really want to do something. my work ethic is amazing, i could hate everyone and everything at work but i will still get my shit done right the first time and help a total realist which some people find to be kind of pessimistic or harsh or cuntish or whatever...why fuck around, why not just say what you mean and not waste time...and i love the term "beating around the bush" when used as a sexual connotation.
What I’m doing with my life
get a bachelors degree and then i would like to go to south america and help build wells or houses or schools or whatever they need but yeah this might take a minute to do but all the best things take a long time....., get a better job, enjoy life even though its a pain in the ass sometimes, and read more.
I’m really good at
being chill... i dont know i can meet people and make them feel comfertable really easly.... i guess that fits
The first things people usually notice about me
my freckles, my laugh is pretty unforgettable, but yeah i don't know i guess thats it.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books{ i dont read too often}.....hitch hikers guide to the galaxy series, dirk gently series, princess bride, fear and loathing in las vages, picture of Dorian Gray, pride all Neil Gaiman, enders game, enders shadow, lord of the rings series, harry potter serise, alice in wonderland, invisiable monsters, Immanuel Kant, chronicles of Narnia, jitterbug perfume, rainbow goblins, tinker the hole eating duck

ok movies(B) i like a lot... wait until dark, up, cannibal the musical, drowning mona, oscar, box of moon light, pulp fiction, pretty much everything tarantino, star trek(the first 4 and the new one) fear and lothing in las vages, the blues brothers, All Marx Brothers, all sam rockwell movies, and all gary oldman movies, fight club, o brother where art thou,boondock saints,willow, inglorious bastards(both), evil dead 2, grind house, robin hood(disney animated), mid summer nights dream, confessions of a dangerous mind,kill bill(both),LOTR,5th element, snatch, the deceiver, wes anderson movies...royal tenenbaums the most, the last dragon,the importance of being earnest, lock stock+2 smokin barrels,lil mermaid,donnie darko, out law josey wales ,clue,the big labowski, PCU,sea prince and the fire child,my fair lady,Titus(Shakespeare), hamlet(not with mel gibson)french kiss, empire records, billy madison, happy gilmore,Hook,benny+Jude, go,hello dolly, fiddler on the roof, any alice in wonderland, Barbarella,lord of war, amalie, hotrod, mars attacks, little otik, most zombie movies.....and more i love movies

C: i like soul, R&B, blues, jazz, classic rock, punk, bowie,and im okay with metal.....yeah..i grew up on bob dylan, CCR, beatles, classical, country, and pentecostal christian music. but yeah im pretty open to listening to most anything.

D: I LOVE FOOD!!! especially when its free and eatable =>
but yeah sushi, Thai, stake, mashed potatoes, corn, sandwiches(salami and hot coopa on dark rye, swiss cheese,dijon mustard, mayo, basil, onions,and sometimes sprouts) i think a persons fav sandwich tells a lot about them.and turkey dinners son....oh pumpkin pie and strawberry short cake......and seaweed i'll eat like a whole pack of that shit in like 30 min...and quiche
Six things I could never do without
God,nature, music, friends, food, a little green plante with pretty buds, and my cat....i love my cat
in reality all we ever want it food, heat, shelter, and orgasms...if u have those things theres a good chance life is going well
I spend a lot of time thinking about
stuff and quotes.... random things i did yesterday, or when i was 5 or just random parts of my dreams (i can remember them in full detail) pretty much in constent reflexion.... i think about possible situations and how id deal with it compared to others..... and sex,.... and what i have to do tomorrow or who i said i was ganna hangout with that day,and drinking my cats are doing....random crap.
On a typical Friday night I am
after i get off work i usually attempt to get my coworkers drunk or just meet up with friends.....pretty much just doing something other then sitting at my house, and it usually invols drinking.
You should message me if
you can play pool, chess, risk or cribbage....don't worry i don't do any of these very well...i just want someone to play and learn with.
The two of us